Chapter 10: mysterious creature unique to gal game

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[Alright! Let’s catch them all at one go!]

[Puhihi, gambare!]

Matching my timing with Puhiko, we raised the rod on one swoop.


The catch which appeared along with a strange sound that is similar to a shinobue (Japanese Bamboo flute) was a black rabbit. It’s appearance can be compared to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, Only that it’s like a Japanese version of that rabbit. It wore a Happi coat that is like those worn at festivals, a pocket watch with kanji numerals written instead of the Arabic numerals and it also walks in two legs

[wah, wah, wah]

[e, e, e]

A fantasy creature suddenly appeared, both Puhiko and Mika-chan got startled that they let go of the net and rod.

In the game, this would be the right time for the black rabbit to appear, originally in the story the protagonist and the two heroines would be surprise and watched in amazement when this mysterious creature suddenly appeared and fled away.

(I ain’t letting you go! Useful item, GET!)

I undid my crocodile-leather belt and tie up the black rabbit in an instant

[Pyeeeeeee! Pye, pye, pye, pye, pye]

The boisterous black rabbit became quite as soon as it saw the belt and obediently accepted the leash

(Good, It looks like crocodile-leather item would work on it)

This rabbit isn’t just an ordinary rabbit, if you tried to catch it with a string or a rope or anything that isn’t made with crocodile-leather, it would easily make its escape. After all, this is a time-space rabbit that possess the ability to jump through time space. Also, it has the ability to nullify all physical attack.

So, why those items made with crocodile-leather works against it? It’s because this black rabbit is actually the rabbit of Inaba. A creature buried deep in the darkness of myths. It has a sad past, that it once worked as the same way as the White Rabbit of Inaba but unfortunately it was tricked by the White Rabbit. It has since then sought and denied of its redemption.

It’s important to remember that such character like this mysterious creature, which are pretty common for gal games, also serves as the mascot of the game that appears throughout the series.  It also works as an utility character for the protagonist which allows the hero to warp into the past, future or over long distances for a price.

It’s commonly considered as a cheat rabbit with time traveling ability, and securing this rabbit this early would be beneficial to me in various way.

[I bow down to <Nigamogi no Soraumiwatari no Omikoto> I seek thee by virtue of an ancient pact]

I whispered at the ear of the black rabbit and make sure that the two nearby won’t hear it.

[Piyo, piyo, piyo]

The rabbit nodded its head.

Yes. By using its true name, I bind a contract with it. I’ll make sure to work you a lot.

By the way, finding out this guy’s true name is a requirement for the good end in the loli-baba route which also required an excellent favorability.

[Yuu-kun, what are you doing with the rabbit?]

[You see, I’m going to keep it as a pet]

[I like him, Usagi-san is so nice, Yuu-kun can I pet him?]

[Ok, but be careful not get bitten.]

[Ye-s, ah, Usagi-san do you want some nattomaki?]

The time-space rabbit flicked the nattomaki that was brought close to its nose with its long ears like a whip.

Of course, it won’t eat it. This cheat rabbit is a carnivore even though it is a rabbit.

In Puhiko’s route, there’s a scene where She cut her own neck and give her blood to the black rabbit to let the protagonist escape from the enemy’s clutches and send him through time and space. Which is gross.

After getting this useful rabbit, I went back home and had some horse mackerel for dinner.

Chapter 10: mysterious creature unique to gal game

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    • He weren’t kidding when he said the maker of the game want a harsher version of the already harsh Higurashi(Every routes except for the good ending involves massacres)


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