Chapter 7

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As I come closer, my hunch turns into conviction, And the closer I get the stronger my conviction becomes.

(Even with this thick grass, the shape is still recognizable)

Should I wonder, “what’s left at the base?” or rather “Is there anything left of the base?”.

It’s not far from the border so it’s logical to assume that nothing might have remain, but since our neighbor hates science. And, thing that are impossible to carry such as tanks, would surely be there. There might also be things that are of unknown value that were abandoned as well. Given that this is a military facility, it’s a natural choice to search for something that will be of use.

Besides, we finally found a man-made structure, albeit partially roofed. And, with the fact that  we have information about our current position even If roughly. This place might even be useful as a relay point. Even if this is still a wreck this is still a military base. There’s a roof and there might be a basement as well!

Just as I was thinking that I can settle in this place, I heard something


When I thought that I heard something, suddenly something roar! I thought it might be those green things (goblins) settled down there, but apparently, it’s different.  Just as I was wonder what it is, the smell I once smelled already from the riverbank came in. I couldn’t help but click my tongue and muttered [They’re here too?]

(This pattern. It seems like it’s being led by a stronger creature)

There shouldn’t be any powerful monster here since this near the border. Anyway, this might be a good opponent to train this body and get used to it. Cautiously, I went to the direction of the roar. It’s easy to identify the owner of the roar. It’s a big green fellow with 2 horns – an ogre.

I’ve never seen such a huge humanoid monster before, this would really be a good practice. Through the broken window and collapsed roof, I can see that it was about three meter tall. Moreover it is equipped with a club as thick as it’s arm. It’s perfect for a test.

(I can’t say that I’m comfortable with this body yet. So, let’s test it to the fullest!)

Honestly, I’m thinking [What’s the point of having an ogre armed with a club] but it’s really a good opponent to be my stepping stone. If it had  a metal weapon, I would have hesitated but with it using only a wooden club, I don’t think it would be dangerous. This would just be in a level of mere experiment. Shouting [I’m off!] but turning into [gao, gao!] I jumped over the wall and landed right in front of the ogre.

I landed with a thud, sending guns flying and realized something. How many humans are here?  Some of them are bleeding so much that I’m not even sure if they’re still alive or already dead. Even so, it’s not a good idea to take my eyes of them, so I ask that you wait there for a while longer, though you might already be dying.

(I didn’t notice those human battling here, because of those stinking goblins)

I am an idiot, I get so excited and then made an entrance in front of them. This is a little embarrassing. I guess the flag isn’t broken yet, the people here that would be here should be hunters.

I’m not sure about the one there bleeding, but the other two were still alive, I could see the goblin gathering around them in the middle of the battle, and my gamer brain is telling me that it’s bad to kill the goblins. (kill steal)

It’s bad that I was little confused as to whether I should help them or something  and I couldn’t think of them too much.

Suddenly, I received an impact from my head – I knew immediately that it was from the ogre’s club  but I hadn’t expected to take that  unguarded. Fortunately, It’ hurts a little but I’m not injured.

[What’s with this body] I asked myself.

Perhaps the ogre isn’t serious, but it failed to kill me even when it went full power. In other words the ogre has no chance in winning. The goblin around me laughed as I took the ogre’s attack head on. They don’t seem to grasped the situation. Come to think of it, this ogre is also smirking. Seems like, he doesn’t understand the situation as well. I doubt he will survive in the wild. The big creature got slammed in the concrete pillar 10 meters away from me and hung it’s head down. The distance isn’t enough for it to escape. So I leaped forward towards the blown ogre. As I was about to stand in front of him I noticed that he already lost consciousness and falls forwards as if being torn off the wall.

As a result, I magnificently land in front of the ogre’s head.

I felt a very squishy and disgusting sensation from the soles of my feet.


I thought my scream would be more like [Kyaa~]  but it was more huge and more filthy than I expected.

It’s disgusting. I lift my foot up and a sticky string formed so I immediately wiped the stuff off my feet, but a sudden numbness assailed my whole body as if I received an electric shock. The pain is Incomparable from the pain is incomparable to anything I’ve ever experience before, but I’m able to endure it with more to spare.

I turned around to look for the cause of the pain, and there stands a goblin pointing it’s wand at me.

(Did this guy used magic on me?)

I don’t know what spell was used but I can assume that it came from that wand. I know that the goblins can use tools, but where did they get that?

It’s not important right now though,

(You mere goblin!)  

I leaped towards the goblin with the wand, and the other goblins fled  like spiders when I turned the it into a meat paste.

