Chapter 13

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After finishing up the cleanup of the school I quickly moved on. The stench is unbearable urging me to wash off my body. The school may have a water tank, but I don’t want to use something that those goblins use on a daily basis. I know that I can’t be extravagant but please, at least this once let me find another washing spot.

I found this former trash bin filled with accumulated rain water, unfortunately it’s infested with bugs, so no way I’ll use this. In the ended up using water from the sewer, fortunately it’s far cleaner and has less odor than those found outside probably due to the fact that the only thing that flows into it are rain water for the last 200 years. And the collapsed road that creates gaps served as ventilation to it. This make me appreciate the power of nature.

Then again, I prefer civilization.

Now, with a refreshed body I decided to return to my luggage and start exploring the city. I’m still bothered by the lingering scent of goblin but it would be a waste to not use the sun for exploring so I checked out the houses and the store one by one.

At lunch I ate the dried bread and consume the half bottle of water, which isn’t very fulfilling.

I was lucky to mind a mountaineering backpack while collecting newspapers and book that I can read. The size is large enough for me to fit my arm, and even if I can’t carry it on my back the straps are helpful in increasing the capacity and the bag is durable enough. A little beet of modification and this would increase convenience for me more.

I’m so excited to search for tools that could be used and at the same time found some information that we could use.

Now the with the help of a belt I was able to carry the mountaineering backpack on my back. Put the sword on one of its straps and a well preserved shovel opposite of the sword.


I howled with sense of satisfaction.

The Increase capacity ensure more clean jars, I also gained some clothes, sheets pots and pans that are still usable.

What about information? You ask.

Let’s talk about that later.

I searched a store with bloodshot eyes hoping to find something. Then I found the mall afterwards. I was overjoyed with to see this. And because the inside of the mall is huge I was able to get in without problem. Unfortunately, most of the items that are in display are useless. So, I decided to raid the warehouse – the unopened inventory. Can’t get through the ware house? Let’s just break in!

I decided to look at the pile of loot I acquired after opening the warehouse, while thinking to myself [I’m not letting this go to waste]. Unfortunately, I can’t bring everything with me…

Anyway, I carefully choose those that I could bring with me, but with me wanting this and that, I ended up in me not making up my mind.

I choose a pot for cooking and boiling water. As for knives, I guess I won’t bring them since I have a magic sword.

(Oh but santoku knives are… nah they’re too hard to handle especially with their size… I guess I should end it here)

I continued selecting items while sometimes regretting and sometimes not regretting it. And before I knew it, it’s already evening.

In the end I decided to bring with me a clean cloth, a blue tarpaulin, two pots and five bottles. Then there’s the sledge hammer and a griddle. I want to bring the wire net with me as well but unfortunately, there’s nothing okay to bring with me.

The unopened blue sheet would be rolled up and attached to the back pack as well as the griddle plate while the sledge hammer would be carried as it is. The backpack is only half-full but it will be filled with food.

(The we need a container for our food… a there’s one!)

I found a cooler box that would be put on my left shoulder.

(What the heck is this get up?)

It doesn’t look suspicious but no matter how you look at it I look like a child who just had finished a botched-up plastic model.

But don’t underestimate this appearance just because it’s looks unattractive. There’s no way that this equipment ,  which is designed with functionality in mind, would be useless… Maybe except for the sledge hammer…

I don’t have much confidence with the sledge hammer as I think my fist would suffice but, It’s a sledgehammer it just screams coolness in another whole level, so why not take it with me. I can use this to swing around against goblins and it would help me stay clean against them so it’s houldn’t be a waste.

With time running out and the night approaches, I decided to stay here for the night. I went to the furniture store I found earlier and remove by backpack off. I gathererd some bed matting to make place to sleep on and used the tattered furniture as barricade on the entrance.

I laid down on the makeshift bed and closed my eyes.

A good morning to you from the shopping mall!

I know I definitely fell asleep; the evidence is that it was dawn when I came to, Also, it wasn’t that too long after it went dark that I went to sleep so I might have slept for quite some time.

This led me to a hypothesis.

(I don’t know if I’m correct but, I don’t think this body can feel hunger, thirst or drowsiness)

If this is true then this will be troublesome, I would need high amount of self-control and it would be a hassle. The fact that I wouldn’t know when should I eat or drink and the amount I should eat or drink as well should be determined soon

So, I decided to increase the amount of food I eat and the water I drink so I checked the current amount.

300g of dried meat and no water.

The need to hunt than to explore suddenly dawned to me. Even if the water is boiled, I should avoid drinking water from the sewer as well.

(It might be better to check some information and then head to the river)

It’s that there’s no more time left, so I don’t have to be in a rush since the magazine and the newspaper I collected would not escape anyway.

I leave my bulky luggage for the meantime and head over east. With gradual speed increase, I manage to test the modified bag and fortunately it went ok. With no incident happening after arriving on the river, I drank a lot of water, wash my body and filled the cooler with lots of fish that I wouldn’t eat for now. Before setting out I decided start a fire grill some fishes and boiled some water. Compared to the last time I noticed that I’m moving more nimbler and my tail can now move better. Even though I won’t be able to grab things due to the limitation of the range of it’s motion and thickness of it I’m getting better at smacking things around. Eventually I hope that I can grab thing using my tails soon.

After taking a breakfast, I returned to my base at the shopping mall after refreshing my supplies.

I’m steadily getting used to maneuvering around the forest. Now I’m able to use 60% of my speed without issue. Thanks to this I was able to return mid-afternoon.

(The speed with this huge body is just cheating…)

Not to mention, that I have monstrous stamina. Running for 3 hours with almost no shortness of breath is amazing. This is the physical ability that I’m proud off but now it’s time for my brain to work.

I read and decipher information from the news and magazine I’ve collected. There’s not so much information except that the war situation had worsen. The western front collapsed due to various operation failure. If the information are controlled, it’s possible that the situation have been worser than depicted here. I guess that those elves prove to be formidable opponents. There’s also some information about evacuation to the inner cities.

Contrary to the situation on the west, the north and east was reinforced while the southern front have the upperhand.

I wonder if this is true, I guess I’ll doubt this one for now.

Second, I can’t seem to find any information about genetically enhanced soldier, which I should have expected.

The most important thing to note is the dates. There are no publication after May 1667, I went searching just to make sure but the there’s nothing I can find beyond that point.

(it’s as if this – )

Then I found a newspaper; dated May 25, 1667 of the Imperial Calendar which read: “Decision to Introduce the final weapon.”

I have bad feeling about this… Is it because I’m a genuine Imperialist myself?

[Mother land, did you really just self-destruct?]

I looked up the sky and thought to myself, but I still have no enough proof I continued searching until the sun went down but I couldn’t find anything more than this. Perhaps there’s no more available information from this city.

(I guess I should go to other city or go directly to the Imperial Capital to get more information)

I guess that’s one more to my objective. As long as I get something to do, I’m sure I can get by without going crazy.

Chapter 13

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