Chapter 39: Movie is the King of Entertainment

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A week after my meeting with Ciel, I invited Nori to my house. We sit down facing each other across the table and I told her about the story of a soldier and that I’m going to make a movie using that premise.

[And you want me to write about the script? – I knew Yuuki is quite knowledgeable with movies but to think that you were able to put much thought into it is very surprising.]

After listening to me, Nori exclaimed with a rounded eye.

No, I’m not that knowledgeable in movies. I only know about the fictional movies that appeared in Kumosora or famous movies and those that was hot topics to the public.

[Yes. I don’t know how to say this but movies are one of the few things that connect me with my mother]

[Yuuki’s mom was once a famous actress, wasn’t she? [Jinkai Tensei] was a master piece]

Mom was a fairly famous actress before becoming the Scylla’s director. Incidentally [Jinkai Tensei] which Nori mentioned is a period drama and during the filming she met dad who was doing research for the movie and fell in love. Isn’t that romantic?

Mom surely is a very enigmatic woman isn’t she?

[U-uhm. I’m sorry about that. I don’t mean to be insensitive]

Nori chan apologize dejectedly.

[No, it’s okay. I decided to make a film because I felt like I could face my mother head on. Also don’t over think about it]

[Please if it’s ok with you let me do it. I’ll try to write one and if it isn’t good, you can reject it.]

I have confidence with Nori-chan’s skills. She is a genius writer who would win the Akutagawa Award, the Naoki Award and the Japan Academy for Screenwriting all at the same time. I’m sure she will figure something out.

[U-um. Did you already have a rough draft of the content?]

[Yes, but you can still make changes on it in the way you like. If you want you can make it into a different story from the scratch]

I already knew the story that would be popular in future times, so throwing a draft that feels like a homage. Specifically it’s a story of a coming-of-age story that jumps through time.

[I don’t think I need to change it. I think it’s a good story that have all the right requirements that would be loved by the masses. I’ll try to write suing that materials]


[U-um. Can I ask a question? It doesn’t have anything to do with the movie at all though.]

[What is it?]

[Erm. Why are dressed as a maid Mika-chan?]

Nori pointed at Mika who’s wearing a kappogi and was silently standing beside me, and also the one serving us tea and doing other things.

[I change my hairstyle]

Mika declared lightly.

[Mika-nee don’t say that! You’re not a slave!]

I quickly said.

[Eh? But the amount of our debt to Yuu-kun is not an amount I can pay on my lifetime you know? I guess I have to get permanent job at Yuu-kuns…]

[We don’t have a lender-borrower relationship or any kind don’t we Mika-nee?]

[But Yuu-kun lent us a helping hand right?]

[I did that because I wanted too, so don’t worry about it.]

[My parent doesn’t seem to see it that way and I don’t want to be an ungrateful child either. That’s why I will server Yuu-kun with the best of my ability!]

[…and that’s the situation…]

I said while scratching my head in confusion in front of Nori, along with a not my intention appeal.

[It looks like a difficult situation]

[Well this is just a complicated family situation – hah]

I replied to a concerned Nori-chan.


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Chapter 39: Movie is the King of Entertainment

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