Chapter 33: The Miko is also a Nurse (Part 2)

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The miko is essentially a set of miko. An Omote-Miko and an Ura-Miko the shrine of the Omote-Miko – Tamaki’s family – performs good deeds without compensation, attracts devotion of local residents and with the power of fait caresses the soul of Nubatama Hime.

On the other had the Ura-miko – the one I filled up with concrete – uses the power of Nubatama-hime’s curse to earn money by undertaking bloody work. Well people like mom have been around since time immemorial.

It was a system that turned on the cog of the wheel , but if the Ura-miko is gone it would impoverish Tamaki’s family too.

Originally the Ura-Miko who is related to the military power, was considered more important but because of the Onin war, the warring state period, and the world war the shrine gradually been forgotten and it’s legacy died along with it leaving no one to tell the story of the existence of the Ura-Miko shrine maidens.

Needless to say, because of the loli-baba and Puhiko’s lineage are in lined with the Ura-Miko’s blood. Around loli-baba’s era were they done a taboo of mixing the blood of the Omote-Miko and the Ura-Miko which became a taboo subject. This would then create a compressed form of the curse that Puhiko possess, that’s the reason why she’s in deep trouble.

[I feel embarrassed. When I have my own descendants, I will make it sure to pass down the truth once again]

[SO, Tamaki has a partner in mid?]

[None, but father said that it’s by Nubatama’s will that I met Yuuki-sama, I should get along with him]

Tamaki’s cheek blushed as she said that. Yeah, that’s right, if I help her too much, I would naturally raise a flag. Well, I’m not going to do anything with you, our relationship is more like a master and servant.

Unless it’s a butler thing, a pure love requires the relationship between two parties to be equals, and right now Tama-chan is calling me with <sama> creating a barrier for a romantic relationship. In the original story he called me with <san> when we got to know each other.

[Tamaki and I? I’m still a kid, so I can’t imagine that kind of thing]

I dodge it appropriately with a pure boy act

[I don’t understand it either]

Tama-chan mutters in a facing voice slowly looking down.

(Well, even if a mistake occurred since, she should be fine, since her trauma flag has already been crushed)

The story of hers in the original story is that the Saigagumi bribed and destroyed the shrine. Then in order to raise fund to finance her father’s surgery she went to the villagers she helps once but they all refused her casually and ended up for her losing everything. in her despair she took advantage of Nubatama-hiime’s curse and then perform a dangerous ritual of the <Ura-Miko> ceremony to take revenge against the Saigagumi group and the villagers. The fact that she became bot the Ura-Miko and the Omote-Miko she was then possessed by Nubatama-hime and became the actual goddess and a raging spirit which ended up sending the whole village in to ruins.

The hardness of her route makes Puhiko’s route much easier. It would end up, that the protagonist would lose one eye, one arm, one leg and half of his body as the price to pay to reach the happy end.

[I’m sorry, anyway please help Ai. If it’s too hard then we can use the Talisman]

[No, even if we don’t use it, we have accumulated enough divine power to exorcise spirit but if we tried healing several people, with the current number of our worshipper It would be impossible]

Tama—chan stammered as if reluctantly trying not to say a thing unfortunately it’s true that the visitor of this shrine is quite small.

[I know, we need to attract more faith for the shrine, I’ll try to make a plan to increase the number of visitors]

I said, to reassure Tama-chan

[If Yuuki-sama says so, then I don’t have anything to worry about. For the treatment, please let me know when you decided on a detailed time and day, so that I can purify myself]

[Un, sure thing]

[If you don’t mind, do you want to have breakfast here…]

[Thank you. But I think my childhood friend’s mother already made it, so I’ll just take this]

I ate the Nubatama dumpling which is simply a dumpling filled with red bean paste and the tea that Tama offered and set of to return to Puhiko’s house for some natto rice.

Chapter 33: The Miko is also a Nurse (Part 2)

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