Chapter 19

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Ah! Looking at beautiful people really is pleasant. There’s lot of different type, from big to small which make it really nice. Sadly, everyone’s eye is filled with dread, even the woman who’s brave enough to step forward had her expression tightened and her legs are trembling.

(Hmm she looks like she has a bruise on her cheek. It looks like she got hit)

She must have been trying to protect the four younger girls. I guess she was either the caring onee-san or the leader of the girls.

Anyway, this is a problem. I honestly thought that they are bandits, but to think that they are slave traders. I guess the man who looks out of place is the slave trader or something

 It looks like Canan has no progress that much with such people roaming their lands.

Speaking of slaves, I wonder where would they intend to bring this girl to?

If they’re intending to send these girls to Seizelia, then there might be a sizable organization involve.

[I wonder what happened here] and look at the two girls with disarrayed clothes. It looks like the fat guy assaulted them for a “taste test”, but unfortunately, I arrived exactly at that moment.

And like the onee-san I can see a lot of things simply because of their lack of underwear unlike in the empire which it was generally used.

Though most of them doesn’t really wear underwear, aren’t slit too much of an overkill? For a prostitute that don’t wear any underwear isn’t it too aggressive?

The woman who tried to protect the other tried to speak to me. Unfortunately, the only thing I could understand is [We]. I regret not taking that class seriously.

(No, no, no. I really regret that I didn’t took my language class seriously)

I don’t intend to do any harm on them, but it’s also cruel not to do anything for them.

I decided earlier that I would take anything that can be useful to me, but with their belonging that is scattered, I don’t see the need to take any of it. I mean I’m not a devil to take the belonging of these girls who are in need. Especially if their beautiful.

 (I don’t know what kind of rumor would float about me and these clothes and underwear… for the sake of … nah nope…)

It would be better to just pursue those who had escape and raid their bases. What the, why didn’t I think of that earlier.

(If this organization has the ability to smuggle people to neighboring countries, they must have a lot of hideouts and there would be a good chance that those who fled will return there. I believe that those bases would have more item that I can get there, right?)

I’m sad to say goodbye to these beauties, but this is where I have to say goodbye.

The distance isn’t far from the town and there’s no dangerous creatures around so as long as they pick up some of the weapon around, they would be fine and since the we didn’t touch the wagon and most of the food and water are still intact. They should be able to return back to town before dark

(Oh, I might as well take some water)

The ladies voluntarily avoided me so I rummaged through the crate for a bottle and took some of it. I pulled the cap off using my thumb and drunk the water inside.

I guess they got startled when I let out a [Gah, Gah, Gah] sound and they froze on the corner. There’s also some sake even thought the alcohol content is very low. And since by Imperial edict, only those who is 20 years of age is allowed to drink I guess I who is 200 years old can have a drink on this.

Man, it tastes like shit. I don’t have the right to complain since that’s just something free.

Noticing the state of the ladies and help the save some of their sanity, I decided to stop scouring for the water and proceed to hunt those bandits

If the smell is as strong as the bandit’s odor it shouldn’t be possible for me to track them down using my sense of smell. I almost forgot something and when I returned to my luggage pass the carriage, I heard a small scream. I’m sorry but I needed this because I don’t know how far are their bases. I carried my luggage and now chase them on. And when I pass by the carriage again, I heard another scream.

(Do I really look that scary?)

I’ve play lots of horror games in my childhood and this appearance would only rank at about decent in terms of monster like appearance. I don’t really look gross in my perspective and I would be on the better-looking side.

I slightly shrug and sped-up to catch up to those bandit, and 10 minutes after I found the bandit’s smell.

I tried to use my mimicry but I guess it won’t affect my luggage. Ah, F*ck this, this is a drag! I have no choice but to keep my distance and avoid gettince noticed.

Finally, after an hour after tracking the smell, I found what seems to be an entrance to a cave. The smell of those bandits continued onward to the interior of the base.

(Using a cave as a base? I wonder if it was reinforced from the inside)

I wouldn’t know unless I went inside. I set down my luggage, broke some tree branches and cover them. I used the sledge hammer as a marker, I wonder when will I use this hammer?

Activating mimicry, I went inside the cave, which was not guarded and is unfortunately, very narrow. It’s not impossible for me to get in but a little movement and I would be bumping on things. As we proceed through the pitch-black cave, I found out that it was larger than I expected. The once narrow passage way gradually turned into a wider and higher passage that can allow me to stand up properly and the ceilings are reinforced by wooden structures.

After one turn, the wall that was made of stone and soil becomes concrete and installation of lights that seems to work using magical principles confirms that this is definitely a man-made structure.

(It looks quite old, but this could be a hide out of those bandit or human-trafficker for many years by now.)

This just gives me hope on what we have here.

Just as I was thinking, I heard a faint yell. This place is quite a huge place so the sound might have come from quite a distance away.

I check the current state of Mimicry and proceed carefully. As expected, I find a prison and beyond the grate is a white corpse chained up. The state of the corpse suggests that it’s not that old and there seems to be other corpses as well. This just smell awful…

This is just plain disgusting, but what would you expect from a criminal organization? At least I have no more reason to keep them alive


With this one resolve on my mind, I was about to check on to the next body when I heard a scream. Since it belongs to a man. So, I ignored it. Rather it belongs to one of the bandits who escape earlier so it’s not something to worry about.

(I think I’ve seen this on TV where these syndicates or mafia deals with <Kejime case>, they cut off a finger if I remembered correctly)

I’m not certain of that old knowledge since that’s from my childhood, but at least I know that what I heard is not a scream of someone who’s finger is to be cut-offed. Rather it belongs to someone who is about to die.

Looks like the boss here is very strict with his subordinates. I can hear them clearly but I can’t make out of the thing their saying. I guess the boss is currently scolding them for letting those prostitutes I save, escape. However, the voice of the boss isn’t someone who speak fluent Canaanite language. Meaning he’s possibly a foreigner dispatched from another country. Apparently, this organization is a multinational syndicate.

I guess we can get a lot of loot here hehehe.

I proceed down the corridor then take a left turn at a T-junction, where I heard the voice and found a room at the far end.

The door was closed by I can hear them talking and shouting from behind. It seems that another person is put to death.

Here’s another problem. The door is small. It’s big enough for an ordinary person to enter, bit for my size it’s barely possible for me to get in

(It’s not impossible to get in but… Whatever, I’ll just break it)

I’m sure that the surrounding wall will break down so I should might as well make this as flashy as possible. I’m going to interrupt you guys dynamically!

I released my mimicry, put both my hands on the floor and pull back my right leg.

I aim for the door

I kinked the floor and at full force slam the door bursting in and destroying the surrounding wall.

There’s the corpse of the three bandits… and a giant spider?

The spider has a human body in exchange to its head. It looked like a spider and a human body combined together. The face is more of the skin than a proper face. And when it looked at me it throws down the dead bandit sticking out of its foot.

[Huh? Who the hell are you?]

I could understand it clearly, it’s definitely the words I’m most familiar with. This creature is definitely talking using the Fleuretean Language

Chapter 19

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