Chapter 1: F-Rank Me is Getting Hit by Everyone Today (Part 1)

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T/N Hey there guys! this is on of the novel I fancied on Kakuyomu and translateed. currently the novelisn’t listed inn NU yet.

May 9, Saturday 1

[Oi! Nakabuta! What are you doing? Pick it up quick!]

Currently, we are in a dimly lit dungeon.

I, Takashi Nakamura was carrying a large bag on my back. Trying my best to pick up the magic stone scattered on the ground.

Then suddenly, I was kicked in the back and fell miserably to the ground again. And the magic stone I just picked up scattered back to the floor,

[Hahaha this guy falls down so easily!]

[Oi, oi, oi, go easy on him, will you? This guy is weak by far, even in the F class, if you kick him normally, he might die.]

There was a gibbering, vulgar laughter from those around me. I was frustrated and pathetic that I involuntarily clenched my fist on the floor.

[Hey F class is getting mad at me you know?]


[Oh man. A bastard like you won’t even make your quota without us.]

He grabbed me by the hair as I was crawling on the floor and looked into my face.

We used to hang out together, but now he is…

Yes our world had change that day.

About 6 months ago a huge me approached Earth and suddenly shattered into pieces outside of the atmosphere. The debris rained thown the entire worlds.

Fortunately, most of them fell on mountains and valley that are in quite a distance away from human civilization. Leaving no direct casualties.

However, after the next morning, a startling fact become clear one after another.

First something that can only be called spatial distortion were found where the meteor fell.

Secondly humanity all over the world gained the ability to check their statuses and some of them even acquired a different ability that can only be described as magic.

Government began gathering information.

Beyond the spatial distortion, a kind of dungeon spread out. Each country then selected high-status personnel from its military and police forces to form an investigation team. The survey team dived into the dungeon and encountered a monster.

The monster attacked them with no warning and for some reason firearms doesn’t work inside of the dungeon. Instead, they can be killed with physical blows and magic attack by those with high status. Then the monster after defeat turned in to particles of light. What was left behind of the corpse is an ore of some kind. This ore-liked object was filled with magical power and could be processed.

Weapons and armor made from this ore-like object proves to be very effective to fight against the monsters. We started calling the ore magic stone and is prized for it.

One day, an incident happened. The monster inside the dungeon began to overflow into our world. The investigation was conducted and it was found that once number of monsters reach a certain threshold they would start pouring outside. The only saving grace is that firearms were effective against them when they came out of the dungeon. But then we learned another of our disadvantage. Even with the monster being exterminated they would revive once again and would multiply and soon the shortage of manpower became apparent.

Countries in response to this threat would amend their own law one after another. This would make everyone, men and women ages 18 to 65 years of age, to dive in the dungeon and obtain seven magic ores every week. Only those who are physically and mentally challenged and those working in specific field like medical practitioners and certified accountants were exempted to the quota. Failure to do so would be detained and imprisoned.

Thus, those with high status, depending on the difficulty of the dungeon were able to clear their quota easily regardless if their alone or in a small group.

On the other hand, low status had to carry the baggage of those high status and receive a little help to complete their quota

Grades were determined by status and so the disparity started to be created. Now, aside from his academic and economical achievement another indicator that create discrimination against other is the status grade.

The S class which is considered the highest rank and only few people in Japan and only a few dozen all over the world and they are considered special human resources.

Chapter 1: F-Rank Me is Getting Hit by Everyone Today (Part 1)

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  1. […]About 6 months ago a huge me approached Earth[…]

    It should be a huge meteor… I think.

    Thank you!


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