Chapter 9: A certain Adventurer’s point of view

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He suddenly appeared in front of the Ogre and did nothing.

It didn’t make a surprise attack, but simply landed in front of the Ogre.

The goblins stopped moving, and everyone’s eyes were drawn to the new monster.

The first to move was the Ogre, who struck the intruder in front of him in the head with a club that he held.

The monster took the blow without even moving, and the surrounding area echoed with gibbering and vulgar laughter.

What the hell was this monster doing here?

The monster was so incomprehensible that it made me wonder out of place.

The shield bearer, who has my thigh under his arm, laughs and seems to be planning to continue, bends over to raise my hips. When I was about to bite my tongue, I realize that there was not enough time left – I stiffened at the impact

Was that really the sound of a punch?

It was as if the entire air in the place shook from the impact, blowing the ogre horizontally of the ground and slamming at the pillar.

Making every goblin to freeze, not just me.

Additionally, the new species jumped towards the ogre that was blown away to the pillar and stepped on its head as soon as it landed.


It howled.

It was a cry of victory

It didn’t just receive the blow from the ogre he decided the fight in one blow and finished it brutally.

(I see… This guy is the reason for our failures, the goblins must have just scavenged the corpses of the adventurer he killed!)

No wonder, other adventurer who have been sent so far might have been blindsided.

No matter how numerous they are they’re just goblins. Without those adventurer’s equipment they shouldn’t be able to keep up with the ogres.


The shield bearer goblin shouted, and all the goblin started moving at once and they hit Rena on the head causing her to faint.

(They’re taking us with them!)

I tried to struggle with all my might, determined not to get stunned.

As the club was swung in front of me, and just as I thought that I didn’t make it, I heard the new monster roar again. I saw it jumping toward the goblin mage. It seemed that it the goblin mage fired a magic based on the smoke coming from the it’s wand and only served to anger it.

(This is my chance)

The goblins panicked as the goblin mage was turned into a lump of flesh and started to run for their lives.

The goblins that tried to kidnap Rena was now gone and the goblins the held me down are gone as well. As soon as I got free, I reached for my broken staff and pierce the shield bearing goblin who’s still holding my leg, in the throat. It tried to pull out the staff lodged in its throat, but I won’t let it that happen yet. I bent my freed legs and kicked the shield bearing goblins with both feet.

The disaster is over

But we’re still at risk

I pointed my broken staff at monster, glare at it and make sure not to miss a slightest thing by never letting it out from my line of sight. I know this is futile, but this is not some monster that I can show my back to. Perhaps because of the tip of the staff- or maybe because it’s cautious of magic because of the mage goblins attack, it’s not moving.

(Never in my life, would I imagine that I would be grateful to a goblin.)

It doesn’t make any difference since the situation is still bad, but I still have to do what I need to do.

Keeping my eyes and staff on the monster, I slowly backed away, keeping my stance and using my free hands to search for Rena, who should be behind me. The staring contest last for a while, and finally I reached Rena. I grab her arms and pull her closer to me. I couldn’t look at her and I was a little rough, but somehow, I manage to hold Rena’s body safely. Now if anything happens, I can at least die with her. I smiled with such thought.

[Gah, Ha]

A short voice leaked out of the monster as if it’s watching the scene.

(Did it just laugh? Are you mocking me?)

It turned it back on us and walk away as if it lost interest. But, ahead of it was our luggage and Rizel’s sword. He grabbed our luggage and the sword and tried to leave.

[Wait! I’ll give you my money, medicine and belonging but please not the sword!]

There’s no way that the monster can understand what I say.

I know, but I have to tell it.

It belongs to our party! It’s our party’s! it’s our proof of existence.

It didn’t know what I’m saying, I tried to catch up with it but stop, but I still kept screaming.

[Don’t go! Leave that sword alone!]

The monster didn’t stop walking away even when I point my staff against it. I fell on my knees unable to appeal to its strength, I grit my teeth at my own powerlessness as I watch it go away.

[Remember this! As long as you have that sword, I will hunt you down, I will find you and I will kill you!]

I know better than anyone else that this is just a howl of a loser. Even so, this is definitely something I have to say, because I could only watch as the proof of our surviving that day was taken away.

This was the first encounter between me and that monster.

[Is that all?]

In the reception room of the adventurer’s guild on the city of Saisaros where I somehow managed to return alive, lays in the sofa and finished my story.

He’s been complaining on how his hair is turning grey a lot and I’m sure it’s getting even worse.

This new species poses such threat

[Let him go bald]

I muttered to myself then let out a loud yawn. I was too tired to get up so I lay down to report about the discovery of the monster.

He listened to my story to the end without saying a single word, but I know he wasn’t really in attention.

[Ah. This is just my speculation, but I think that the failure of the adventurers is that monster’s fault…]

My tattered clothes had already been changed and Rena in on the guild’s nap room sleeping.

We stripped the clothes of the two to replace our clothes. Thanks to our bloodied appearance, we are held up by the gatekeeper for quite a while, but when we finally got a chance to take a breather, the fatigue of the forced two-day march hit the two of us all at once.

After the report is over, it is too much to take, so I simply say to the guild master, who is lost in thought that I’m going to sleep and I closed my eyes and let go of my consciousness. I think he was trying to say something but I’m too tires so I just ignored him and slept. The next time I woke up, it was already noon of the next day. It seems like I’ve slept more than half a day already

A message was left for me asking me to explain the details again. I got up from the sofa and went to check on Rena, Since I’ve been in that room multiple time, I entered without knocking. Rena is in there looking out of the window.

[If the enemy is still alive, I will certainly have my revenge]

As I approached, Rena started saying something.

[That monster is dead already…. And both my brother and Gista is dead too… what should I do now?]

[There are still things to be done. Rizel’s sword was taken from us. I swore I’ll get it back.]

[Diera-neesan, the party is gone, isn’t it? I don’t think we should push ourselves]

Even Rena who was the youngest of the party must have felt the abnormality of that monster. She knew that and she knew that we shouldn’t do anything reckless.

[Yeah, I think so too]


[But I can’t do that]

Shaking my head.

However, this stupid me will continue.

Rena looked at me, smiling and is unable to say anything. I’m sure Rena Does not want to lose anybody else. Her brother is dead and so is Gista and she’s near the edge.

[I don’t want you to die]

I laugh at that, but Rena didn’t laugh at it.

[I will get our sword back, so please wait for me]

I feel guilty to make you wait

It’s not like I don’t want to say [Let’s go together]. It’s just my selfishness to not let her die.

[I will comeback, so I want to have a place to return to]

I gently stroked Lena’s head as she cried as if she is my own sister.

Chapter 9: A certain Adventurer’s point of view

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