Chapter 18

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I kept rinsing my mouth. I have spit out the water more times than I can count and the disgusting taste is still on my mouth.

I knew that there are countries with low level of hygienic culture where people rarely bathe or even worst, bathing is unheard of, which devastatingly unsanitary place.

Honestly, who would have thought that even after 200 years they would still exist!

(A I can’t help but feel that there’s some kind of bug in my mouth. If I know that this would happen I should someone else in my mouth)

I was just going to pretend that I was suffering but damn that old man he really did make me suffer. The next time I see him I’m going to punch the shit out of him!

In the end I used up two bottles and somehow manage to calm down. The thought bout how much water was left after and going to the river every time was looking kind of annoying.

I continued with my plan to visit Canan kingdom and check out the city. Knowing Canan I can estimate the technological advancement made after 200 years of me sleeping.

So I passed by Rukdiel and continue up north. The place had been definitely cleared for human traffic and what looks a road was made. Perhaps this is what those mercenaries have used. This road itself appears to have been here for quite a long time and I can assume that Canan, a country that have tech to fly through the air have already surveyed the area for territorial expansion.

I guess I should move as if this place is already under the Canan territory.

(Even thought this road cut through the forest, it would be best to go off the road to avoid other people passing by)

It would be troublesome to cause unnecessary commotion because we were spotted. So, I went off the road and continue going through the forest. I made sure to put attention to sounds and smell while I was searching for any man-made object or any sign of people.

It turned out really tiring and I found myself not paying attention to my surrounding. Fortunately there’s a lot of goblin nearby so no one would come here unless they’re monster.

After running for a while I saw an artifact from my right side. Looking closely, I found what seems like a castle wall leaving me with a question.

(Was there ever a town in this place?)

It would also be possible that it was built while I was asleep but how did they build it in a place so close to the border? Or should I say they built it here because borders placed in here does not exist here anymore.

I take note of the place in my brain’s map and start my observation. If I continue up north, we will find the forest’s boundary so I can infer that this place is already under Canan rule.

The city has gates placed on the north and the south side of the city. The north side have a round coming from both northeast and northwest. If we go northwest, we will reach a Canaanite town if I remembered correctly and by the northeast we will find a fort that used to guard a border.

As I was observing the town from a different angles, few men and women came out of the south gate, and continued their way down south.

(Those looks like scouts… Are they going to survey the forest or are they going for a goblin extermination?)

I looked around for a higher ground, unfortunately it is on the far north. Since it’s already afternoon, I suppose it would be a good idea to cut through the road using mimicry to move to my next hiding place though I’m worried since my stealth ability is not perfect either.

I could go ahead to Glenda on the northwest. If I remembered correctly the sight there would have a  panoramic view of the town from a top of a mountain. It wouldn’t be a bad choice to if we want to check the current state of Canan and how the life of in that country looks like.

[I don’t need to bother myself on this town]

I said while observing the town. This town is not small to begin with but it’s also not large and it would be better to check on city that are bustling and has develop for more than 200 years so I don’t think I need to continue observing this place.

I decided to take a route on the north that still has some forestry and from there a scent of blood wafted towards me from the direction I intended to take .

Using my mimicry ability, I proceed through the forest making as less noise as possible, then I found 6 dead bodies lying on the road. All of them seems to be armed but their weapon are missing so I guess someone collected it. Also I found some tracks made by something wooden which indicate what happened here.

(A bandit attack might have happened here and the wagon tried to fled into the woods, or was captured and guided)

Since the escorts were dead, they might have been taken already. They’re might be targeting the cargo of the wagon

If we continue on our direction, we might run into them.

(It’s possible that there’s food in the cargo or something useful and considering our current direction, we might even get some magic potion)

I think that this wouldn’t be a bad venture to intercept those bandit, the reason being I might get something useful out of it.

And the witnesses?

They’re bandits, we can just kill them all. No one will be bothered by their death and as a soldier we can murder them mercilessly first.

So I put down my luggage, dispel my mimicry and [let’s go hunt some bandit] I told to myself.

I followed the scent of a fight, and even with poor visibility of the forest. I was able to spot them because of my heightened olfactory and auditory senses. And as expected, there were bandits.

(Eleven in total… No there seems to be more inside the wagon)

I can’t see the inside of the wagon but it seems that there’s 4 to 5 people inside it. I approached the wagon without paying attention to the number of people inside and the bandit finally noticed me.

The bandits who were amusingly flustered took up their weapon, but the three of them run away while another one keeps shouting. Typical of the bandits so I let them off for their graceful escape. The eight on the other hand took up arms and disappoints me. They’re equipped with what appears to be weapons made of iron, there’s no way those can hurt me. Someone shouted to the wagon and out came a well dressed burly man carrying a large crossbow – a so called arbalest.

It’s power and range are significantly better than those of an ordinary crossbow.

So what should I don now? Nothing. I move forward without worry. I hit the man who tried slashing at me turning him into a stain in the woods leaving only a weird sound, with the back of my fist. Then I hit another man who is equipped with a hatchet with my fist making his head rotates to 270 degrees, effectively crumpling him out. The I kill those who tried to run away by throwing stones at them, then I trampled a spearman who also threw his weapon away. I felt like his spine were broken and he started coughing up blood. So I guess he died too. Then I closed the distance to another bandit I blast him with my tail slamming him on a nearby tree then finished another bandit after I turned around.

Now only 3 people are left. The burly man with the arbalest isn’t ready yet. A man with scarred face stepped forward while saying something. So, I unleashed my fist to his body destroying everything of him including his weapon. Then I catch the flying arrow with my hands and release it back creating a stain on the trees and leaving the man who’s giving the commands left.

The man tried to give instruction but it’s too fast that I can’t understand it. But, whatever he is saying won’t be much since he won’t be able to say anything after I grabbed his head and twist it 360 degrees.

(Now let’s check their baggage, shall we?)

Amidst the blood pool I went to the back of the carriage and saw what’s inside. I did not expect to see five women looking at me with their frightened eyes.

I looked at them for a moment. Women dressed scantily thin dress with skin definitely visible through their clothes ranging from teens to late twenties.

The woman dressed in red wo seems to be the oldest stood in front of the other four with outstretched arm, seemingly trying to protect them.

(Five, three, four, one and another three)

With their body line defined my measurement would be accurate as it can be.

Honestly, I thought there would be something good here, but unfortunately there’s only loads of prostitutes here. What the heck.

Chapter 18

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