Chapter 33: The Miko is also a Nurse (Part 1)

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Early morning, with the day break still in the sky. I came alone to ta shrine in the outskirt of the village. I’m not talking about the one where I poured concrete over but the one considered as the official shrine.

I passed through the black torii gate, one that can be considered rare in Japan, and run through it one by one while staying off the center. Then, I hear a soothing sound of the shrine being swept clean accompanied by the chirping of the birds

[–Yuuki-sama. Good morning]

The miko, who’s holding a bamboo stick, stopped sweeping and bowed deeply.

Her name is Tamaki Ousura. She’s a beautiful junior high school girl dressed in a miko dress. Compared to Mika chan who has a sexy beautiful face, she sports a calming beautiful face complete with drooping eyes and somewhat calming eyes. Since she also has a well-developed body, her breast is quite large to second only to Ciel, but since Ciel is just in elementary she still remains the strongest.

Her long black hair considered to be as black as Nubatama’s hair, sparkles in the morning sun which almost touches the ground. If she sold her hair to make a wig, she could sell it at high price.

[Un, good morning]

I greeted her lightly then went straight to the main shrine, then I threw wads of money to the donation box and finished my prayers. If I didn’t support her this way, she would burn through the money thoughtlessly.

[Thank you for always, always paying so much money for the first offering]

Tama chan tanked me using a tone of 70% gratitude and 30% apology

[Tamaki-san, forgive me if I interrupt your busyu morning but, I would like to have a word with you]

I need to get back to bed before Puhiko comes and wake me up for my daily childhood event. Seriously being the protagonist is inconvenient.

Tamaki nodded pleasantly and walked leisurely to the shrine office. She might think that I’m in a hurry, but she is fucking slow. She’s a slow walker, but I guess that’s just how she is, so take your time.

[I’d like to ask you to pray for the healing of an illness that would likely be rather tricky case because it’s related to the <Ura-Miko Curse> but could you do it for me?]

I explained Ai-chan case and looked at Tama-chan’s face. Even though it’s just a prayer, it’s not a bogus but an occult one.

[Understood. I’ll take care of it.]

Tamaki nodded with carefree smile on her face.

[Are you sure about this? I’m going to take all precautions, but it would still be risky.]

I confirm this again.

[I will reiterate again that I will not abandon those in need, as it is the motto of this shrine. Besides I owe Yuuki-sama a debt of gratitude that would take a lifetime to repay]

[That’s not the same thing as this, so there’s no need to push it]

Having said that, I had no intention to let her refuse. I invested on her a lot. Specifically, I gave her money worth more than a first prize of a lottery ticket, financed a transplant operation for her father who was seriously ill. Brought the shrine that’s on the verge of bankruptcy and didn’t ask for something for return. I even paid for the repair of the shrine and even got back the sacred jewel.

Only an idiot would not be grateful for this.

Things to note though, even if it is good ending on the credits on the original story, her father died so in a way I provided her better happiness than the original story. Men are as many as the star but there’s only one father for an individual. Also her mother is already dead. She died when Tama was born.

[Not it’s really ok, the shrine’s top priority is to take care of the <Ura-miko-sama> I apologize again and again that we have left things that should been done by us to you, Yuuki-sama]

[It’s okay I only did that for my childhood friend and also because I want to do it too.]

[I still have to thank you, we had been living without knowing anything about our true purpose until Yuuki-sama taught us.]

[The secret of Nubatama-hime is passed down orally that’s why it’s hard to pass it on]


I’ll be out for 5 days for a business trip so I’m posting all the chapters for this week from all the novel i’m translating.

Chapter 33: The Miko is also a Nurse (Part 1)

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