Chapter 9: The pointless goofy part of life is the best part of the gal games.

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[Fish-san, I’m going to catch a lot! Ferment you, and eat you over natto!]

Puhiko is sounds so enthusiastic as she drops her fishing line into the water.

Fish sauce? No only natto huh, seems like Puhiko generally loves fermented foods.

(Well actually, natto is a very important item)

Although her love for natto was a complete setup, it originated from the event where Puhiko who was hungry when they first met was fed with natto and some left over rice. In short, she liked natto because it was the first present she received from the protagonist. But it doesn’t matter now. I don’t like natto, so I’m so sorry.

[I think I’ll have fried rice]

[Okay! Natto fried rice it is!]

[I hear it’s delicious and is used as a secret ingredient in curry]

[Heh, like the curry from a soba shop?]

[well, I don’t know]

[Natto tororo soba]

[It’s a good way to beat summer heat!]

We proceed in our conversation, being mindful not to be bias on just one of them. This makes me feel like shouting at them to talk to a wall like a certain rainstorm master.

It’s really a pain in the ass to pay attention on details on gal games.

Normally It would take a few minutes to finish an event just by reading, but in real life it takes several hours so it is tiring to be careful to not raise any flags.

I would like to cut off all contacts with the heroines, but of course that would be impossible.

Even if I don’t romantically approach the heroines, I should at least have a “friendly” relationship with them, otherwise it would be impossible to meddle with them if troubles come crashing in.

Imagine if a stranger, suddenly approaches you while saying “I’ll give you money” or “I’ll help you” you would be wary right?

Then again, I knew for certain that I will eventually outsource the work since it would be difficult for one person to maintain a strong connection to all of the heroines.

But for this two, I can’t treat them in a crude way. Puhiko is the main heroine of <Kumosora> so it’s only natural. In fact, the story in Mika-chan’s route wasn’t that impressive but she plays an important role to set the stage for the game so she can’t be left out in the corner of the stage.

In the case of Mika-chan’s route, she would become the Student Council president on her adolescence (High school? Not indicated in the paragraph) and has a wide circle of friend, which will allow the protagonist to meet other heroines and even create a flag due via Mika-chan’s events like “Help the Student Council with their work” or something like that.

Meaning, I can’t afford to get in Mika’s bad side now or else the opportunity to get in contact with the other heroine will disappear for good and will end up affecting our future.

All relationship in a gal game – especially those that are set in the countryside are narrow and squishy. What a pain in the ass!

And while we’re at it. There’s something that we definitely need to collect for the future

[Fu- Fuhihi-! Yuu-kun Something amazing came! Help me!]

The rod that Puhiko is holding was jerking crazily.

This made Puhiko flustered and asked me for help

[What?! Okay! Mika-nee, please bring me the net!]

I shouted and grabbed Puhiko’s rod from behind her


Mika-chan runs to get the net to catch the fish

And after quite a few struggles, it peeked out of the surface of the water.

Chapter 9: The pointless goofy part of life is the best part of the gal games.

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