Chapter 6: The Normal End is Sweet (1)

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Now then, normally, in literary works, a person who is reincarnated in a game world like in my situation, should aim for a normal end which does not get paired to anyone and avoid getting a bad end.

(Unfortunately, there’s no normal ending in this game…)

If you think that that all gal games have normal ending, you are mistaken. In the game Kumosora, choosing boring option in the game just make no sense. Doing so will only end up to the bad end where the ancient curse spreads endlessly and world gets destroyed.

Basically, the game has a happy end where you have to resolve the heroine’s trouble and trauma and become happy, which indirectly heal the soul of [Nubatama no Kimi] that is linked to the heroine and would settle the curse.

Unfortunately, the true ending is not an option in my current situation, because it’s hard as f*ck that I don’t even want to talk about it

(If I want to go the proper route, I have to choose a heroine that is easiest of them all)

On all of the heroine’s route available that I think is the easiest, it would be Ciel’s route, this girl is what we can call a “Blondie drill girl”. Her route spans out as the protagonist got chosen to be her fiancé candidate and in order to win her, he trains himself to death. This is the least grotesque route in the game, but even so there’s still some scene along the way that might cause death to me if I made a mistake.

(I still, don’t like that idea)

If the people of this world, have personalities that aren’t programmed by the game, it would be rude of me to pursue them even if I don’t like them. It would also be unfair to know in advance the choice they’re going to make when playing mind games with them.

If possible, I don’t want to have a deep relationship with them.

Is there any other way? To be honest, I don’t care about the romantic relationship with the heroine, I’m more concerned in managing the curse that might destroy the world… It’s impossible to fix the root cause of the curse. I should change my mindset, I should do everything I can in this life or this world would be over.

(Wait a minute… All curses are triggered by the heroines trauma. So If I nip it of the bud and prevent the incident that causes the trauma in the first place… This could work!)

For example: If I go catch cicadas now, Puhiko will kill Mika which will cause the trauma. But, if I don’t go, it will not happen, Similarly, the heroine must have a turning point in  their story that would cause their trauma.

In the game, with the exception of the few heroines, the protagonist would meet the capture target at their adolescence and reach a capture route. Meaning, by the time they meet the heroines are already traumatized and the curse is already active.

However, with my game knowledge, I can prevent the troubles of the future heroine starting now while we’re still in our childhood.

Without any trauma, the story won’t begin.

If I prevent the cause of the heroine’s trauma before she gets it, then there’s no need to capture her in the first place.

(This is it! This is the only way!)

I nodded to myself. Worst case scenario, I can still go on Ciel’s route if I’m forced by the game’s rule but since there’s still a lot of time before our meeting It’s not a bad idea to put effort while I’m still a kid.

Chapter 6: The Normal End is Sweet (1)

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2 responses to “Chapter 6: The Normal End is Sweet (1)”

  1. So just stomp the story events out, normally not the picked option because it’s such a pain going to every trauma scene and preventing it when something can go wrong, but then you see the other options and see that it’s a pretty alright choice to pick.


  2. Or simply just avoid deep relationship with any of them and move to faraway city at the highschool time.


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