Chapter 2: The F-Rank Me Landed in a Different World (2)

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TN: Release 2 of 2

[Eh? Eh?]

Puzzled, I rub my eyes unintentionally, but the notification is still in front of me.

Another world?

Tomorrow is Sunday, but the day after tomorrow I would need to attend a lecture at the university again. Besides I’m so weak that if I’m taken to another world I would definitely die.

I panicked and tried to cancel it but I don’t know how to do it. As I struggled, I learned that I can move the cursor using my will. After a few hesitations I decided to choose no



The <Otherworld Transfer> skill is a unique skill. Do you want to discard it?

Yes ◄



Unique skill? What should I do? No matter how hard I tried to look for a description for the skill it doesn’t seem to appear.


After much thought I decided to plop on the futon and sleep. And as expected once I shut my eyes off the pop-up disappear from my view

May 10, Sunday 1

When I woke up next morning the pop-up once again greeted me. It looks like it won’t disappear over time…

It continued floating in front of me, but to be frank it’s nothing but a distraction. Come to think of it the paper disappeared and in it’s place the pop up appears as if replacing it. I wonder if the fact that I traced the paper with my finger activated it.

Well after a goodnight sleep, I felt a little calmer and thought about it again

[I’ll give you another chance]

That was what the voice told me, if that’s the case perhaps that travelling over the other world wouldn’t spell a game over to me and so I decided and I once again looked at the notification.


Do you want to learn the skill <Other World Transfer>?

Yes ◄



I then picked yes and…


The next moment I noticed I was in the middle of a strange meadow.




A pop-up notification once again is in front of a puzzled me.

The skill [Language Translation] has been successfully acquired. You are now able to converse with all intelligent race in this world except for monster.

Please check your status window.

You can access your status window by thinking about it.


Status window?

Our status can only be checked at the Balance Adjustment Division and can only be done by using a special device, aside from that there’s no other way to check one’s status.

However, this is a different world. Could the status window pop up on this place?

I tried it out.




Level 1

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+0)

Intelligence 1(+0)

Vitality 1(+0)

Magic Defense 0(+0)

Concentration 0(+0)

Evasion 0(+0)

Available magic: None

Skill: <Otherworld Transfer><Language Translation>


Uwa! The status window really did pop out!

The number of items increased and my skill have increased and…

Level 1?

An item called level was also added to it.

I involuntarily reached out my hand to the status window in front of me, and when I touched the item called level another pop-up appeared


You need 1000 exp to level up


Next level?


With the combination of the pop-up window that appear along the distracting sound effect, I was under the illusion that I’m inside a game.

Then I went and touch the skill section of my status window.


<Otherworld Transfer> allows user to freely move from Earth to Isdifui and vice versa.

<Language Translation> allows you to converse with all the intelligent species living in Isdifui, except for monsters.


This world is called <Isdifui>.

The explanation of the skill <Otherworld Transfer> made me feel relieve. To be honest I thought I would never be able to return back to earth. And then…


Something slammed into my back. I staggered and I saw a wriggling, irregularly shaped monster the size of a medium dog. the monster that I have never seen on Earth jumped at me again and unfortunately, I was unable to dodge and my legs got entangled and I fell to the ground. I tried shaking it off but it didn’t work. I felt pain and at the same time I felt that my strength are being drained away from me.

I knew I was weak and even though I’m in another world.


I heard a cracking spirit emitted by someone at the same time the monster that was on top of me suddenly turned into particles of light and disappeared

[are you okay?]

In front of me is a silver-haired girl wearing a light red armor standing while holding her sword.

Chapter 2: The F-Rank Me Landed in a Different World (2)

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