Chapter 11: The Protagonist of the Gal Game Usually Runs Out of Money!

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[Rabbit. I won’t travel back to past nor even to the future, and I would only use the warp function, so my question is this. Would money be enough compensation to use that power?]

I ask the time-space rabbit as it eats some horse mackerels.

 Traveling to either past or future which were outrageous acts that twist the logic of this world, that is why it requires heavy price to pay. It demands a lot of things from you, such as memories and things you value the most. However, warping in places without altering the time axis has relatively low cost

In the CG, it even let us warp for a nausea as payment.


The time-space rabbit nodded while blood is dripping from it’s mouth.

[Whoa really?! How much would it take to warp between Tokyo to Osaka in an instant]


The Black rabbit, pulled out an abacus out of nowhere and presented it to me.

[Roughly around ten times the fare of an air flight]

[I see, By the way, how much for time traveling? For example, let’s say going back a year]



I couldn’t help but exclaim. I’m surprised with the difference of magnitude of the price for a time travel. It’s an amount that even the former president of a mail-to-order apparel company who showers on money on twitter would hesitate to spend.

[what if it’s a going back a decade ago?]

[Pi- pi -pi]

[Seriously? It does not increase by ten times but increased exponentially?!]

I shook my head at the eye-popping amount needed to time travel. Even if I won the lottery, it would still be impossible. I guess I won’t be traveling in time for a while.


The rabbit nodded as if saying [of course!]

[Thanks. That helped me a lot. So, I guess I have to earn money to get started. When I have money, I’ll treat you to the meat of your choice. So, what do you want?]

[Piyo, Pi, pi, pi]

The rabbit jumped dexterously onto the desk of the computer and nimbly type in the keyboard.

Well, What? Crocodile Fillet steak?!


The release days for this novel would be moved from Tuesday and Friday to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Chapter 11: The Protagonist of the Gal Game Usually Runs Out of Money!

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6 responses to “Chapter 11: The Protagonist of the Gal Game Usually Runs Out of Money!”

      • My confusion has nothing to do with the translation quality, I was just not expecting an inter-dimensional rabbit to be introduced to the story lol. More importantly, there are no yanderes?!?! rip, but I’ll keep reading.

        TY for the translations!


      • Considering the game genre and the story yandere are expected. I mean cutting ones own neck is a yanderish thing to do not mention she did killed out of jealousy. Well, perhaps he might prevent or seal the yandere in them by removing the trauma as it cause yandere tendencies at least in anime and manga.


    • Perhaps to the powers that be, money is like pebbles, you need to gather ten million, but a life is a thick tasty slab of Kobe beef, and you only need one.


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