Chapter 6: The F Rank me went to hunt rabbits

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May 10, Sunday 5

[Hey, Who was that?]

I asked Aria about Cais after he returned to his seat completely.

[He’s a crazy person]

Aria answered looking like she was going throw up. I quietly observed him from a distance while his back faces me.

Was he an adventurer too? He was surrounded by many girls/

[Do you know them?]

[Nah, never mind.]

Aria evasively answers and took a bite of her food. We should stop talking about Cais so I decided to change subject.

[This might be late but here you go.]

I took out five slime magic stone from my pocket


[Didn’t you helped me defeat some this morning? This nothing much but thank you.]

[I don’t need them. I was just watching you.]

[That’s not true, it made me felt safe knowing you are watching over me]

[You’re overreacting, I’m sure you’ll be able to learn it soon on you own even without me]

Aria said so, but for me, the slime battle that happened this morning is a big thing. After all this is the first time in my life that I defeated monster on my own.

Also, I obtained 11 magic stone. If I could bring them back to earth, I might be able to free myself from the daily dungeon dive.

I would also love to repay Aria for her kindness.

[Then I can help you with Aria’s request in the afternoon with something.]

[Fufufu… then can you help me hunt Jumping bunnies then?]

After finishing our meal, we went to the quest board. Large amount of adventurers gathered in front of it, so we weave through the sea of people and find the request that we’re looking for.

[There it is!]

Aria shouted happily

<Rabbit meat wanted ASAP>

[Rabbit meat? Does it mean jumping bunny meat?]

[Yes, that’s right! Generally, you’ll get one every ten kills.]

Unlike I earth where monster only drop nothing other than magic stones this reminds me that I’m really in a different world.

[Does a slime drop something aside magic stone?]

[Nope they don’t some monster drops something, some doesn’t]

As expected of a weak monster.

We took the request and headed tot eh counter. On the other side of the counter we saw several staff working hard. Among them is Levan-san who had helped me register as and adventurer in the morning.

Aria called out to him

[Levan, I’m taking this job.]

[Aria sure loves hunting rabbits]

It seems like Aria had been doing lots of rabbit meat quest recently.

Levan-san then goes into some procedures whiles talking to Aria. Then he noticed me and looked at me with interest and told me.

[The guild needs to track of which of you guys would accept the request or else there would be a number of inconveniences such us the records of who completed it being duplicated or tracking which quest is left unfulfilled and the likes.]

After completing the procedures, we left the city and immediately headed out to hunt jumping bunnies.

The jumping bunnies are rabbits with horns. They were scattered here and there in the meadow grazing.

[I’ll drive them in, you Takashi would finish them]

I nodded swallowed hard. The monster is a level 5, I wonder how well would I be able to go against with my level 2 attack. Aria noticed that I was tense and stiff so she called out to me.

[Jumping bunnies doesn’t have much offensive power, but they are fast. If you don’t relax your shoulder, they would escape away from you.]

We targeted one of the jumping bunnies and circled around to get behind it while it was grazing enthusiastically. From my view, I could see aria goes to the other side of it and drew a short bow and arrow then release an arrow from it.


The arrow pierce it magnificently but it seems that Aria missed a vital on purpose making the bunny staggered towards me. Then I swing my sword toward it with all my might.


And with a loud cry it turned into light particles.



You’ve defeated a jumping bunnies.

You’ve gained 300 exp.

One F-rank stone was dropped

One rabbit meat (small) was dropped.


As indicated by the pop-up, the magic stone and the rabbit meat dropped. Aria came running towards me with a smile on her face.

[I never had a rabbit meat drop after a first kill]

Aria happily put the rabbit meat in the bag and looked at me.

[So, how much experience did you get?]

[I got 300 exp from it.]

When Aria heard my answer, she put her head on her forehead and look at the heavens.

[I knew it was a cheat! Jumping bunnies supposedly gives only 3 points]

[Well… Sorry?]

I reflexively apologize for some reason

[That’s nice, go level up quickly so you can entertain me]

Aria once again talking about something filled with easy to misunderstood word.

[So, what are we going to do? The request is done now]

[The minimum number is only one but the more you have meat the better and since the sun is still high let’s hunt all the bunnies here!]

In the end we hunted 15 bunnies with by the evening while she lets me deal the final blow on them and we got 15 F-Ranked magic stoned and 15 pieces of rabbit meat (small). Naturally I level upped too

Level 4

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+3)

Intelligence 1(+3)

Endurance 1(+3)

Magic Defense 0(+3)

Concentration 0(+3)

Evasion 0(+3)

HP 10(+30)

MP 0(+30)

Available magic: None

Skill: <Otherworld Transfer><Language Translation>


Iron Sword (Atk +10)

Leather Armor (Def+15)

[You’re amazing Takashi, this is the first time I heard someone leveling up to level 4 in one day!]

[But my skill isn’t up par…]

Yes my level definitely improved. I could also feel that my movement and speed improved dramatically. But my sword swing is still large and I still am not confident that I can use the bow as well as Aria.

[Aria, did someone teach you how to use a bow?]

[Me? I originally have the <Archery> skill]

[I see… as I recall you wouldn’t gain skill normally]

[Yes, that’s right]

Aria answered.

[Your experience gained is 100 times higher and the drop rate of the rabbit meat is at 100%, Don’t tell me you’re learning skill as well?]

Is that possible? So far I haven’t learned any new skills even after leveling up.

[I wonder, even if I don’t have any skill, would I be able to be better at the weapon I wield if I practiced a lot?]

[I think so. I don’t have the sword skill but I definitely wield it better when I first started.]

We returned to the town with out bag filed with loots while chatting and laughing.

Chapter 6: The F Rank me went to hunt rabbits

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