13th Grave MTL

  • Depressing Galge – Chapter 75: The Protagonist is Everyone’s Hero

    (Moving around with an unfamiliar kimono is tiring) After getting home, I quickly took off my kimono and let out a small breath. Before that I enjoyed the freshly pounded mochi, hung out with Tama-chan and the other and also did the standard event such as telling the result of fortunes, punishment game for hane-tsuki […]

  • Depressing Galge – Chapter 74: New Year’s Resolution is made on New Year’s Day (2)

    We proceed past the stalls lined up along the side of the shrine ground which was selling candied apple, baby sponge cakes and the likes. In front of the shrine was a huge mortar and pestle five times that of a normal sized pestle already set up. The pestle was held by a group of […]

  • Monster Life – Chapter 44:

    I’ll only watch silently and wouldn’t interfere with their bickering, though I’m a bit curious to see their reaction in this accidental encounter. (I don’t think that they would try to challenge me after their defeat… oh I wonder if they need the money for medical treatment or something, that’s why they’re here to do […]