Chapter 3: The F-Rank me Decided to fight the Slime (Part 1)

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May 10, Sunday 2

The girl who defeated the monster with a single blow lend me a hand when I tried to get up. I bowed to her, who slightly younger than me.

[Thank you for saving me]

She looked at me intently then she asked me then answered

[Don’t worry about it, by the way you dressed differently, aren’t you? May I know where you came from?]

I checked my outfit again. I’d been relaxing in my house until just a moment ago before I transferred to this world. That is why I’m wearing a navy-blue jersey top and bottom that I always wear as sleep wear.

[Ugh sorry my memory is kind of hazy.]

It was hard to explain that I move from Earth to here that’s why I told her that my memory is hazy.

[Is that so… by the way I’m Aria an adventurer, how about you. What’s your name? Maybe you also forgotten your name?]

[ah no, I’m Takashi a university student]

[Heh~ Studying at a university, are you some kind of aristocrat?]


Oh shit. I was supposed to pretend to have amnesia, but what am I supposed to do to? Tell them my status on Earth? In this world, a university is a place where the children of aristocrats study!

I hurriedly rephrase my recent statement.

[Ah sorry, I just felt like I was studying at a university for some reason]

Hearing my painful argument, Aria looked at me with a little bit of a pout, then smiled.

[You aren’t just dressed differently, but you are also different inside, aren’t you?]


Anyway, I can only say that I’m lucky to have met her when I was about to be killed as soon as I transferred to this world.

I decided to ask her about this world.

[Anyway, you’re amazing, aren’t you? You beat that monster with one blow, right?]

[E? that’s just a slime though? It’s the weakest monster around here.]

[I see…]

That’s the weakest…

I guess you could say that me being a weakling doesn’t change even after I have transferred to another world.

[Aria… right?]


[You said that you’re an adventurer, may I ask what are adventurer?]

[You don’t remember about adventurers?]

[sorry, it seems like I also forgotten about it]

Aria rolled her eyes a bit then told me lots of information about it.

Adventurer is the general term use for people working for the adventurer’s guild and accepts various requests. The request ranges from delivering goods and gathering medicinal herbs to defeating monsters. As their level rises, so does their status as well. And once a person reached level 30, he or she is now considered a full fledged adventurer. There is no upper limit for adventurers, but legends has it that some of the legendary heroes exceed that of level 100.

[Can you check your status by yourself?]

[Of course you can’t. Why? You can?]

[I think I can do it.  I have vague memory. If you’re okay with it, can you show me how?]

I wonder if it will work for her too.

I asked her out of curiosity

She showed a disappointed face .


Same status window appeared in front of her appeared in front of me as it did for me. However, I could not see her status window. I wonder what’s the meaning of this? I looked at Aria with a sideway glance and spoke to her

[Hey can Aria see my status window?]

[Normally you won’t be able to see other people’s status window unless they have the <Insight> skill]

[I see]

Aria smiled at me when she saw that I was convinced

[Takashi is kind of like a baby, isn’t it? You seem to not know anything]

I chuckled. Aria certainly has a point. In this world, in terms of knowledge and ability, I am a baby.

[Maybe I’ll learn something]

[Good. I’ve just fulfilled my request, so I was about the receive my reward]

Chapter 3: The F-Rank me Decided to fight the Slime (Part 1)

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