Chapter 2: The F-Rank Me Landed in a Different World (1)

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May 9, Saturday 2

As is stepped out of the dark dungeon, the afternoon sun was shining on me.

[oi that guy…]

[You’re alive.]

It was today’s party who ditched me and escaped earlier. They were rummaging through the contents of the backpack they had taken from me and distributing the magic stones. They are looking at me with surprise on their face. One of them then wrapped his hands over my shoulder.

[Hey you lucky son of a bitch looks like you’re too weak that Argos-chan let you off the hook]

They laugh.

Then the man who has his arm around me whispered to me

[You know what’ll happen if you tattle about me, right?]

[I know, thanks to you all I was able to escape the Argos.]

Then he gave me a satisfied smile, poke me on the head and released me

[Here’s your reward for today]

One of them threw a lowest rank magic stone as if he was feeding a dog. I silently picked it up, bowed and left.

As dungeon appeared all over the world the Japanese government established the agency called the Balance Adjustment Division that handles the indication of dungeons difficulty rating in a form of grades and manage citizens in helping them to fulfill their quota. They also handle the purchasing of magic stone.

In my home city N city, the division is situated in a corner of the general government building.

I drag my mentally and physically tired body towards the office where I saw a large amount of people visiting. Some were getting the latest information on the difficulty level of the dungeon in the area, some are looking for a party and then there are those like me, who’s bringing in their quota of magic stones.

After 20 minutes of waiting my number slip that I was holding was called.

[Excuse me this is for this week]

The person who receives the magic stone that I submitted was Mika Sarashina who’s sitting at the reception counter. She’s a beauty with black hair and probably be about the same age as me.

Since we see each other quite often, we often have a casual talk with each other

[You had a hard day, didn’t you?]

[No, not so much]

She’s an employee of the division and naturally she knew about my status. I’m often discriminated due to my status, but there are some people like her who talked to me normally

[It’s an f rank magic stone, then let me issue a certificate so please wait for a while.]

I put the certificate in my bag and said my farewell to Sarashina-san and left the building. After a quick meal at a nearby ramen restaurant I wen back to my apartment where I live alone.

It was a 20 years old apartment that could be found anywhere and it has been two years since I entered the university. And since I’m girlfriendless and I do not possess a meticulous personality it’s only natural that my room is quite a mess. I sat down on the floor after clearing aside the clattered magazine and clothes and took out the Argos stone and the mysterious piece of paper from my pocket.

I would save the magic stone of the Argos for an emergency. It would probably fetch me a good amount of money if I sold it but I want to make it as an insurance in case I couldn’t reach my quota.

I then put the Argos’ magic stone back to my pocket and this time inspect the mysterious paper with a frown.

What in the world is this?

It fell after the Argos disappeared, was this a drop from Argos? How can that be…?

The only thing that you can get when you kill should just be magic stones. There have been no reports of any items appearing in the dungeon, not like a game world.

Then where does this paper come from?

It has a size of about a post card and has a soft yet sturdy feel on it just like a Japanese paper. On its surface were intricate magic circle like pattern.

Then at that moment, I remembered the that voice

[-I’ll give you another chance, in exchange…]

That voice and the pillar of light that subsequently destroyed the Argos, could she be the one who gave me this paper? Who in the heaven is she…?

While tilting my head, I absentmindedly traced the magic circle with my finger



With a sound effect, a pop-up notification suddenly appeared in front of me.


Do you want to learn the skill <Other World Transfer>?

Yes ◄



Chapter 2: The F-Rank Me Landed in a Different World (1)

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