Chapter 41: Love Comes in many Forms (2)

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[What is it? I told you not to contact me doing business hour]

Mom who answers the phone answered like that. But I won’t let it pass today, mom.

[Excuse me mother. Did you tell Mika about the loan? I told you no to let them know that I was going to help her.

[No I didn’t say anything to the girl herself. I told her parents.]

No that’s the same thing. Mom, you’re not an idiot who can’t guess such a thing. You definitely did that on purpose.

[Did you just tell them?  With that alone I don’t think her parent will tell her the truth]

[-On a personal note, I hate ingrates, you know that business is give and take. So, what gives?]

Mom responds coolly with no change on her tone or sounding offended.

[There’s a problem with that and it is threatening. In the first place, Mika’s parent won’t be able to pay it, that’s why.]

[I don’t want to play with words like that. Currently Mika-nee is at my home right now. Do you understand how I feel? I don’t want ti ingratiate myself with her!]

[Fuuu~. Let me tell you something Yuuki. if you are going to walk the high road, you need to remember the favor you have given to other and also the favors that you have receive. Humans are creatures whjo easily forget favor but always remember a grudge]

I know this is just how Mom would how her love for me, but I find it crazy

Anyway, seeking power on high road?

[Even if what mother said is true it has nothing to do with Mika-nee’s parent’s debt it’s too much to ask her to come to You do know that boys and girls shouldn’t share the same seat at the age of seven?]

[that’s not true. The sooner you get used to women the better. And if possible, get yourself a reliable, well-spoken and capable partner while you’re at it]

[Mom, what the hell are you talking about?]

[Don’t play dumb. You see it every day. You see those politician and celebrities, who have achieved great success would lose their position just because of trivial scandal involving women. To prevent such a thing from happening, prepare now for a woman who can properly handle her desires. From my research, that girl seems to be a bright person, unlike her parents. It wouldn’t hurt to keep her around now.]

Dammit is this a patter where Mika is too competent for her own good? If this was Puhiko, Mom wouldn’t have thought of sending her to me.

[Do you even understand what is my purpose? I’m trying to protect Mika-nee not hold on to her way of life.]

[Can you protect her? What? You think she’ll be more unfortunate to your servant that those incompetent parents? If you can only provide such environment, you will never be able to achieve supremacy, if you can’t provide people with the joys of life, will people even follow you]

[I don’t mean it that way, Mika-nee is not that kind of person who would be happy to receive such sweet treatment]

[Financial gain isn’t only the <sweet juice> you know? What I’m telling you is that you should properly understand and control what other people is seeking for]

That’s why I’m doing Flag management, though. Now you’ve ruined it! Damn I can’t get through her. It looks like I underestimated MadMom. Well she’s a human too it’s not something that’s convenient for me.

Ki-, Kacha

While I was doing so. I heard the sound of Mika coming out of the bath. Dammit, som much for this.

[Anyway next time if you’re going to do something like this, I want you to consult with me beforehand ok. Remebere business is all about trust right?]

[… I’ll handle this positively on future]

Wow. I’m never going to listen to you again mom.

IO hung up the phone with a kind of resignation.

Chapter 41: Love Comes in many Forms (2)

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