Chapter 1 :

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I am a monster.

I probably don’t have a name.

But don’t think that I am just a nameless monster.

For some reason, I have memories of the time when I was a human.

There is no “I was born again and became a monster,” but rather “I was experimented on and changed to a monster,” which is a common scenario in horror movies.

Incidentally, I don’t have a “monster name”, but I do have a human name, “Eunos”, but no family name – which is natural since I’m not a nobleman.

Honestly I don’t care about my name, because I don’t know if I’ll ever use it.

Now, why did I define myself as a “nameless monster?” The reason is that …… does not resemble any creature in my knowledge.

 In other words, the opening line is just a joke.

 It’s no wonder that I’m the first to be mentioned in the measures taken to increase troop strength due to the worsening of the war situation, when this is what I’ve been able to squeeze out of my ordinary bones, which couldn’t avoid being drafted for the very good reason that I don’t have much education and “nothing to write home about.

 In addition, the mad scientist who used me as a test subject is long dead, and I doubt if the empire that gave the order for the experiment even exists anymore.

 I woke up in a decommissioned research facility from 200 years ago, crying and screaming, becoming lethargic, unable to accept reality and acting strangely, finally regaining my composure and searching my surroundings to understand the situation, and this is the result.

I’m still suspicious of surprises, because I never thought that something I’ve only seen in movies and comics could exist in real life.

 However, the unrealistic reality of me becoming a monster makes me thinly understand that this must be the real thing.

 Also, the only reason I was able to find out the current time was because there was a device still working in the facility.

 It was now 1872, the year of the Northern Emperor’s reign – I was born in 1648, became a soldier at the age of 18, and became an experimental subject in the same year. If it wasn’t for the machine malfunctioning, or if this wasn’t scripted by someone else, I would have been over 200 years old, a very old man, who had successfully completed his duties as an Imperial soldier and was living on a pension.

 However, there is a very good chance that the Empire no longer exist, and my life is not just bleak, but my “life” has ended long ago, and I am left with a life of a monster.

 I don’t know how much regret I have for my life.

 In the first place, if there is still an empire, it should have woken up long ago.

 In other words, my brave homeland was either trapped to the point where it could not grasp the fact that these experiments were being conducted, or it was destroyed – based on past circumstances, it would be safer to say that the empire was destroyed.

 In any case, all the neighboring countries have become enemies, and the situation is one of a major war.

 There was no way that the empire could have remained in such a state of desperation that it would have dared to conduct such a third-rate movie-style human experiment.

 Otherwise, there would have been no explanation for how I was able to sleep peacefully until the cryo-sleep device reached its maintenance limit.

 What the hell did I do?

 I’ve been drafted into the military for a bit, and I’ve been told, “You’ve got a nice body. The military is currently conducting experiments to strengthen the bodies of soldiers. It’s a simple experiment, just take a pill, no risk, it’s great. It’s a first-come, first-served basis, so even if you ask later, there might not be any spots left. I mean, there are less than ten people left, to be honest. Why don’t you give it a try? I was just caught in the middle of what seemed to be a typical solicitation.

 I should have thought of that when I was being made to fill out the consent form.

I should have thought about it when I was being asked to fill out the consent form, so that I wouldn’t have to laugh about how I woke up 200 years later as a monster.

 That made the current situation even funnier.

“Gah, gah, gah ……”

 I said aloud and started to cry.

 I can’t speak any human language. …… I cried a while ago because of it.

I’m not sure what to make of it.

 I’m a big monster, somewhere between a reptile and a mammal ……, but more like a reptile, with my whole body covered in a hard outer shell and a tail.

 I’m not sure what to make of this.

 I was also shocked to see that I had no body hair at all. …… I should mention that this is just a lack of body hair, not baldness.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 I’m not sure I want to cut it off.

 It looks like it’s going to hurt ……, and it definitely will.

 In addition, quadrupedal walking with both hands is more stable than bipedal walking — no, I thought it was just a “maybe ……” because I think the hands are a little longer, but when you try to run lightly, the center of gravity is not as good. I felt more stable when I used my good hand.

 I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a great idea.

 But as time goes by, I realize that I have to accept this reality, and if I keep running away from reality, nothing will happen.

 That’s why I asked myself, “What’s going on with my abilities? I was surprised to see that the wall was dented and my fist was unharmed.

 In addition, I seemed to have a high tolerance for pain, and even when I punched the door, which seemed to be made of metal, hard, I felt no pain.

 As a test, I punched it with almost all my strength, and the door bent and blew away, bouncing noisily down the pitch-black passage.

 Of course, my fist was unharmed and there was no pain.

 When I kicked the wall with more force, the outer wall cracked with a roar.

 The way I broke the metal door and shattered the concrete wall made me think, “Damn, I’m strong, aren’t I? I felt a little amused, but this was the inside of a facility, and it would be a bad idea to get out of control.

(But even with all this rampage, there’s no sign of anyone coming. …… Or maybe they don’t even respond to alarms?)

 The quietness of the place, as if no one is here, makes me uneasy.

 I look at my hands and wonder if this is really the world after 200 years

I’m more like a “synthetic beast” than a “genetic enhancement,” but I’m sure I’ll pass without question in terms of ability.

 If there is a problem, it is that the test subjects have not retained their original human form.

We can’t help but wonder how the people who promoted this project were planning to operate the genetically enhanced soldiers.

 This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing.

 I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot more information on this subject in the coming weeks.

(I’m sure this I’m the type of thing that will be hunted down as a target to defeat.)

 Anyway, my thoughts of meeting someone were blown away.

 If this were a game where you had to defeat a giant monster, you could be a mid-boss, even if you’re not a fan of the game.

