Chapter 29: The Punch Line of a Test of Courage is Limited

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We gathered at the vending machine on time and immediately set out to the rumored haunted house

[What the hell! With so many people going, this isn’t going to be a proper test of courage!  Why don’t we pair up or go one at a time!]

Tsubasa who was holding the lights questioned with a hint of frustration.

[If we do that, it we be dawn already when finish and the mansion is large enough so we can divide into a group and explore it]

Then I glance at Puhiko and Nagisa who’s already shaking in their boots

In a protagonist fashion, I took Puhiko and Nagisa’s fear into consideration

[I agree with Yuuki here. It would be bad if I’m separated from my sister and something happened]

Kaoru modestly express his agreement. No matter how much he likes Tsubasa, Haoru isn’t cold blooded enough to left her sister behind.

In terms of likeability gauge adjustment, Puhiko and Nagisa ++, Mika-chan+ (Yuu-kin is kind after all), Kaoru +, and Tsubasa -.

Since Tsubasa’s likeability gauge has no start, it’s fine for hers to drop a little. If you gave her some snack anyway, it will increase on its own. Besides if Kaoru Likes Tsubasa, raising Tsubasa’s likability would only lead to an argument. In the original story we had that over Puhiko.

In the test of courage event in the original story, there’s a standard rock-paper-scissor to decide the pair.

In order to go to the route I want to go with Kaoru, but unfortunately I have no way to dictate the result of the rock paper scissors. In the original story there’s only me, Puhiko Mika and Kaoru so even if I played the same move the result wouldn’t even be guaranteed. Secondly changing it to lottery then manipulating the result would be riskier and would jeopardize the likability we had built.

[for me, this is enough to make me excited. I’ve never received anything other than a Hanamaru because of my lifestyle, But Yuu-kun turned me into a bad girl, so please take responsibility.]

Mika-chan who’s holding the hand of Puhiko and Nagisa says teasingly. She then casually bends over and show a glimpse of her breast. That’s lewd

[You’re actually enjoying things Mika-nee]

[Fufufu You caught me!]

Mika-chan giggles with a teehee-pero chuckle.

[It’s okay. It’s not so much of a misconduct compared to some literary people did when their young. Like Kenji Miyazawa, who was known as a saint, also played a prank that flooded the first floor of an inn.]

Nori said while sporting a cool face. She really has guts on strange places.

After walking for a while, we finally reached the rumored Haunted house. It’s an old western style building wrapped with ivy and have an intimidating aura.

The site is quite large. It could even be consider a siege battle like I did in the main story

[Let’s go!]


[Guh, this is quite heavy]

Pushing the rusted iron gate, we stepped in the Haunted House’ ground.

[Puhi, A weird insect! Is that a slug? Iyaa~]

[Puhiko-chan let me spray more insect repellent on you so please calm down]

[Uuuh, I’m afraid of ghost…]

[I should have bought a sickle…]

[I guess this is just another adventure]

We then reached the front door.

[So, what do we do now? Do you want to go through the front or…]

I played with the door knocker that was shape in to a form of two headed snake and looked at everyone’s faces.

[I wonder if the door will open, But I guess that even in a idle country size it would just be commonsense to expect that it would be locked]

[Well why not just break a window then – ah it’s opening but it’s kind of heavy. You guys give me a hand!]

Tsubasa mutters as she pushes the door with the her shoulder and put her weight into it

The door opened with an eerie sound

[Alright! It opened! I’m getting pumped up! Well then whoever find the most awesome treasure wins]

She then rushed into the Haunted house ahead of the others

[I’m coming with you!]

Kaoru followed suit.

Since I already know how things would end, I don’t feel like going, but since I’m currently the protagonist I have no choice but to go.

Since Tsubasa took north, I’ll take the west

I shouted with authority and rushed into the Haunted house




Suddenly a floating sensation envelops my body. Thus, the three of us were hanging upside down.



[You two don’t go]

Mika-chan must have pulled their hands away. Probably, I can’t see them since my back is facing them

[…Dazai wouldn’t hesitate to leave his friends and runaway]

Nori muttered in a whisper

[Fuuu. What a racket – what kind of people would think to trespass into my house with your feet filled with dirt. I thought that Japanese are polite but I guess I was wrong]

Descending the central stair case is the back is a girl about my age. She had blond hair styled in drills and wearing a frilly dress while holding a lamp in her hands

[Ojou-sama, would you let me “handle them”?]

A silver haired maid standing next to the blond drill muttered with an inorganic voice. For clarification, she’s not wearing a miniskirt that you can see from the fake maids from maid café instead she wore and tight long skirt with little exposure, an old-fashioned armed maid style uniform. By the way she’s 2 years older than me.

(Here we go, It’s Ciel and her maid this time)

I stared at the most popular character in Kumosora while feeling the blood rushing to my head

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Chapter 29: The Punch Line of a Test of Courage is Limited

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