Chapter 19: The Protagonist of a Gal Game is Someone Who Can Do It

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T/N: Since everyone already read this I’ll just formally release it. There would still be release for Friday.


A gal game protagonist must not do his summer homework till the last minute.

I myself am a petty, impatient and serious at heart and I always finish my summer homework in the first week of summer vacation. However, that is unacceptable as a protagonist. Therefore, the protagonist must not do his homework till the last minute!

(That is why I brought Puhiko and Mika to the library)

[Mika-nee is this, okay?]

We occupied a table in the corner of the library and worked on our summer homework. Mika is naturally an honor student so she usually finishes her homework. Puhiko of course, did not.

I on the other hand do a little more than Puhiko, but not that much. But secretly I did it already. The homework I told I haven’t done was already done so that I can have enough time.

Needless to say, elementary homework is not something, an adult like me would have a hard time with.

[Un, un Correct! You-kun can really do it if you wanted to, so please take it seriously please]

Mika-chan pats my head.

Stop! Puhiko’s jealousy gauge would build up.

[I’m like Fridman, the superfast warrior, who only shows his strength when he’s backed at the corner]

[um, Mika-chan I don’t understand this problem, can you help me?]

Sure enough, Puhiko Interrupted our conversation.

[Puhi-chan, that’s just the beginning of the problem]

[Puhihi I forgot.]

[Now that I’m done with math, I’m off to find a book for my book report]

[Take care]

I got off my seat and the two of them see me off.

(In theory that bespectacled girl should be here)

Today’s objective is to break the flag of a sub heroine who appears in the young age arc of the story.

She’s what you called a glasses girl type. Her story revolves to her desire to be a novelist and always envied me and my friends since we were kids, and got depressed because she wasn’t able to join our circle and starts hating herself for always being a bystander.

It is a very youthful story. The girl was hurt by me and my childhood friend’s unbreakable bond and all sort of fairy tale derive nightmares occur. This glasses girl route made fairy tale and cruelty goes hand in hand making it as exasperating as the other heroine.

The motif isn’t like the one portrayed by that copyright conscious mouse but a realistic fairy tale closer to the original work. In the original story, the protagonist is completely oblivious of the glasses girl when they are kids, it’s only on their teenage year when he learned that the glasses girl is secretly staring at him at him and his friends from behind the bookshelves in the library.

And since, I’m a very kind person, I decided to find this glasses girl and add her to my group of childhood friends. I devised this strategy to decrease the tension each of them has and prevent me from going to one particular route. Unfortunately, it increases the difficulty of balancing my relationship with them and avoiding a harem guy route.

(Her character is setup to like fairy tale and fantasy books, so I should find her around here – oops there you are!)

After walking around the library for a while, I eventually found the girl with unkempt pigtailed hair. While pretending to choose a book, she glanced at me, that’s her alright!

I approached here while pretending to choose a book

[hmm… How about <Run, Melos!>]

Chapter 19: The Protagonist of a Gal Game is Someone Who Can Do It

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