Chapter 15

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I knew this would happen.

About 10 minutes into the battle and the result was they aren’t able to hurt me. Why? Simple. The equipment technology has not progress for the last 200 years and with my attack power that is designed to destroy tanks and defense that would withstand bullets. With a prowess that is off the charts and ability to incomparable to humans. This is glaring result.

Crossbows and arrows bounced back and does not piercing the skin, sword chips and spear breaks when the hit my body. They realized that cheap weapons would do so they have those with durable weapon to attack me. The commander is very capable man in deed to be able to adjust his command immediately, but I think that it is a good idea to reduce your number down to 15 while the rest of them can’t do a thing making it difficult for them.

(They should have equipped themselves better. And what would you do when you don’t have mages or they’re catching they’re breathes. You knew that magic can’t be casted simultaneously so why not get more of them?)

With these thoughts in mind, I flicked an axe man with my tails. Currently there are eight people who are out of combat and so I’m proud to say that I’m able to hold back properly. I don’t want this to end too early because this is my combat training exercise. You might think that I have too much leeway that’s because of the weapon’s performance that the mercenaries have. I have no need to be cautious for others except for the commander’s great sword who flies instruction and is always in front of me.

Since he’s the only one who can be called dangerous in term of ability, It looks like his team depends on him too much which is kind of concerning.

The mercenaries started ranting about something, but unfortunately with my language skills, I can’t get what they say especially if they speak too fast. If I try to pick on the conversation, the commander would see it as an opening and would attack me.

The 1.5 meter blade comes slashing at me but I’m not so kind to receive it so I deflect it with my punch and forcefully changing it’s trajectory.

(That is a magic sword, no doubt about it)

It’s probably a type that combine durability enhancement and power enhancement like “Harden” or something like that. Unfortunately If you really want to cut me get a diamond cutter, it’s probably the ideal weapon for this fight.

I avoided the blow while fending off attacks from other mercenaries and made sure to check their weapons and skill

(I thought they have a gun or two…)

What a waste of vigilance.

Now that my biggest concern is gone now this would truly be my training ground.

I did accidentally killed one person earlier because I was too wary but no one died as of yet after holding back. Fighting well-coordinated group is giving me good training in handling coordinated attack situation. And my body is now getting so much better. And, testing my manga knowledge, I started refining my movements as I was searching my own style.

Perhaps the mercenaries are starting to notice that this is not a “battle” at all.

As if to dispel the bad atmosphere lingering, a beautiful wild girl rush from behind with loud yell.


That must be the blondie’s name. The way the commander called her voice suggested that she broke the chain of command and attack while ignoring her orders.

Perhaps she wants to restore the morale of her allies, she charged in, but unfortunately for her I’m not that naïve to let such easy attack in. U sing my tail I sent the fastest blow in this battle so far while repelling flying hatchet with my left hand. Surprisingly, she glide past the cleaving blow and made me almost to shout [No way!]. Then she aim her crossbow at me clearly aiming for my eyes.

(So, if she can’t get through from a far, then point blank attack might do)

The possibility isn’t zero but what a bold lady to take such risk. It may seem over exposed but it seems that her light clothing and action were her greatest weapon. This is no doubt the reason I misjudged her.

When she stretched her arms out and pulled the trigger, she thought she got me. But that was naïve of her. My teeth stopped the blow that would have turned the table. I bit it so hard that my teeth sinks into the arrowhead. Then I spat it out and grabbed the blondie with my outstretched hand.

Her waist is so nice and thin that I have no trouble holding her in one hand. She tried to pull herself out but the difference of strength between us is far too large.

When I was about to throw her out, she was able to slip off downwards and I find some slippery substance in my hand and her jacket and tube top leaving the blondie naked from the waist up.

(Was that Size 5?!)

I was astonished, how can she do that?

Then the blondie pulled out a scimitar. The moment she pulled it out it was covered in thin flames – in other words it’s a magic weapon.

Of course, at this distance I knew she will attack me and the others are moving in as well. The greats word  is approaching at me at the front a great axe behind me and a Warhammer at my right.

It would be easy to avoid that by jumping into the sky but…

(I’ll receive it!)