 In addition, there are no family members, friends or loved ones ……, so there is no way that any of your acquaintances are still alive.

 If they were alive, how could I meet them with my face down?

(Aside from my dad, my sister …… is fine. (Aside from my dad, my sister  is fine.) So the only person I have to worry about is my sister, but if she’s there, she’s fine.

 In the event you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

 In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I quickly came to the conclusion that there was no need for me to worry about her, and I felt a little better.


 He’s probably chasing a woman’s ass and getting hit by a stray bullet.

 Anyway, nothing can start until I get out of here alive.

 As a matter of urgency, I don’t know how long the equipment and power in this room will last, so the sooner I act, the better. 

 That’s why I crush the laboratory door and left. …… I searched the exits for about an hour, but I couldn’t find anything that looked like it.

 The electricity supply has been cut off everywhere except in the room where I woke up, and I’m gingerly walking down a narrow, pitch-black corridor.

 Because of the low ceiling, I was forced to bend forward and naturally walk with both hands and feet.

 In addition, every time I walk, my fingernails hit the floor and make a clacking sound, which reverberates and creates an atmosphere that is honestly scary.

 In addition to the darkness, it looks like a horror game. …… Or rather, a monster in an abandoned facility is just like a horror game.

(I’m not sure what to make of it.)

 However, my eyesight is so good that I can see quite normally at the dark, but my instinctive fear of the dark is due to the fact that I am originally human.

 That’s what I thought, but my fear gradually disappear by the time I realized it.

 Well, since they were playing around with my body to make me a soldier, it would have been a big problem if I had said, “I’m too scared to move.

 I’m not going to think too much about it, thinking that they’re probably playing with me in some way.

(But this facility is huge.)

 The corridors seem narrow to my body, but on the contrary, many of the rooms are quite spacious.

 I go through the rooms one by one, but I still can’t find a passage that seems to be an exit, and I feel as if I’m lost.

 To be honest, it’s probably not an illusion; I’m lost.

 It would have been nice if I had at least been able to look around when I was a human , but it seems that the facility I remember is different from the one I am in now, and there is nothing I recognize.

 I looked around the rooms and corridors, but I couldn’t find anything that looked like an exit. All I could find were small things like research equipment, some samples of experiments, a bunch of tattered paper documents, and some electronic parts that I couldn’t understand.

 Even if you can see reasonably well, searching without a light source is too reckless and inefficient.

 Also, it’s really hard to read text, and I need a light of any kind.

 I often wondered if I should continue wandering around without a light, but I was still better at moving my body than thinking.

I decided to take something with me that might be useful and enjoy the feeling of exploration for a while longer.

 As soon as I started exploring, I encountered a problem.

 The tools I got were too small: …… No, because I’m bigger, things are too small and very hard to handle.

 For example, I got a lighter, but I couldn’t use it because it was too small, and when I tried to ignite it in a fit of pique, it broke easily.

 I also found a flashlight, but I had to hold it with my thumb and index finger, which made me frustrated because I couldn’t turn it on.

 The batteries were dead in all of them, and none of them were usable.

In the meantime, the batteries were dead in all of them, and none of them were usable. “That’s right,” I said, dropping my stiff shoulders, which could have been called an outer shell, and I walked around the lab again at a leisurely pace.

And I found it.

 Or should I say I found it?

 It was the same room I had seen when I woke up – the room where the other subject was.

 The structure of the room was very similar: a cryo-sleep capsule in the center of a circular room, surrounded by various devices and monitors, and more than a dozen pipes extending from the outer wall toward the center.

 I approached the center of the room with trepidation, being careful not to step on any of the pipes.

 Immediately I noticed that the cryo-sleeper was not working.

 The cryo-sleeper was not working, and a monster that looked just like me was lying dead in the capsule as if asleep.

 I just stood there in a daze.

 I imagined that this could have happened to me.

(Was I lucky?).

 (Was I lucky?) However, I asked myself if I could really call this “lucky.

 I was born as a human being, and now I have to live as a monster, I can’t decide whether it is lucky or unlucky that I survived.

 I just had more things to think about, and my carefree mood faded, and I continued my search in a gloomy mood.

 And then I found them again.

 As a result, we found a total of eight cryo-sleep devices, all of which were not operational for some reason.

 The capsule was damaged and the subject dried out.

 Wreckage that was either a failure or rotting away with apparently strange cellular mutations.

 Some of them were even out of the device.

 But they were dead.

 The cause of death was unknown, but it was apparent that they had been unable to leave this room and had died here.

 I was in a capsule far away from them.

 What this means, I can’t say for sure at this point.

 It is only speculation.

 But still…

(Was I lucky?)

 It is probably inevitable that I keep thinking that.

 I didn’t feel like investigating the place any further and left without taking anything with me.

 I didn’t feel like doing anything else that day.

 However, I don’t know exactly how long “today” is, and it’s just a mood.

 There are devices that can tell the time and date, but 200 years have passed.

 There is no way to know the correct time for the date to change, not to mention whether it is accurate or not.

 Even though I didn’t feel like doing it, I had to do it. After a few moments of depression, I decided it was time to explore again, and walked slowly down the narrow passageway, hoping to find at least some bright material for my growing body.

(That’s right. (Yes, no matter what we do, we have to get out of here before we can start.)

 Yes, no matter what you do, the first step is to exit.

 Even if we still had business here, we would just have to come back.

 This is a military facility, no matter how crooked it may seem.

 Even if I’m in this state, I’m sure there’s something useful left.

 With such hope in my heart, I opened the new door and found myself in a room that was more than half filled with rocks and sand.

 After a few moments of observation, I thought to myself.

 This place isn’t really deep underground, is it?

Chapter 1 :

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