Chapter 3: The F-Rank me Decided to fight the Slime (Part 2)

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On the way to town, I was able to hear a lot of stories from Aria.

In this world, there are various races such as humans elves, dwarves, beastmen and demons. She’s a human which is basically same with earthlings. She’s 17 years of age and became an adventurer a year ago and her current level is 10. She is still considered a novice adventurer, so her request mostly centered on defeating weak monsters.

While we are talking, I saw a city surrounded by walls.

This is the city of Rumel. This is the central; city of the region, and the whole city is full of vigor. It has a medieval European style building lined up in the city streets and vendors spread out here and there flaunting their wares.

We arrived at Aria’s destination which was located in a large building facing the plaza in the center town. And when we opened the door of the guild, we found ourselves in a large hall like space with tables arranged in a chaotic manner. Many adventures are here carrying their sword and spear while donning their heavy armor, some were robe and carries their stat. this is just like how a normal human for Earth would imagine what an adventurer’s guild would look like.

The hall seemed to serve as a bar and some of them were eating, drinking and chatting at the tables. Aria looks very familiar with the scene, strode through the hall and headed for the counter across the hall.

I hurried after her. And when she reached the counter, she called the man sitting on the other side of it.

[Good morning, Levan]

[Good morning, Aria]

While exchanging words with the man she seems to know, aria took something from her bag and began to arrange it in the counter. It looks like a magic stone to my eyes. The beastman the began to count it.

[…8, 9, 10. Alright you have successfully accomplished your task, here’s your reward, 5000 gold]

The beastman placed a small bag of something on the counter, then aria checked the contents of the bag. It seems to contain coins from this world.

After aria said goodbye to the man, I called out to her and asked

[is that magic stones?]

[that’s right. I had a request to get some rabbit meat, so I got up early this morning and went hunting for the <Jumping Bunnies>]

[Is that magic stone form the Jumping Bunnies?]

[Yes, it is]

[I don’t know what hunting Jumping Bunnies has to do with getting its meat but it seems to me that it’s the same as in my world where monster leave behind a magic stone when they die. I did not understand the strength of the jumping bunnies, but it seems that Aria who is a level 10 can hunt them down solo.

[I wonder if the Jumping Bunnies are stronger than the slimes?]

[It’s stronger since slime is only level 1 monster and the Jumping Bunnies are level 5 monster.

[Do slime drops magic stones too?]

[I think they drop some too.]

So, slime drop magic stones, which means…

[Hey do you think I can beat a slime?]

[I think so, as long as you have the right equipment, you should be able o defeat them easily.]

I decided to ask for help

[Aria, I want to defeat the slime, can you help me?]

With a serious look on my face, I asked her to do so, Aria burst laughing.

Chapter 3: The F-Rank me Decided to fight the Slime (Part 2)

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