The beautiful lady risked her life to create this opportunity and it would be bad if I just crush it easily. Rather they’re moral would be too low that it would end my training abruptly.

Since I can’t take the blow from the commander. I strike the side of the great sword with a hook and blew him to the right. The man with the great axe blown off by my spinning tail that swung out. Then I catch the war harmer . since it was human size I caught it easily.

I tried to fend off the attack from all three side but there’s some that I can’t defend and a swift blow had seem to pass through. Certainly I was hit on my sides, but sadly reality is cruel. Not even a scratch was dealt in my stomach.

(It is indeed a little hot and painful.)

In this situation that a single blow was essential, she saw an opportunity her comrades made take it and find it fruitless. So she tried to deliver a second blow which ended up her tripping, losing her balance and falling on her butt, raising my eyebrows and made a dubious expression.

I throw the remaining jacket and clothes in my left hand and return back the hammer to its rightful owner.

Most of the mercenaries now had lost the will to fight. That failed blow from the magic sword must have been the coup de grace for them. It didn’t work, that’s why she recklessly went after the second blow.

(I made a mistake; this won’t be a combat training any more but hunting)

I point at the commander wo is the strongest of them all. Seemingly, he understood what I meant and with a single command his men moved away from me

[————! ——————!]

Yes Annie, the beautiful blonde woman is being held by the commander naked.

I wanted to say [Put on some clothes] but I couldn’t and the only think coming out of my mouth is [Gao Gao]

Then again, I don’t think that I can say such thing while everyone is staring at me, but I wonder am I the only one staring at her?

As I held my gaze for a moment, the blondie stared at me with tears in her eyes as if she is not convinced although it seems like she understands what I meant. She started to get dressed and now I don’t have anything to look at.

The commander who’s looking up to the sky, exhaled heavily and looked at me firmly.

[sorry to kept you waiting]

He probably said something like that and held his sword into a stance.

It seems like he preferred to end this in a single blow.

This valor… is that what to be call refined?

He looks like he lack a little bit of cleanliness, but I do wonder is this what a man who’s going to a battlefield looks like?

If that’s the case it’s only proper to respond in kind. So, for the first time in this combat training, I took a stance. I lowered my posture, pulled my right legs back and both of my hands in the ground.

When we both finally take our stance, we stared at each other. The distance I almost 5 meters. While everyone is anxiously waiting, I was thinking on how I should settle this fight.

(I guess there’s only one way to end this)

I’ve decided. I’m finishing it this way.

I kicked the ground and closed the distance at once, he reacted and swing his sword down. But I accelerated even faster and grabbed his hand faster than how he swings his sword. I lifted him up and he tried to pull his right arm off and tried to pull out a dagger. Unfortunately, his right arm’s finger are broken and can’t pull the dagger out.

I opened my mouth as wide as I can and at that moment, he must have realized his end.

He takes a quick look at his men as if giving them his final order to [Live.].

Some of his men shouted.

But I nibble his head with my wide-open mouth, then spat him out as soon as I let go of his hands. He had sobbed as if gagging and he fell to the ground confused with face filled with saliva.

I would rather prefer the wild blondie onee-san for such a sweet bite., specifically the breast. However, there’s no other way to end it but with this.

I break through the mercenaries’ encirclement using my giant body while groaning with [Gua! Gua!]

Not a single person chased after me as I retreated. Everyone must probably be stunned. It might not sound cool but my priority is to make sure I “escaped”. I know it might sound naïve but they gave me combat training and I see something good (size 5 boobs) so sparing them is the least I could do.

Also Because of my position as an Imperial soldier, bullying the weak is a no go. Running over an opponent whose only equipment is a spear and as word with a tank is not a battle, it’s a slaughter.

Secondly, if I massacre them Canaan would definitely move to investigate and would be an obstacle to me.

As long as I keep vigilant, this clever way of managing this knowledge gained from manga will rise (?)

Well. Let’s have the commander wear some mud, well to be precise he’s covered with saliva but it’s a small price to pay in exchange for his life and lives of his members.

Man, my mouth really feels filthy and I want to wash it out with water quickly!

Chapter 15

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