Chapter 1: F-Rank Me is Getting Hit by Everyone Today (Part 2)

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Today’s dungeon doesn’t seem to be difficult, that even D rank people can get more than one magic stone allowing them to freely use them or dispose of them except for their quota.

(a low-ranked magic stone cost around a few hundred yen but the rarest items can be worth tens of millions of yen or more)

For them this dungeon seemed to be a good way to earn some extra money, and they seemed to dive there regularly. Now, they’re on their way home.

The exit is just around the corner and they’re feeling great, and they are enjoying the pleasure of beating me an F rank student.

[Hey let’s go home and have a drink]

At the sound of my voice, my “former” friend from Rank C, who had been holding my hair and release it after spitting on me while flashing such lecherous smile.

They started walking toward the exit, chatting and laughing with each other as if they don’t care about me. I lazily got up. picked up the scattered magic stones and followed them afterwards.

Then I heard a roar from up ahead


[O-oi that!]

[Why the hell is that thing here]

They were ahead of me and they sounded upset.

In front of them in the darkness lies a giant creature with countless number of eyes and was wielding a club.

[An Argos!]

[Why the hell is a B rank monster in this dungeon!]

[Anyway, distract him and we’ll run through him]

A C rank magic user released a fire ball to serve as a distraction and it explode right next to the Argos. However the Argos did not seem to care ad slowly approached us

[We aren’t a match against this B rank monster]

[Then what should we do?]

One of them then glanced at me. I have a bad feeling about this.

One of them snatch the back pack and pushed me towards the monster and every eye of it turned towards me and once again it release a roar that shook the atmosphere.


I watched in horror as all of them run towards the exit except for me. The Argos smile as he slowly approached

[Even monster is making fun of me.]

I see the Argos raising its cudgel in slow motion.

[I’d rather spend the next few decades of my life as an F rank rather than re do it all over again]

I had already given up but by the time I think of it…

[-I’ll give you another chance, in exchange…]


A pillar of light enveloped the Argos in front of me when I thought I heard a woman’s voice.


As the Argos scream echoed through the air my vision was painted with white.



How much time has passed? When I came to. The dungeon has regained it’s former serenity.

[I’m saved…?]

As I muttered puzzlingly something fluttered and fell towards me. I picked up what seems to be a thin sturdy piece of paper the size of a post card. On the front was a pattern that looked like a magic circle.

[what is this…?]

Although I can’t identify it. It might have something to do to the voice I had just heard so I put it in my pocket and pick myself up. As I was heading for the exit, I saw a magic stone lying in front of me. It looks like it was the magic stone of the Argos. I picked that up too and walks toward the exit.

Chapter 1: F-Rank Me is Getting Hit by Everyone Today (Part 2)

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