Chapter 43: Just One Brilliant Plan

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[I see… I understand what’s going on, but I think Mishio would get jealous if Mika nd Yuuki would spend more time together.]

After listening to my story. Nori got right to the point. And she’s exactly right.

[I don’t want to exclude anybody from my friends so the movie will be introduced using the story of my childhood. I’m thinking of having Puhiko and Kaoru and the rest to show in the film]

[Without using professional actors?]

[Yes. I was thinking of having Sayuri as the main heroine while her childhood self to be played by Puhiko]

[In the copy I receive it really looks like Mishio would fit the bill as the heroine’s childhood self]


I finished the original draft while having Puhiko in mind.

[The heroine’s childhood is Mishio chan. So who will play the other?]

[I was thinking of asking Kaoru to do it. He’s a good-looking enough to contend with child actors, right?]

[I think they looks okay, but the question is can they act in the first place?]

[That’s fine. If it’s too bad, we may have to get an extra. Anyway I just want to make a movie together. A terrible movie is fine too. We’ll just have to look back at it with fond memories]

I said sporting the friendly protagonist smile.

[Yeah… It would be wonderful if we couild make such movie]

Nori said so with somewhat of a mature smile.

Well I think wi can hadle it as far as acting skill is concerned. In Puhiko’s route on the high school arc the class would put a play for the school festival where Kaoru would play the hero and Puhiko would play the heroine. The scenario on the original story is the protagonist  is jealous for the first time at the sight of them (Puhiko and Kaoru) getting along so well and he realizes his own cowardice by hiding their ambiguous relationship using the word childhood friends.

(Come on Kaoru you should start having interest on Puhiko please I beg you)

There are two reason reason why I went to trouble just to put these girls into the movie even if it end up being a typoe of B-class movie.

  1. To bring Kaoru and Puhko closer and force Puhiko to like Kaoru.
  2. To have Puhiko be interested in entertainment industry to forcibly open an escape for her from this village.

That’s the reason for this plans.

[Yuu-kun, don’t you want me in the movie too?]

[I want Mika-nee do some behind the scene work. If we want to make a film we’ll need the help of someone who knew the area]

On the contrary, Mika-chan would be in trouble if she stands out. Of course, she can act and she looks good and at the original story she would also be scouted from various place, but unfortunately, she has the misfortunate property.

Chapter 43: Just One Brilliant Plan

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