13th Grave MTL

  • Dungeon Busters – Chapter 3: Collect the Goblin Cards (D)

    [Ufufufu tonight is the first time that I would share a bed with Kazuhiko-sama, right? So please enjoy me to your heart’s content] [No, I’m fine. I need to verify the status first. What is this <Available>?] My head was lifted up but her breast is blocking my view that why I turned to the […]

  • Monster Life – Chapter 45:

    It’s been hour since I accompanied these guys just going about opening paths with good foot hold. Apparently, they have no information on the whereabouts of the snake that they’re looking for and it’s hard to find making the search not to go favorably. (I honestly want to have the magic potions even if I […]

  • Depressing Galge – Chapter 75: The Protagonist is Everyone’s Hero

    (Moving around with an unfamiliar kimono is tiring) After getting home, I quickly took off my kimono and let out a small breath. Before that I enjoyed the freshly pounded mochi, hung out with Tama-chan and the other and also did the standard event such as telling the result of fortunes, punishment game for hane-tsuki […]