Chapter 14: Heaven Depends on Money

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Before the day ends, someone who looks like a Black Silhouetted “Criminal” from a certain detective series and left the necessary documents and accounts. The amount written in the books really scared me.

I knew it, Mom must be making a lot of money enough to shell out such amount enough, to be the same amount of money I made for the brokerage firm, easily like giving out some pocket money. I immediately opened several brokerage accounts. Normally It would take days to open one but thanks to Mom’s special service, I was able to open one easy-peasy.

Everything is done once the trading environment is set up, it’s like test where you know all the answers already. Did you know? In this era stock leveraging is loosely regulated. It’s given that there’s some unscrupulous traders but with the knowledge I possess, I can afford to be complacent.

So during summer vacation, I diligently handles the flags of my childhood friends, rolls money around on my spare time and by the time the summer vacation is over, I already paid my debt to Mom and secured enough funds as well. Woo-hoo!

[What the… You really di pay it back, and also in a very short time! What kind of magic did you use?]

[Mother, you know better than anyone else, that there is no such thing as magic or miracle don’t you. Maybe, it’s just the gift I got from you]

I answered in a meaningful and thoughtful tone. For now, I should opt to blame the curse in case I get into trouble,

[Well, that’s fine. All that matters is the result and process does not matter]

[Thanks, also please make sure to keep all the information about me confidential]

[I’ll do the work I’m paid for, that’s how an agent works]

I’m just afraid that my money-making skill will be noticed and got kidnapped, but I trust Mom will keep me safe. Blood is thicker than water!

Thanks Mother, and sorry for taking advantage of you. I’ll make sure to pay you for the trouble once I profited. I’ll also send her a carnation for Mother’s Day.

[Please take care of me. Also, I’d like for you to accept the loan]

[I don’t mind… But what’s in it for you in supporting those crappy small business? I don’t see any future and value from it]

[I told you Mother, there’s this girl I want to help, that’s all. And please, don’t tell Mika-can that I’m backing her]

The small business my mom is trashing about is the business of Mika-chan’s parents. If left alone Mika-chan in her teen would be forced to be married to a powerful old man from the underworld, after her parent’s business failed.

In this route, I have to become a part of the gang that opposes the old man and change my class to dragon type in order to ruin’s Mika-chan’s marriage. I definitely don’t want to get pricked just to get some tattoo. A great man once said that not damaging your skin and body is the beginning of the five virtues.

Anyway, in order to prevent Mika-chan from getting messed around by a dirty old man, causing strange stress and triggering the curse. I have to save the business of her parents in advance and prevent any future troubles from happening. The reason that I hide the fact that I helped her is just to avoid raising unnecessary flags and in order to do that, I must avoid increasing her likeability points.

[I see, it’s your money so do whatever you want with it]

[Right, I also want you to take care of the site acquisition over there too okay?]

[Don’t worry It would be easy, but I still can’t understand why would you buy a shrine and a mountain in a countryside. I can’t see any think that you can gain from it]

Right. There’s that route too. It has an interesting description of a countryside being closed down over a construction of a damn causing a strain between an anti-dam faction and pro-dam faction.

Well mom, the source of power you’re looking for is in that mountain don’t you know? Furthermore, the only man who had the special gene traits that supposed to manifest only in girls is me, the protagonist

Technically, <Kumosora> is mainly an occult-based horror story and is only slightly hinted in some of the sub-heroine’s route, but it is heavily insinuated in the sequel of the game. This information was part of <Yudo-Umi>’s science-fiction aspect. Along with the third one which completes the series which isn’t relevant for now.

Anyway, Mika won’t be sexually harassed by a dirty old man anymore and I’ll protect her family. Hooray for Mika-chan.

Chapter 14: Heaven Depends on Money

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