Chapter 3: Is It Arrogant to Call Natto, the National Dish of Japan?

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[Puhihi – Yuu-kun. Good Morning~]

I woke up to find a beautiful little girl in her pajamas in front of me.

She had both of her hands on my cheeks and was laughing.

(E? What? Is this a dream? If so please bring me my favorite heroine!)

Mybe because I played a nostalgic game yesterday.

 In a confused state, I stared silently at the beautiful young girl, Mishio Mikami.

Her long eyelashes flutters and the relaxed look on her face made her look like a tame unwary cat.

The sweet milk-like scent of the beautiful young woman that matches an angelic appearance does not tickle my nose

(I’m not sure what to say, she smells like natto! That’s right. Her favorite food is natto!)

The strong smell forcefully woke me up.

This feeling, it’s not a dream!

A brown lump is stuck on Mishio’s mouth, and there were strings of natto on her lips. A sticky feeling you can’t recreate in a dream

(Hey, hey, hey! What the hell! Did I get transferred? Or, did I get reincarnated? I want to live a cheat life in another world!)

Although I was skeptical, I began to believe that this is Kumosora’s world

[mo~. What are you waiting for? Hurry up or your breakfast will get cold. Today is a good day for natto. I bought them from Ibaraki. It’s a waste if you don’t get up!]

Puhiko put her face close to mine.

Nooooooo, I’m not into nattooooooooooooooo~


I don’t see any option. If this is the game it should be here.

  • I’ll bribe you with my share of natto
  • Tempt me to sleep with you
  • I’ll just wake up

But there is no sign of that at the moment. It seems that there’s no system that generate options in the brain like in a certain novel.

I’ll kill you if you rub your natto smelling mouth on my futon

It’s true that the natto-smelling kiss between the protagonist and Puhiko in her route was a pretty touching scene, despite that, I’ll kill her if she does that.

Anyway, before the natto hazard could happen, I woke up honestly. Puhiko took me by the hand and we headed to her house next door.

By the way, if this is really Kumosora’s world, I’m probably the only one in that house. Yuki Naruse’s father, the protagonist of the game, who seems to be possessed by me or I reincarnated as him, rarely comes home. His father is an archeologist who travels around the world, and is a standard in the galge games, he’s basically away from home. His father and mother are divorced and he is an father and son only family.

Mishio’s parent took care of Yuuki (me) in order to make up for the complete abandonment that seems to be allowed in the galge universe. This makes a setting that allows me to have more contact with Puhiko and allows to raise flags.

[Good morning Yuu-kun. Did you like it?]

[Yes, it was delicious. Thanks for the meal]

[You don’t have to be formal, Yuu-kun is like family to us already]

(My sense of taste is functioning too; this is not a dream after all…)

I had regained my composure after I took breakfast that was prepared by the strangely erotic Puhiko-mama, who had been the target of a fan disk attack the wrecked a certain message board thread in many ways

(I became Yuki Naruse, the main character of Kumosora. If the story is set as originally written I should be in my second year of elementary school and the date would be around year 2000)

In short, I returned 20 years to the past where the internet is more widespread on PC than cellphones that is still in “Galaga” era by this time.

[Hey, Yuu-kun . Don’t you want some juice?]

[No thanks, you can have it]

I answered as I look at the can of “Zubari Kenko Okame Flavor”, a disgusting juice with natto extract on it.

[Puhaha~, Yuu- kun is so kind, that’s why I like you]

Puhiko puffed her nose while laughing and reached for the canned juice.

There used to be a culture of characterization for outlandish foods like this…

[Nee~. Yuu-kun, After this, where going to catch cicadas in the shrine right? Let’s hurry up and go. Mika-chan is waiting for us.]

(Here it is!)

This is the prologue of the story and the first turning point!

Chapter 3: Is It Arrogant to Call Natto, the National Dish of Japan?

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