Episode 37: Lunatic Character’s Love is Easy (3)

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[Now then, Sophia]

[What is it…? I’m not going to get involve in your personal troubles]

Sophia answered with a tinged of cautiousness.

[I’m not going to ask you to do that. To put it bluntly, don’t you think you have enough guards to protect Ciel?]


[Ciel is in a dangerous situation right now, isn’t she? I mean, a young lady of a world-class conglomerate moved to such a countryside, even I can guess that there might be problem. I knew Sophia alone can beat a thug easily, but the situation would change to worst if Ciel is attacked by Scylla which is a possibility]

It may be possible; they actually stage an attack on Ciel’s route. In the original story when that happened, I would deal with them along with Sophia while I am awakened. Unfortunately, I don’t plan to awakened.

[That’s true but…]

[I know, If that happened, what guarantee do you have that you alone can protect her?]

[I’m prepared to protect my lady with the cost of my life.]

[I understand you conviction, but I’d rather not have you die anyway, and in order to make it happen, we need to build a force]

[I see no difference… What the hell do you want me to do?]

[Of course, it would be to trained mercenary. Sophia can teach not only children from Scylla but those with no ability as well right?]

[I thought you hired Ai, you don’t need me]

[Ai, will you do it?]

[I’m a hunting dog, not a watchdog. Even if I could, I would not do something bothersome such as teaching the weak and inexperienced. However if you’re someone strong then I am happy to play with you]

When I pointed the water at her,m she yawned and said that.


I turned to Sophia.

[… certainly Ai isn’t suited for escort missions – I guess I can train some escorts but I’m not sure if I can train an army. I don’t have an abiolity to make strategy if that’s fine with you?]

[That would be a problem. Of course, I need someone who teaches combat technique, but I also need an army that can plan an operation using their own heads.]

 [If so, I’m not enough. In the first place we don’t have enough money, military training know how and everything that would create a soldier.]

[I’ll take care of the money. But I need you to provide the know-how. I’m starting to get a lot of animosity and it’s time to strengthen up some defences]

[then why go to the troubles of building an army from the scratch]

[I’m going to use escorts from mom for a while, but I won’t be able to go anywhere if I get tied down to her. So do you have any idea on someone who could help me build an army?]

I ask because I know there’s one.

[… one person, she’s the headmaid of the main house. She thought ne how to be a maid nad how to be an escort, not just a murdered. She could probably build an army]

Sophia exclaimed with air of respect.

But I don’t trust her at all. She’s the last boss on Ciel’s route. However you won’t be able to gain power unless you’re prepared to take some poison.

Well if I ask mom, she might send me a military advisor or something but, I’ll definitely be in trouble if I rely on only one source of power. In the event that the protagonist of the sequel goes and fight against Mom he might get killed as a collateral damage. I’m not that evil.

[If I can get Ciel’s permission can I contact that person]

[It’s fine, I don’t think that she would come here with the tumultuous situation in the main family.]

[Well just say it. Even if the person won’t come, they might send a substitute]

I knew she would come here.

In Ciel’s route in the original story, Ciel’s brother who’s cunning and an outcast would sent the Chief maid to Ciel to spy on me and try to steal mom’s research.

[Anyway I understand your situation, talk to Ojou-sama since everything would start from there.]

Sophia answered in a firm tone.

[Understood. I’ll just do that]

[I understand your intentions and I don’t think it’s a bad idea to prepare for danger. It would also be safe to ask for brother’s help]

Ciel, who finished listening to us calmly said so.

[I’m glad to hear that. Then can I have you contact them as soon as possible?]

I smiled with relief.

Now I could have an army, Ai can satisfy her urge to fight and Ciel-san safety would improve as well. We’ll be having a working relationship, which will help Sophia and Ai to renew their friendship/ I think this is a great plan that would hi four birds in one stone with no losses or anything.

[I understand, but even if the conditions are met, how would you explain it to Mika and Mishio? They thought that you are just a normal boy you know? Do you have any way to explained the sudden increase in stranger around you?]

[Oh I’ve already thought about that]

[May I ask how you would handle it?]

[For now, I’m thinking of making a movie.]

I sipped the tea that Sophia brewed for me and begun to discuss the plan I had in my brain for some time now.

Episode 37: Lunatic Character’s Love is Easy (3)

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  1. Rather than “because” I think the correct translation should be “That she said” since I presume the romaji is “datte sa.”


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