I tried to wipe off the bloods on my hand and take the wand… but it got broken

[Ah! I shouldn’t have killed it]

 The blood rushed to my head and I failed to control myself. I know that I had to kill it quickly but the fact that I failed to control my power means that I haven’t mastered this body yet.

[There would be another opportunity to test myself]

Let’s change focus, I looked at the hunters who have had they’re prey accidentally stolen, but the human that I thought was alive was not moving a twitch at all. Actually, the whole body was crushed gruesomely.

They were surrounded and cornered and they could have been beaten up and turned into such gruesome figure.

 [There’s should be one more of them]

I thought there are two of them.

I failed to notice them, or rather I failed to see them because the goblins gathered around them like a shroud. It was also difficult to notice because my line of sight is high and they we’re pressed against the floor.

That’s probably the woman who got pushed down and stripped off and is in the verge of getting done in. She’s in a state of disarray, that there is only few clothes left clinging to her body, in other words, she’s almost completely naked.

It’s natural to subconsciously look at them as if to burn that image to your eyes so you can grasp them from both front and behind.

(Those boobs are huge!)

In addition, if you look closely there’s a beautiful woman and a beautiful girl.  The beautiful woman only has her skirt left and her upper body is completely naked. Her disheveled semi long auburn hair draped over her shoulder looks erotic, and her large breast, which could be size 6 or even size 7 naturally drew my eyes.

While the girl have her clothes torn off and her underwear ripped off, everything should be in full view, but because of how her long blond hair gets in the way and hides her important parts to an artistic level, that it looks like it came out of a hentai manga. This scene should be saved and take a picture of. Her breast size is fairly normal – maybe size 2 or size 3.

The beautiful woman with large boob and is conscious stares at me, points the tip of her broke bloodied staff to me, and slowly creeped backwards probing for the unconscious blond girl.

She can’t even stund up, and she is looking  for the girl behind her so that she doesn’t take her eyes off me. Every time she moves backward a little, her big boobs that she didn’t bother to hide jiggles. As I watched those bountiful breast sway, she finally reached the hand of the girl. She pulled her closer, little by little and grasped the girl’s head over her breast. There goes my boobs appreciation time.

[Gah, ha]

A disappointed sigh escaped my lips but It doesn’t matter to me, I’ve already saw those massive knockers undulate while she tries to pull the girl over to her.

In any case, I don’t want to do anything to them, so I decided to loot some of the fallen hunter’s belonging, since even if you look at it in any other way there’s no denying that I saved them so I would like to take these items as a thank you.

I turn my back to them and head over the backpack of the deceased hunter and I also took the sword of the man whose head got crushed. The handle is quite small as expected but it’s still a valuable blade.

The big breasted beauty says something from behind me

[———–! ——————————————–!]

It’s probably the Seizelian language, unfortunately thought I can’t understand it. I didn’t look back, I just glanced at them and left with my spoils at my hands. I can still hear their voice from behind but since I can’t understand them, I ignored them. It pains me to leave those two ladies behind but I have more pressing matter to attend to so it can’t be helped.

Yep, I am in a complete bliss when I noticed something. My partner didn’t respond at all. Even though those bountiful breasts shook magnificently, my eternal partner did not respond as if it never existed.

Uh, Miss boobs, you’re still saying something, isn’t it too long?

I’m pretty sure she’s saying something like [Thank you for saving me!] I can understand those naked girls for trying to stop me from leaving them.

(Sorry ladies… I’m not qualified to answer your calls right now)

I’ve lost something important as a man… nope as a male. I don’t know what to do in my current situation. Besides, we’re near the border of Seizelia– if you’re an adventurer and now that the ogre is gone, you two can safely go home.

I ignored her voice and left the base without exploring the remains of the base. I wondered if I should have escorted them back, but I’s still sick from crushing the ogre’s head. I want to wash the blood and meat off quickly and I also want to know what’s inside the bag pack as soon as possible. I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to look on it in front of the former owner, so I can proudly claim that I still have a common sense.

Some people might say [If you have a common sense, then don’t take other people’s stuff!] but I’m a monster, so that don’t apply to me.

Author’s note:

Extra: Imperial Style bra sizes

Size 1 bra is equivalent to cup B, the average in the empire is size 3 with the equivalent of cup D. In this work the woman with size 6 or 7 has cup G or cup H.

(The next work would be from a different point of view, the goblin would be shown properly)


This is a deduction based the authors logic


Size        Cup
0              A

1              B

2              C

3              D

4              E

5              F

6              G


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Chapter 7

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