Chapter 40: Love Comes in many Forms (1)

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It was noon on a Sunday accompanied by drizzling autumn rain. After I took lunch at Puhiko’s house I decided to finish all of my remaining work.

[That’s about it]

I gather up the stacks of paper that the printer has finished spitting out and clip them together. I’ve been busy for the past few days like arranging a vacant house in the neighborhood for AI, preparing a ferry for Sayuri-san and making business plan for the movie and so on.

(I guess a little nap would do)

As I was thinking that, I heard a sound of the sliding door on the front opening.

There’s no culture of using the intercom on the country side.

(This sound is not from Puhiko. She mostly cones through the window. Even if she comes through the front door, she makes a very crass sound. Nori-chan is impossible because of her sense of privacy and Kaoru and Nagisa may call out because of their city-life upbringing, Ciel as well would call out too because of her ladylike way, but she never visits us. Maybe it’s Mika-chan?)

As I head toward the front door, I found Mika standing there however her appearance betrayed my expectations.


There stands Mika soaking wet, she was wearing her bangs down like Sadako so I couldn’t see her expression

[I! I am! I knew Mama and Papa’s job wasn’t going well. But I’m just a kid , I can’t do anything to help so!]

It’s unusual for Mika-chan to look so distraught and repeats her words in an uncoherent manner.


Several option popped inside my head, but I elected not to say a word or say anything bad. Instead I gently hold Mika’s hand as she hugs my back.

[Yuu-kun you saved us didn’t you? I just talked to mama and papa. I can’t help myself because-]

[… for now, you should take a bath or else you’ll catch a cold. We’ll talk about it afterwards]

[Uh, ok…]

I blocked Mika’s word who looks impressed on my handsome heroic voice and I just hold her shoulder and lead her to the bathroom.

[Yuu-kun, aren’t you going in with me?]

[If you want me to look at Mika’s rare crying face then, I would happily obliged]

[You’re such a tease Yuu-kun]

Mika who regained her composure, then enters into the bathroom.

(ORAAAAAAAAAAAh You stupid bitch, I told you to keep everything a secret! Don’t joke with me!)

I rushed back to the living room livid and pressed hard on a certain registered number on my cellphone.

Chapter 40: Love Comes in many Forms (1)

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