Chapter 38: The Front Face Can be Changed

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[…I see. So being a member of the entertainment circle would serve as a cover]

[Yes, since it’s the one of the two industry that legally allows child labor, one being this, a child actor and the other being in newspaper delivery. Secondly kids from Scylla have no time to learn social common sense, and even if they standout negatively or positively it can be excused as <Because they’re celebrity> to some extent]

Humans are creature of reasons, if they saw a jobless man wandering about the only thing that would fill they’re mid is suspicion but a wandering celebrity would be tagged as brave and would be held in high regards.

[So, that’s why you want to make a movie company huh, that’s sound resolute. But, are you prepared to make some loss?]

[Yes, I already expected that to happen]

I have two reason to make my own movie outfit.

  1. To create a valid reason to keep those kids near me
  2. To publicize the shrine’s existence and generate enough power to break the curse.

I don’t care if the movie would be a miss since we’re still in the process of introducing ourselves to the industry and it will take time and I still have to train them to be a soldier as well.

However, the achieve the second goal, I need to make a hit of a movie that can create interest in visiting the shrine.

[Is it easy to make a hit movie? No matter how much money you spend in marketing the movie if it’s

story and plot is shit, you’ll never get movie goers]

[I don’t know if it would be block buster but I know that it won’t flop. After all the lead actress is someone amazing]

[Who is it?]

[Do you know Sayuri Kohinata?]

[Oh I knew who she is! Even to me who was new here and is not familiar with the Japanese entertainment scene, but if she’s always seen on the TV or in commercials that often. I’m bond to know who she is.]

[Yes. I think that the mere mention of her debut on movie will bring in a lot of interest]

[That’s great, though I heard from her on an interview on <Ginko’s Room> yesterday and she didn’t seem very enthusiastic about acting. She states that she would like to try acting on movies and dramas on the future but for now she haven’t studied acting enough to do one at the present time]

[I have few connections that I asked]

Idols are not expected to have acting skills. Rather it’s better to looked at as an amateur, however Sayuri is a super idol and can act just fine.

[Then the director and the script?]

[I got the director for quite a sum, as for the script I’m going to ask a girl Ciel knows quite well.]

[I know you know who I mean. There’s only few on our circle who have that kind of talent]

[Well, Mika is an honor student and seems to be not creative so I guess it would be Nori?]

[Good Answer]

[I have read a novel she has posted on her blog as a hobby and it was that good that no one believed that it was written by an elementary school student. But writing novel is different from writing a script]

[That maybe so. But if you’re going to make a move anyway, wasn’t it better to have someone you know to have their talent flourish?]

[I can’t tell whether Yuuki is a businessman or just a kind and compassionate person]

Ciel mused.

Maybe my likeability level increased by three.

[No. I just do that because I need the former to achieve the latter. If you want you can be in the movie too.]

[I’ll pass, I’m not in the position to stand out for now]

Ciel smiled sadly.

[for now] she said maybe she doesn’t dislike the idea that much

Chapter 38: The Front Face Can be Changed

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