Chapter 4: Forcing the First Route is a Common Occurrence

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If I choose “I quit”, I’ll be able to take another heroine’s route.

In the start of the game, you can only choose Puhiko’s route on the first run. This is because her route would serve ast and introduction to the whole story of Kumosora.

Anyway, let’s remember the events in Puhiko’s route.

In this route, the trhee of us(me, Puhiko and Mika-chan) would head to to the shrine to catch cicadas. Mika-chan who another of our childhood friend and is also the protagonist’s first love.

After the three of them enjoy catching the cicadas, the protagonist and his friends feel like having a little adventure like the elementary kids that we are. So they went to an unpopular grove where they don’t usually go. There the protagonist who likes Mika-chan made a move and this is where things starts to get complicated.

Puhiko, whose brain had been filled with jealousy because of the protagonist flirting with Mika-chan, didn’t have enough to take it anymore and ran away from the scene. As she ran, she found a shabby shrine and out of sudden curiosity enters it. There she found a box with a sacred relic sealed inside. Unbeknownst to her, she unsealed the seal containing the grudge of [Nubatama no Kimi] and possessed her.

The curse amplified Puhiko’s negative emotion and her jealousy explodes and killed Mika-chan when they had an accident and she took advantage of it. She left Mika to her death when she could have been able to save her. In the end Mika dies.

The accident left Puhiko and the Protagonist with a deep psychological trauma Puhiko’s trauma become the impetus for the grudge of the [Nubatama no Kimi] which is sealed in the depth of history, and starts an epic of magnificent horror story that dated back from the myths from the birth of the nation.

Also, This Puhiko pretends to be a natural airhead character but have a sticky personality comparable that of a natto. Ah dammit!

Ah, by the way, Mika-chan survives normally if you took other heroine’s route and she can be captured as well in youth!

But for now, the biggest question is how does the route progression in this world works? Will I be forced to take Puhiko’s route without any question?

I don’t really like Mika-chan, but I’m not much of a jerk to let her die, so I rather want to avoid Puhiko’s route.

[Hmmm- I changed my mind, let’s go to the beach instead!]

[eh- what about the cicadas?]

[Let’s just go fish, if we can catch one, we can eat it!]

[Hmm… Okay! It would be nice if we can drop in at the candy store on our way home too!]

[Okay! It’s settled, so please call Mika-chan, okay?]

If I call Mika-chan she might get jealous and step on a strange mine, this natto girl.

[Oka—y, Yuu-kun, please prepare the rods and other stuff]

[Understood. I’ll go back home and get ready!]

(Fuuu–. Looks like there’s no compulsory route for this round. That is if this world is taking over my strategy data that I’ve already completed, It’s not surprising.)

I patted my chest in relief and head back to my house.

Chapter 4: Forcing the First Route is a Common Occurrence

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