Chapter 8: The F Rank me Attends a University Lecture

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May 10, Sunday 7

After a brief sleep, I woke up staring up at a ceiling made of an unremarkable wood grain, the wooden plank…



I jumped up in a panic. The ceiling of my shabby apartment is covered with white cloth! I realized that I was still in another world and I dozed off on the bed of the inn!.

What time is it?

It’s already pitch black outside the window. I got up from bed and opened the door to leave the room. Something fluttered down. I picked it up and found a piece of paper. I wondered if something that been stuck in the door.


I’ll finish dinner first.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and get hungry, you can call for Matteo and have you server you something.


The message was written in beautiful handwriting. It was probably Aria.

Speaking of which, did we ever talked about having dinner together? I did a bad thing to Aria…

I feel a little guilty but hunger won over me, so I went downstair. At the counter of the first floor, Matteo was there sitting looking unkempt.

[Yo, you awake? Aria missed you for a little didn’t she.]

[I would apologize to Aria later. Mattero-san, are you still awake?]

[I was just about to go to bed. So what do you want? I can serve you some left over if you want to eat.]


In the corner of the first floor, there was a space prepared for guest to eat. I sat down in one of them. After a while, Matteo brought me a stew that he had reheated. It was tasty and have a similar taste with a cream stew. There’s some kind of meat and when I asked him about it. I was told it was rabbit meat.

So this is how the rabbit meat we got today will be distributed…

While I was deep in thought, Mateo-san came up to me and said:

[Did you just become an adventurer now?]

[Yeah, that’s right]

[What were you doing before you came here?]

[I’m sorry, actually, I have amnesia]

I explained  the even that happened with my meeting with Aria.

[Well that was a disaster, I honestly can’t believe Aria would make friend with a stranger…]

For some reason Matteo looked to me with a distant look.

[Does Aria have been adventuring solo all this time?]

[Hmm.. yeah there seems to be various thing]

[Various things?]

[If you’re interested asked her directly]

After I finished eating, I thanked him and went back to my room. Now…

[Otherworld Transfer]


And with the usual sound effect the pop up window appeared


Do you want to return to Earth?

Yes ◄



It seems that I am able to return. I wrote a message for Aria in a piece of paper.


Thank you for everything today. I’m sorry for disappearing suddenly. If I came back I would come back at the pavilion again.

This is not much, but thanks for today


Then I place a bag filled with 10,000 gold coins as a weight. I then gathered my stud around me. I wonder if I can bring this back with me especially the 11 F-rank magic stones which I know had in my pocket. I deeply pray that I can bring them home.

While praying intently I pressed <Yes>

The next moment I was back in my apartment. And when I checked those around me my sword, my armor and my 100,000-gold filled bag has been successfully transferred along with me. Then I cked my pocket, and there it is the 11 F-rank magic stone.

I can submit these magic stones and reached my quickly quotas and I have no need to dive any dungeons this week.

Then I double check everything to make sure that everything isn’t a dream, so I checked the clocked on my desk.

Amy 11, Monday 1

01:100 AM

The date had changed to Monday.

Apparently, the time runs the same for Earth and Isdifui. At least I observe that there is no time difference between the two worlds.

The next morning, during break time after the first morning lecture, I was sitting in my chair as usual while gazing out of the window. Then someone approached me

Keisuke Yamada, 21 years old. Short haired dyed yellow with muscular build one size larger than me. A class D student and we dived into dungeons together, he plays the role of a so-called tank, taking advantage of his good status and physique. We are classmate from the same university but I’m sure that they don’t think of me as one of them.

When he walked up to me, he clearly is doing it in a condescending manner.

[Hey I’ve got another job for you; you poor thing meet me at the usual place in the Kamegawa by 3:00 pm]

The usual place he is talking about is the Second dungeon on N city that is located at the Kamegawa. It can be found in the mountainous area upstream of Kamegawa river that flows through the city and was rated E, the lowest rank according to the judgement of the Equilibrium Adjustment Division.

This meant that it was impossible to defeat the monster in the dungeon unless you are at least E-rank. Incidentally, no matter how well equipped an F-rank is, and even if all F-rank in Japan gathered in this dungeon they won’t be able to defeat the monster. This is the difference between an F-rank and an E-rank.

This are the reason why F-rank will never achieve their quota unless they are allowed by the stronger ranks to accompany them and the likes of Yamada took advantage of it.

That’s why I have accompanied Yamada and the other as luggage carrier when they have dived into dungeons.

It’s not that I am on good term with them. Rather they only see me as a toy that they can use for a fee of a single magic stone so that they can relieve their stress.

But now that I have 11 Magic stone.

[I’ll pass for today]

Hearing those words, Yamada was surprised.

[OI, oi, oi, what are you going to do with your quota]

[I have a lecture this afternoon that I want to listen to.]

[That’s just a piece of paper, you know.]

[If you want to achieve your quota, you can miss lectures without penalty by just submitting a notice]

[that’s true but…]

As I was thinking of a good excuse Yamada Raised his voice in frustration.

[This nakabuta! Listen if you don’t come with us who’s going to carry our luggage huh?]

I was suddenly grabbed at my chest

[You listen here, if you don’t come, I’m going to kick your ass!]

Even if I go there, they’ll still kick my ass anyway.

Perhaps he thought that my silence means approval, he returned to his seat.

After lunch I hesitatingly submit my notice of absence for the afternoon lecture, then went to the Equilibrium Coordination Division. It’s not crowded, probably due to the fact that it’s just Monday. Among the three receptionist Sarashina-san was there as usual. I approached her and then called her through the transparent glass.

I took the F rank stones from my pocket that was from the slime and handed it over to her.

[Oh Nakamura-san Your quite early this week. Did you dive somewhere this morning?]

Every Sunday was my rest day. So the earliest that I could dive is Monday afternoon or later. Therefore it it’s natural for me to bring them at Monday evening or Tuesday, and her knowing this made her surprised.

[Well there things]

[Nakamura-san is a university student, right? You shouldn’t skip too much, alright?]

[Aha, ha, ha]

Making this small talk with Sarashina san is making me nervous. Since I’m submitting a magical stone that came from the different world even though it looks the same and if the found any discrepancy this would complicate things.

Sarashina-san, who has no knowledge of my worries examined the magic stone and after she finished examining them she flawlessly issued a certificate.

[I have properly received one F-rank Magic stone]

I then left the Equilibrium Coordination Division fully relieved.

Chapter 8: The F Rank me Attends a University Lecture

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