Chapter 13: the Protagonist’s parents are always crazy

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[Hello, this is the Kajin Academy Office. How may I help you?]

After a few calls, a response finally came

[The Board Chairperson please]

[excuse me, may I have your name please?]

[My name is Naruse Yuki and I have matter to discuss with the board of directors]

[I’m sorry but appointments to the chairperson can only be done through the public relations – ]

[I am the son of the Chairman of the board, Kyoko Kushieda, please tell my mother that I still have the music box]

[Please Hold on]

A classical stand by tone flows out of the receiver

While we wait, I’ll explain!

My Mom, Kyoko Kushieda is the one-woman chairperson of Kajin Academy, the setting of Kumosora’s sequel <In the stagnant Azure Sea>. Kajin academy exists in an isolated island in the middle of the ocean, isolated from the outside world. Although it’ ostensibly pretends to be a boarding school, in reality it’s a facility designed to train agents for the dark side of the world. Its common name is Scylla. Well quite common, isn’t it?

Well common parental ethics are usually broken, which is very common on gal games.

[Thank you very much for waiting, let me connect you to the Chairman]

The voice of the staff once again returned.

[Thank you]

The phone hangs up for a moment and connects again

[What can I do for you?]

A cold hard voice that is like a icicle pierces me.

But, it’s okay Mom is a tsundere.

The original reason for converting the curse into a weapon was to save the sickly and dying me.

Because of that flag, the character has the potential to be very strong in a short period of time if he trained well enough. Curses are sometimes useful

[It’s been a long-time mother, how are you?]

I called dad as dad but I called mom as mother, kind of estranged, wasn’t it?

[Let’s keep this short and get to the point.]

[There’s a girl I want to help and I need money for that]

I’m talking about Mika, so I’m not really lying here.

[I don’t know the circumstances, and it’s true that I’m your biological mother, But I already gave you the amount of money that generally required to be used to your father]

Whoa! So does that mean that at least half of the 20 million is Mom’s money?

I guess, with Dad who only does was to excavate here and there, I don’t think he would have that kind money

[I knew that already, but I’m sure that mother has more money at her disposal. I want you to lend me that]

Asking her to give something to me is no good. Mom hates people who depend on other quickly.

[Did you say “Lend me”? Do you understand? I will show no mercy, whether you are my son or not. I will always make sure to collect the amount lent. That is the rule of the world]

[That’s fine, Thanks. So how much money can you lend to me? Oh, and set me a black account for free business transactions, please. Of course, I’ll pay you with a margin, your academy can handle that right?]

[Did that man Tell you about this? Well, Fine. We don’t skimp on any of the optional fees, not even a penny. We also charge an interest. Normally I wouldn’t lend a dime to an untrustworthy person, but I will give you a special loan to make up for the fact that I have abdicated my non-financial responsibilities as a parent. However, this is the last time for I won’t do you any special favor without reasonable compensation. Please understand that]

[I know everything, I understand that as well, Thanks mom]

Maybe she thought that I won’t be able to make money. And, she must have given me the money thinking that if I got into debt, she can legally take me into custody and keep me with her.

[I’ll send you what you need tonight]

[understood. Just so you know, don’t use Maple. It’s part of your policy not to mix business and private matters]

In the meantime, I’ll also make sure that Mom wouldn’t send her half-sister because she was guilty on leaving her son, to investigate my movements in order to improve our relationship. That lady is a multi-personality yandere heroine and tarty. Kumosora sure has lots of heroine.

[Fortunately, or unfortunately. It seems like you have my blood running through your veins]

Mom said that in a tone that was either dismissive or impressed but I couldn’t decide which and hanged up the call.

(Now I wonder how much would mom lend me)

I excitedly wait for the messenger to arrive.

Chapter 13: the Protagonist’s parents are always crazy

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