Chapter 10:

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With the sword and luggage, I headed back to the river and I soon I arrived at the river I quickly put down my luggage and quickly washed my hand and feet.

I know it’s just my imagination but I can still feel the stickiness on me. And after wiping off the water in my body I started sorting the loot out.

I took out what seems to be a meat jerky. I took a bite of it and the indescribably salty-spicy taste filled my mouth. Looks like adventurer favor this kind of rations. Honestly my body was happy for having a little salt after all these years.

Then the next thing I found from the loot is a vial. There’s three of them, one filled with a bluish liquid and the other two were filled with green gloopy liquid.

(Oh! Isn’t this what they call a potion!)

Honestly, this is the first time I saw one in my entire life. Even though the Empire does not restrict anything that is related to magic, but because we’re in the midst of a war, most citizen treats them like forbidden items, hence leaving it as a commodity with no demand.

The war against magical states started even before I was born, and because of the Empires National power being far superior than them and also because of the scientific and technological advancement the Empire possessed, the diplomatic relationship became sour. Since then, magical items and anything related to magic become hard to procure, hence it’s not strange for an Imperial citizen to not be able to see one.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the effects of these potions. I’m pretty concerned of their effects on me as monster too so I’ll be safekeeping them for a while in case an emergency occurred.

As for the other loots, there’s no more interesting as far as I’m concerned. Medical supply such as bandage which is necessary for an adventure to take around and a two-handed sword, or most likely a bastard sword base on the length itself. But because it’s made for a human it became too small for my hands. Even when I tried to swing it around, I can’t deny that it looks like I’m swinging a miniature sword. So I came to a conclusion that I should not consider this a weapon and there’s no weapon than came close to my fist.

I tried slamming my fist to the sword. Since my body sports a shell-like hard exterior of a skin, this mere lump of steel shouldn’t be able to hurt me. But I was wrong there’s definitely a scratch which surprise me, this quite is quite sharp.

When I took a closer look, I learned that this isn’t just an ordinary sword, this is what you call a <Magic Sword>.

I often seen this kind of sword on video games and other creative works, but I never thought that I would see one in person. With a few experiments on the sword, I found out that it has the ability to “Increase it sharpness” or something like that. I have no way to verify the detail of the ability but I’m sure I’m right. This sword would make a good substitute to a knife.

It crossed my mind to just throw it away in case it became useless to me, but it’s a waste and it would also be awkward to return this to Oppai-san now too.

When I was a human, these magic swords were extremely rare and valuable, and it took years for one to be made. Each country seems to have their own way of making one and in the Empire these things are collected for technical research. Honestly, I’m not really sure how the thing works with scientific technology, all I know is that they are valuable object.

I guess the reason Oppai-san is shouting was that they want the sword back since it’s the most expensive thing they have.

That’s more likely the case.

Living a life of an adventurer, your weapons and equipment directly correlate with your survival, living and earnings, compromising that is what a third-rate would do.

I don’t how much this cost but for those two women, this might have been a fortune to them.

Now I’m feeling a tinge of regret. Perhaps they paid a little too much with this. It’s true that I saved them from crisis and in some point, we might have a possibility to be able to establish friendly relationship with them, that’s why I can only believe that this is a bust.

I maybe a monster now and I should have no need to think about human relation but… I still think that way.

(I don’t think I would have a good relationship with the likes of them, I’m a human once and I never had a good relationship with big breasted beauty even before)

Now I remembered, I was given a full view of those beautiful breasts but my partner didn’t even react.


I’m getting more and more depressed every time I hear my voice

(I am originally a human, that’s why there’s thing that confuses me when I became a monster, and there are things that I’m not ready to give up too.)

Things like games that I haven’t completed yet and I want to continue and their sequels, moves and games those things are few of things I don’t want to give up.

(Ah, so that’s….)

Oh shit. I just realized that I have no more thing to look forward to. Now I have changed from living a fully civilized life of an Imperial citizen to a live of a savage survivalist life.

And more over the culture I knew of in the Empire….

(My current pleasure is….)

If I’m going to live with this body, the only thing I can think of would be to use my telescopic vision to do some peeping. I don’t know the bath of this era and I would also like to ask myself how could I enter the city.

It looks like I’m getting crazy, to think that the first thing that comes into mind was to peep, I guess I’m subconsciously trying o give up on things and was looking for compromise.

Even so it’s not possible, with this body.

