Chapter 7: The F Rank Me Will Return to Earth Once

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May 10, Sunday 6

On the way back, Aria asked me something.

[Hey wouldn’t it be good to just present three piece of meat to the guild?]


[Because normally it would take ten jumping bunnies to get one meat and if the two of us brings 15 of them we’re going to get…]


If we bring back 15 meast, then it means that we massacred 150 jumping bunnies that would make people wonder how it happened or how we did it.

[I guess that’s right. So, what are we going to the remaining meats?]

[We’re going to sell them to the butcher, I knew a someone who will buy it from me]

We returned to the town and headed for a butcher shop that Aria knew which was located in the main street.

[Aunt Marhta!]

Aria’s voice called out to someone and a well-dressed lady appeard from the back of the store.

[Oya, Aira-chan welcome. And that person is…]

[My name is Takashi. I just became and adventurer today and Aria-san is teaching me the ropes.]

I bowed lightly

[I was surprised to hear Aria is onn an adventure with someone else and for it to be a man]

[Auntie don’t make fun of me]

Aria interrupted blushing a little.

[By the way, what happened today? Maybe another rabbit meat?]

Apparently, Aria had the rabbit meat bought here several times.

[Yeah that’s right. We hunted a little too much jumping bunnies]

Aria took a dozen pieces of meat and gave it to aunt Martha

[You two did the hunting? That’s a lot of work]

Martha began to carefully check each piece of meat.

[How about 700 each? Total of 8400 gold]

[Thanks, Auntie]

Aria’s happiness means that she got a good deal with them. The she approached me and whispered

[You can take it back to the guild]

[If you take them bac to the guild, they will only cost you 600 gold each]

[If that’s the case, the wouldn’t it be more profitable to bring them all to Aunt Marhta instead to the guild?

[That’s not how it works, well technically that’s how the world work.]

I don’t know, but as a member of the guild it maybe beneficial to complete the guild quest through the guild even if we remove the money out of the equation.

We said goodbye to Martha and walked out of the butcher shop. The sun is about to set.

It’s time to go back to earth.

[thank you for today. I’m giving you all of this afternoon’s food as promised. I’m going back now]

[What? You’re going somewhere?]

[Well I’m going, or rather I’m going back now]

[You got your memory back?]

[no, not yet]

[Then where are you going?]

Maybe I shouldn’t have said it that way, then what should I say before I leave?

[Well I was thinking of staying at an inn or something. If that’s the case, come to the inn I’m staying. We’ll be adventuring together tomorrow too anyway]

Oh no, I have no more choice. It’s hard to shake Aria off. I guess it can’t be helped. The worst thing I can do is pretend to stay at an inn and return to earth. So I gave up and replied to Aria.

[—That’s right. Come to think of it, I don’t even know where the inn is. I wonder, if you can take me to a cheap and good inn.]

After returning to the guild, we reported that we finished the request and cashed in the loots.

 Three rabbit meat for 1800 gold, 15 magic stones for 7500 gold. Today’s salary is 17,700 gold, including the amount sold at Aunt Martha’s shop

Chapter 7: The F Rank Me Will Return to Earth Once

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