Chapter 5: The F-Rank me Level up

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May 10, Sunday 4

After that I continue beating up the slime steadily. The fact that there were monster that even I could beat easily if I had the right equipment gave me confidence, though not a little.

Then when I defeated my 11th slime, it happened



You’ve defeated a slime.

You’ve gained 100 exp.

One F-rank stone was dropped

Level has increased.

Status has increased.


My level increased?

My Status increased?

I opened the status window excitedly.


Level 1

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+1)

Intelligence 1(+1)

Endurance 1(+1)

Magic Defense 0(+1)

Concentration 0(+1)

Evasion 0(+1)

HP 10(+10)

MP 0(+1)

Available magic: None

Skill: <Otherworld Transfer><Language Translation>


Iron Sword (Atk +10)

Leather Armor (Def+15)


Sure, enough I’m already level 2! And the status…

It didn’t go up?

No wait! The number on the parentheses went up and changed from +0 to +1. Does this mean that this is the amount of increase?

As I was tilting my head, Aria called out to me.

[What’s wrong?]

[I just level up from 1 to 2]

[Eeh you raised your level?]

Aria was surprised

[What’s wrong?]

[Didn’t you said that you haven’t killed any monster before?]


[So just because you killed 11 slime your level wen from level 1 to l2?]


[Was that true?]


Aria is now more surprised than before.

[Is something the matter?]

[It’s strange. I have to kill thousand of slimes to get from level 1 to level 2.]


[Could there be an individual difference in the amount of experience required to raise a level?]

[I don’t think so, everyone needs the same amount of experience to level up]

[I see…]

I brought up the status window again and touched the lvl 2 item with my finger to display the description


You need 1400 exp points to level up


[Yeah I think that was about it]

Aria responds to my words

[You have to kill one slime to get 100 exp poionts]


Aria interrupted me as I was about to chec the number of slime needed to level up again

[How come slime gives you 100 experience points? They only give 1 point on exp!]


Now I’m the one surprised!

[Because I killed 11 slimes that I gained 1,100 exp points and that’s…]

When aria heard what I said she fell deep in thought with a difficult look on her face.


[So you’re telling me that for some unknown reason you’re gaining 100 exp each time you killed a slime?]


[Hey that’s a cheat! It took me more than half a month to reach level 2!]

She was mortified and I tried to calm her down.

[Sorry. Even I myself, don’t know what’s happening.]

Aria took a deep breath to calm herself.

[It is really weird. I’ve never heard a skill that increases exp points. Who are you really Takashi.]

[Really? Who am I?]

[Hey! What’s that?]

Aria laughed.

But seriously. What does this mean? Could it be the fact that I’m from earth where level and experience does not exist is having an effect here.

Anyway I am an irregular in this world and if this kind of story gets out, it may cause a lot of inconvenience when I do something to this world in the near future. Thinking of this I called out to Aria.

[Sorry I have a favor to ask of you]

[What is it?]

[I hope you can keep this between us. Since I have memory loss, it would be bad for me if my story went out]

Aria looked at me and smiled

[Alright I’ll keep it a secret but in return….]

She then answered me with a mischievous smile on her face.

[Will you continue adventuring with me?]

[That’s what I want to ask you as well]


Aria was unexpectedly happy. It felt kind of strange so I asked her about it.

[But is it fine? I mean I’m just level 2 and I don’t know anything about this world]

[What are you talking about? Takashi will level up right? Then if we stick together, we’ll be able to do things more easily.]

Well, that’s one way to look at it.

[If you try to leave me I wouldn’t let go okay?]

[Of course, I won’t leave you!]

It’s almost lunch time so we decided to return to the city while conversing with a topic that would definitely be misunderstood. And once we returned to the guild, it’s already lunch time.

The guild is crowded with adventurers enjoying their lunch but fortunately we found an empty table enough for the both of us. Then after ordering our lunch we discussed our activity for the afternoon.

Then from the other side of the table, a young man approached us who seem to be another adventurer with a wry smiled plastered on his face. He was about my age, blond-haired that was brushed-up and has good looks. He had a sword hanging on his waist and called out to aria.

[Hello my dear Aria. How are you?]

Aria looked uncomfortable when he approached her but she still returned a word.

[Oh Kaiz you’re looking well]

[I’m always in a good spirits especially now that you are smiling at me]

Incidentally, I don’t think that what Aria is showing can be called a smile.

[By the way Aria, havce you thought about that talk?]

[I thought I said no about that talk]

[You don’t have to be shy. Oi you who was eating there would you like to join us?]

He grabbed Aria’s arm as he spoke.

[Hey let go of me!]

[It’s okay, it’s okay]

Aria was clearly not happy and after a few seconds of hesitations I called out to Kais.

[She doesn’t seem to like it, so can you let her go?]

Kais turned his attention to me.

[Oh? I thought I heard something just now, was I imagining it?]

Kais then came to face me then looked at the adventurer’s registration card that was hanging on my neck.

[Hey, hey, hey, don’t talk to me you level 1 newbie]

[This is not about this-]

I was overwhelmed by Kais’ momentum that my jaw slacked.

[This woman is mine. You bastard should stay out of it.]


A glass tumbled to the floor and broke. I looked at Aria who stand up with her hands on the table with tremendous anger on her face and before I knew it everyone went silent.

Noticing Aria’s expression and the surrounding Kais brushed his hair and spoke to her

[I’ll hear your answer some other time.]

[I told you my anwer would still be no.]

[Don’t be so angry, you’ll ruin your beautiful face]

Kais did not seem to look like he’s bothered with Aria’s anger as he left briskly.

Chapter 5: The F-Rank me Level up

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  1. So I’ll believe that he was a grower and there were no monsters weak enough for him to grow, what being z did was save him, give him a portal and some money (which literally saved him) and now he can grow.


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