(I’ll be too conspicuous if I tried to enter the city with this body, I would need to be an Invisible man or an invisible monster to be able to act stealthily)

Suddenly, for a few moments I suddenly felt that my body turned invisible, and I’m puzzled how that happened.

When I tried to think that “I can do it!”  I confirmed that I have the mimicry skill.

(Woah! This is beyond awesome, to the point that it’s too creepy)

A lot of experiment revealed that the time required for the mimicry to take effect is around five seconds and note that my body shape and structure is quite complex. Incidentally my tail took less than three second.

My mimicry quality is very high that I wonder; did they adopt it from certain creature that lived by the sea? I’m a bit puzzled by the grotesque image in my mind while wondering if I have some genes from it.

I guess that even with this skill it’s still a no good to make peeping a reason to live for.

{I won’t get anywhere if I think like this)

Hmmm… Oppai-san might have already left the military base by now, so let’s return there and continue our exploration of that base.

I immediately started to use mimicry and act stealthily while carrying out luggage. Then, a little further along the way, I heard a sound. I halt, hid my luggage and quietly looked around.

What I saw is Oppai-san, clad in bloody clothes, and the girl with torn clothes, forcibly tied down with a belt. The girl is walking slowly with the help of Oppai-san’s shoulder who was carrying a small amount of luggage while advancing using a broke staff as a walking stick.

(Looks like they borrowed the clothes of the deceased huh)

Oppai-san who have completely lost her clothes seems to have given up on those and decided to just strip off her companions.

Still, there’s some parts that aren’t safe and fit’s her awkwardly like her lower body that seems like it’ was just wrapped with clothes. I tried zooming in my view using my telescopic vision just to confirm.

(Long boots and no underwear, I can’t see it well from this place)

Apparently, they’re now attempting to cross the river after. Oppai-san removed their shoes and strapping it on their backpack and slowly make their way through the river, checking in for some shallow foot hold. Oppai-san who’s lending her shoulder got caught by the current and was almost swept away, but in the end, they successfully cross the river.

 The river span ten meter in width and there is no doubt that there are some deep parts on it. Their attempt to cross made me worried for them. The only casualty they had was when Oppai-san’s clothes on the waist down was swept by the river leaving her butt naked and in full view even on the water.

They looks so exhausted with the ordeal, that they rested at once, it’s no wonder since it’s waist deep and Oppai-san is supporting the injured girl too so it’s not really a surprised for them to get tired.

Now that I’m done watching them for a while, I guess I should now return back to my planned schedule and at the same time check the mimicry skill effect duration.  Suddenly the girl is the first one to move and took off her robe, that event made me stay a bit more. I wish that she changes where she’s facing and face here so that I can see them from the front and not from the side, she then gave the robe she just undressed to Oppai-san. For everyone’s information her underwear is quite safe, it looks like a tube wrapped around her breast. It’s quite transparent so I really wish that she changes the direction she’s facing to. After a little rest they put on their shoes and started walking east. I watched their back for a moment and check for creatures that may harm them

(Everything seems fine. Right?)

I found no goblins around them, within the range of my sight of my sight and smell. I was thinking of following them for a while but they are adventurer.

I shouldn’t act out of sympathy. I’m a monster and that would hurt their pride. So once I saw them off, I finally returned to my original plan to explore that military base.

It’s not that far anyway so I can reach there in not time, The I noticed that I’m still on mimicry state. I wonder if this skill has infinite duration.

Let’s push this to the limit then.

I proceed quickly and efficiently because I went and smell signs of goblins. I searched for hours but I found nothing spectacular. Then I noticed, my mimicry was lifted and when I tried to use it again, it won’t respond.

I apparently used it too much and it’s currently in cooldown.

(So, I can’t abuse it huh?)

I explored the ceiling less room that I believe to be the interior room and jut it down on my mental notes. The desk and drawers are already empty when I checked them, and they’re rotting as well too. On the wall, traces of poster that have may been pasted remains and the concrete floor produces sounds that are kind of strange.

I smirked at the sound of metallic sound permeating from the floor. I tried saying <There’s a bite> just for the fun of it.

It looks like there’s some kind of mechanism in order to properly open this door but who need its if I can just pry it open. Beyond the ripped floor lies a ladder heading to a dark basement. I’m sure that this hidden room has not been explored yet, so I expect good things from it.

Now let’s go check today’s biggest achievement.                                                                       

Chapter 10:

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