Chapter 34: Dark Magic of Recovery

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The day of Ai’s treatment came. We gathered at the back of the temple, in a <Typical> space with wooden doors closed in all sides and only having a bonfire to serve as a light.

[Then everyone, are you ready?]

Tama-chan looks at our face while asking us in a calm but serious voice. She has just finished her water purification and her silk undershirt revealing her voluptuous form.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeero! Ignore it, ignore it

Maybe because it was <Kumosora> which is rated as an all-age game or is it because I’m still in 2nd grade of elementary, but I noticed that have little sex drive at the moment.

[Since I’m far too you to join the ritual so I can’t be of help, but when the time comes, I’ll be the one to-]

Sophia loks at Ai determinedly who was lying naked at the altar

[Su… Su…]

Ai who sports a fluffy pink hair, wore a sardonyx earing same with her codename.  She has extensions on her eyelashes and on her hands are seemingly ordinary fashionable items which was in fact a special alloy nails.

Needless to say, Sophia’s role is that of an insurance ion case Ai goes out of control, she herself volunteered to be here without me having to coerce her on doing so. Ciel also wants to come here but was convinced by Sophia that she would be put in danger that’s why she was at the mansion staying.

[Let’s get started, I don’t know how long she would sleep]

[Alright, I will now begin the ritual, please maintain silence while the ritual is ongoing.]


Me and Sophia nodded silently

[kakemaku mo kashikokinuba tama no ōmizu chino hime ni kashiko mika shikomi mōsu, before the birth of Ametsuchi, the old serve the Abyss. Amaterasu Omikoto suddenly brings about light and dawn, However the Eternal Abyss seethe with jealousy. It’s here now in the shrine maiden who doesn’t forget her virtue. I pray that you may grand use your majestic unending mercy and purge your daughter of the filth of the world and of mankind]

Tama-chan performs the kagura dance with graceful gesture while wielding a mohide (a stick wielded by a miko) made from a Japanese Hollyhock, while reciting the ritual, incidentally the fruit of the hollyhock represents Nubatama but it’s not important to remember.


Ai groans in pain and then the fire went out. No, the flames retain their presence but melted and homogenize into the darkness.

The darkness envelops everything, glory, sin, love, hate and dimmish everything without dividing it.

We were in a gray space, not the true darkness, not light but grey as if we stepped in a black and white video

[Aaaaaaah Stop! I’m Melting! Ah noooo! I-I am specia-]

Ai mutters a meaningless monologue.

It’s like she’s being submerged in a lukewarm water, while wearing clothes, being anonymously buried in Social media sites and feeling a dark sense of security.

Even though this is a recovery magic, it’s attribute is darkness and it belongs to the black magic arts. So, this does not cure the root cause of the problem unlike those shiny clean healing from morning aniumes. This is more of a therapy to diminish curse which is a running theme in <Kumosora> that uses the legend format.

[Be calm, forgive not, but forget. For things of the world are not what their ought to be. Like the flowing of Ebisu and the woman’s offering to Orochi.]

[Loose  the rotten moon, maggots in the eye of the whale that’s in the sky, envy, jealousy, Nirai Kanai, Homura Nusubi and other descendant of the gods. Aaaaah aah]

Ai’s eye glazes over as she spits out fragments of the Nubatama-Hime’s memory. Instantly, color returned to the world and the cool chirping of the autumn insect returned.

[Hah… hah… it’s over]

[Good work! Go rest at the back immediately. We’ve already arranged for a temporary shrine maiden, so don’t worry about the shrine work.

Tama was about to fall to the ground due to fatigue, but I immediately caught her. She then closed her eyes in relief.

Ai! It’s me! Sophia! Do you remember me?

[Aah Chu-Chuko?]

Chuko is the nickname Ai gave to her. It comes from Sophia’s silver hair that was liken to those of a rat.

Yes, that’s right! It’s Chuko! I’m here to help you!

Sophia who’s considered a cool character burst into tears.

It was too late for her in the original story, but I’m glad she was okay here.

[Chuko is still a crybaby. There’s no need to cry anymore is there?]

Ai smiled softly.


Sophia’s face is joyful

 [Because, when you die, you won’t even cry!]

A moment later, A I flash her metal nails, broke her bonds and attacked Sophia!

Chapter 34: Dark Magic of Recovery

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