Chapter 4: The F-Rank me defeated a monster for a first time

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May 10, Sunday 3

When I told her I wanted her help to kill a slime, she burst out laughing. I know how you feel, but for someone like me who was almost killed by it is traumatic.


After the brief laugh, Aria apologized.

[I don’t mind. Then is it okay?]

[It’s fine]


[By the way do you have money? It might be difficult to get rid of those slime with your situation]

Aria had a point, currently I’m just wearing a jersey and I have no weapon. Then, I suddenly remembered the magic stone from Argos that was in my pocket. Then her eyes widened.

[Why do you have such a stone?]

[I’m sorry I’m having trouble remembering how I got it. But, I’m sure I haven’t stolen it or anything]


Aria looked a little thoughtful but eventually smiled and led me to the counter. Then she approached the man sitting on the other side of the counter, the beastman from earlier.

[Revan can you take a look at this magic stone?]

After examining Argos’ magic stone, Revan-san then opened his mouth.

[This is amazing Aria! When did you learn to defeat such a high level demon?]

[I’m sorry that’s not mine. It’s his.]

Revan-san then looked at me as if he was inspecting me.

[And you are…?]

[Nice to meet you. I’m Takashi Nakamura. I apologize because I’m having trouble remembering things…]

Aria then explained the situation in my behalf. When Revan-san finished listening to Aria’s account, his expression became more and more quizzical.

[An ordinary person, who was almost killed by a slime possesses a magic stone of this caliber]

Does me showing this magic stone here, an error of judgement? A weird sweat trickles down my back, even though I have done nothing wrong.  But then Revan-san’s expression suddenly relaxed.

[Well, it would be strange to be a bandit who almost got killed by a slime]

Then he continued while looking at my face.

[the magic stone is confirmed to be from a monster that has a level of 60. If you sell it to us we will pay you with a high price. However, you would need to register to the adventure’s guild in order for us to pay you.]

[I understand. So how do I register as an adventurer?]

From under the counter Revan-san produced a transparent crystal ball the size of a watermelon.

[Touch it and bring up your status window]

I did as I was told, I touched the crystal ball and called out my status window. It seems that Revan-san can see the contents of my status window as he was recording it in some kind of ledger and now I’m starting to feel embarrassed with my status. However, Revan-san didn’t say anything and quietly recorded my status. After a while he finished recording my data and then he called out to me:

[You can take off your hands now and put away your status window.]

He then handed me a silver plate, about one size smaller than my phone. On it were my name, level and the fact that I am affiliated with Rumel Adventure’s guild, all written in this world’s language.

I see no status items on it…

Perhapos status value is something that you shouldn’t disclose openly, regardless of how high or how low it is.

[this is your adventurer’s registration card. It’s like an identification card so don’t lose it. Many wore it in chains around their necks. The first issuance is free, but it will cost you to have it reissued]

[Thank you very much]

Revan-san then dropped a bag into the counter

[This is the payment for the magic stone]

It was filled with coins of different color from this world suggesting that there is a distinction between gold and silver coins and with Aria’s help we count it.

[Woah, there’s 500,000 gold coins here!]

Aria’s eye rounded. But since I didn’t know the value of money in this world, I ask Aria about it.

[can we buy some weapon and armor to fight?]

[I think 300,00 would be enough to get the bare minimum equipment]

Aria then guided me to a weapon shop, armor shop and tool shop after leaving the guild where I bought my weapons and essentials. After equipping my new weapon and armor I checked my status window.


Level 1

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+0)

Intelligence 1(+0)

Endurance 1(+0)

Magic Defense 0(+0)

Concentration 0(+0)

Evasion 0(+0)

HP 10(+0)

MP 0(+0)

Available magic: None

Skill: <Otherworld Transfer><Language Translation>


Iron Sword (Atk +10)

Leather Armor (Def+15)


My total attack is based on the stats given by the sword which is attack +10 added with my strength which is +1 for a total of 15 points while my defense is based on the stats given by the armor which is defense +15 added with my Endurance for a total of 16 points.

According to Aria, the slimes are not particularly a hard monster to defeat and their attack and defense are around 15. With this I can now properly fight a slime properly.

Then I asked Aria about something that have been bothering me.

[can I learn any new magic or skill?]

[If you have a natural talent for magic, you can learn it in the beginning. But if you want to learn a new one you need to read a book about magic. Also, you cannot learn a new skill.]

[How much does a magic book cost?]

[I think it’s around one million gold and also I heard that if you don’t have the right skill, no matter how many magic book you read you might not learn any new magic.]

In my world, it is impossible to learn new magic or skills. However  in this world there’s a small possibility that I can learn new magic. But still, one million gold is quite expensive, and even if I could buy it it might be meaningless if I don’t have MP.

After regaining my composure, I headed for the place where slimes always appears as guided by Aria which was near to the grassy filled I landed on when I transferred her.

It seems that slime attacks and eat animal that are dead or very weak. That means that I was so weak that the slime treated me as food even though I was full of energy. I was once again reminded of how weak I am but not anymore, with my equipment and armor and a helper named Aria. I would be fine!

As I was psyching myself up Aria, whispered to me.

[Takashi, there’s one there]

I quietly approached it from behind and swung my sword at the slime.


And with a single blow the slime turned into particles of light and disappeared, and a tiny magic stone appeared on its place.

[Yeah! I did it!]

As I was relishing the happiness I heard the familiar sound effect.



You’ve defeated a slime.

 You’ve gained 100 exp,

One F-rank stone was dropped


The pop-up text that appeared in front of me. I was so happy that I cried out loud. For the first time in my life I had defeated a monster myself. For the first time in my life I earned a magic stone by myself. 100 exp? I guess I have to gain a lot of it to level up.

Maybe I look a little bit unstable that Aria called out to me with a face that is a bit contorted.

[Hey are you okay?]

[I’m sorry, it’s the first time in my life that I’ve experienced something like this. I was a little overjoyed]

[This is the first time that I saw someone getting overjoyed over killing a slime]

[Oh, come on, let’s go!]

I answered her in a joyful voice partly to hide my embarrassment. Then I gently stroke the slime magic stone on my pocket with my fingers and started walking to search for my next prey.

Chapter 4: The F-Rank me defeated a monster for a first time

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