Chapter 22

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After killing my former compatriot, I first try to recover my bearing, so I decided to return to my luggage since I was near the cave. I was able to get there before daybreak. I was worried whether my luggage was safe since it had already been more than 2 days since I left it, but it looks like no one dares to touch it and it seems like none comes here too. I double check whether some contents would be missing but nothing was even out of place so I take out a meat and eat it. It’s a bit salty, but It still end up in my stomach.

I hadn’t had any proper meal so I thought that I have to eat whatever I could get. I’m going to move after dawn, I wonder if there’s a water source nearby?  

So, for now let’s rest here while we wait for dawn. The sun was already rising when I snapped out of it. Good timing, I was about to fall asleep. I was contemplating if it’s fine to sleep with an empty stomach but I decided against it and opt to get food first to fill my stomach.

So, I started hunting and luckily caught a deer. I dismantled it and drained it blood properly using a sharp knife called a magic sword. Then I properly disposed of its innards by digging a hole and bury them. After washing my hand with a little water, I put the venison meat on the iron plate.

(I want a tong for grilling this)

I forgot that I would need utensils for roasting meat and cooking. If I get the chance I want to go back to the mall and get other stuff too. I turned the meat over while thinking if I could get a lot of this magical items.

After cooking it well and finishing it whole, I wished that I can do something about the tastelessness and wished for a salt. After drinking all the remaining water, I laid down and stretched.

When I was about to leave after resting, I noticed a problem my iron grill is dirty. I started to notice the hardship of lacking things. It really is convenient to live near a source of water.

Since we can’t do anything with the dirty grill, I just decided to move on but before that I have to do this regrettable announcement.

Blue sheet san… we’re through.

I shouldn’t have brought you along because your color stands out too much. That’s why I’ll leave you inside the cave.

Now then let’s resume going to the city of Glenda as planned. First we proceed along the road through the forest. Along the way we passed by a group of people that looks like merchants and it seems that if we use mimicry on our belonging, they won’t even notice us.

After passing through the forest, we are greeted with a vast grassland. Here’ on there’s nothing that would work as a hiding place. I decided to quickly cross it while aiming at the northern mountains.

By noon we are fortunate enough to reach the foot of the mountain without getting spotted by anyone. I then climb the mountain while hoping to get a glimpse of a river along the way to my destination, and after an hour we arrived. I stood up on the top of the cliff where you could see the panoramic view of Glenda. And after surveying Glenda, there’s one that I noticed.

(Why was it deserted?)

What in the world happened to the city that was once named one of the three biggest city in Canaan?

The answer: silver and other rare ore had already dried up.

Looking at abandoned mine it’s easy to understand that the silver and rare ores have already been depleted, it’s only natural since they’ve been mining 300 years even though they boast that it could be mined for around 500 years. Then again, there’s no country that would be honest about its reserves of strategical materials and I guess they made a mistake in estimation as well.

I went and clean the grill on a nearby river by using a stick I picked up and used as a scrubbing brush. Then, I boiled some water and grilled the fish that I caught and by the time I had finished eating, the sun had already set. I sat down and started to doze off. I’m a little reluctant to sleep on the spot but with my lack of sleep I ended up letting go of my consciousness and by the time I came into, it was already morning.

I patted myself to clean up a bit and drink a bit of water from the bottle.

Before eating I took another look at the city. As expected, there’s not much people living in there, the soldiers that was supposed to protect it is sparse and their equipment is not noteworthy. It would have been nice if they have some ballista or anything. But because of the lack of things here it’s hard to evaluate the defensive capability of this city and this period.

(No we can’t decide if it really was a waste of time, we should be able to discover new things that were made after the war)

I guess I have to wait around noon when its usually most active to check on the city. So, to kill time, I catch and grill some fishes then return to observing the city.

(Ugh, This won’t do, this is a loss)

The place I’m in is quite far away and even with my telescopic view is having a hard time to read expression but from how the people move and act it seems like their morale is low. The resident shows sign of having no hope. Children are scarce and soldier shows no sign of motivation. Was the industry here already died?

This is really a complete let down. There’s nothing to see in this town. Does the lady we met back then were from this town?

(If I were them, I’d abandon this city too.)

It makes more sense to go to the southern front than stay here.

Where should I go to next? It might be a good idea to go west to the land of the elves. Since there’s thing I want to make sure of. I closed and opened my fist to check the sensation on my left hand. There might be other genetically-enhanced soldier besides me, or there may not be others and I also have the option of going back and if I ever found them what should I do?

(Finding those facility would be unrealistic given the size of the empire that became a huge forest.)

The clues on the whereabout of those facilities are close to zero and I’m not willing to look all over the empire without any information.

(Even with this enhanced capability, it’s not realistic)

I try not to put dirt on being an Imperial soldier, but if you ask me to find something that I don’t if it exist or not then my answer would be no

It’s not worth the effort at all, but if I could then I would.

 It is in all honesty, beyond my ability even and what only awaits for me would be a life of a forest survivalist. Hence, I would deeply bow my head and apologize  and sincerely admit that I didn’t stood a chance.

I decided my next destination. Onward to <Emmeriade>, the western frontline.

The last 200 years have brought more changes than I could ever imagine and the best thing to do is go to a place that will not change and see it with my own two eyes.

Why do I think that there won’t be any changes in that part of the continent? Because, one there’s no way the Kingdom of Canaan has the capability to beat the <Republic of Einhar>, the Elven nation.

The elves are the only one that gives the empire a hard time during the Great War. They aren’t behind Canaan and they’re not interested in the territory of another country.

It may look like that they won’t devote protecting they’re territory but that was not true. They might be worshipper of nature and cultivates little land resulting in abundance of monster inside their territory. But this isn’t a problem, for the fighting prowess of the elves is incomparable to that of a human.

They are not threatened by the monsters that springs up in their territory, but rather they protect their boarder to stop monster from escaping to neighboring countries.

If monster were left unchecked a swarm might happen and attack town, that’s why it’s essential to thin them down but the elves won’t allow them to leave their boarders. Because of these, it is natural that any human nation adjacent to Einhar’s boarder does not get along with the elves.

I remembered when I was a recruit, countries and people who are unrelated creates favorable feelings because of their excellent appearance

Which is what I’m talking about. I have no evil intention on seeing them, I just want to see how elves who have become a threat to the Empire changed for the last 200 years.

Since my course is to the west and since the grassland offers no place of hiding, the worst we can do is to go through the old Imperial territory.

Chapter 22

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