Chapter 23

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In a small cave hidden by what looks like trees that was dragged from some distance and made to hide the entrance. It has already been 16 days since I set up a base here and was living comfortably by making what I lack.


Frontline city?

Ah right, unfortunately I don’t give a f*ck anymore. It seems like they already abandoned science. It is possible that the level of civilization had started to decline.

I made a fool of myself for being so cautious of cannons and guns, but the only thing they have are ballistae and such. The same one I knew from back then. I knew for one that monsters may evolve but unless they’re unique monster they won’t progress. So, it’s not hard to understand why the equipment was still the same from back then, the lack of threat had stopped the progress but shouldn’t they have developed new weapons and technology to reduce the damage from monster attack?

I guess it’s too much to blame them since the progress might not just be here, but still, I’m disappointed.

In my estimation on the current strength of Canaan, if ever I attack them now, I can easily penetrate up to the royal capital easily. That’s how low my current evaluation to their defenses.

There was a part of me that had high hope for the Kingdom of Canaan. It was a country that was overshadowed by the Empire in terms of technology but theirs does not lag behind greatly. It was because of that, that I had high hope for their scientific advancement based on the things I found in the Imperial ruins and that make me wary.

But with the things I found, I felt that I don’t have the reason to get wary on them. If they’re trying to get along with Seizelia, I would feel a sense of dread. But I don’t think that by abandoning science they’re territorial dispute would be resolved.

The fact that I saw an airship wreckage suggest that their magic technology had definitely improved. There’s also the possibility that they might have used antiquated technology from olden days, that or the tech still exist but no one was able to produce result.

I also saw the battle against monsters of Emmeriade, and it made clear that the increase in amount of magician show that problem in quality. The fact that they are casting magic while standing still, which was so poor that most magicians from the olden days, even the fools would sigh disappointingly.

It means that Canaan’s current strategy revolves around mages that acts as turrets, and if I’m an aggressor I would just have to ignore the vanguard and quickly decimate the mages.

I’ll tell whatever I saw from my observations and I’ll tell this in advance. The fact that they had both magic and science then abandon one of it shows the immaturity of their current technology.

When I was observing a merchant group travelling, I didn’t saw a speck of science. It’s not that it’s completely gone, it just that it was abandoned.

I have no use of that country anymore. So, I moved to republic and ended up here. What awaited me shocking, this nature worshipper was way better than I heard.

I was indignant at first thinking how could the Empire to lose to them, but when I saw the way they fight, then I understood. If this was a game it would have been a level of unreasonableness that would have me panning ong the table.

Magic is something that requires chanting and takes a long time to activate. Despite that the power of magic was no less than any weapon of the Empire, which is why every country was able to resist to a certain extent.

However, it’s a different story for these elves. They’re casting magic without chanting, and at the same time still keeping powers that are more powerful than any human, and also there’s no end in sight to the number of magic their using.

And I knew it immediately, these guys are bad news. That’s why I was hiding here in a cave on a cliff near the Emmeriade Republic. I tried crossing the river a few times to investigate but it’s hard to go deeper because of their security net.

Nevertheless, I was able to find several settlements and have identified other places with grouping large enough to be considered town.

Ten days of observation of elven activities have confirmed the safety of my current base. Specifically, because the elves don’t cross the river, which is certain that they are aware of their boarder. At the very least the elves are not extending their territory eastward and would less like come to my base.

The only problem I encounter would be regarding fire, I need to time it right and find the right place as well. Nevertheless, that is my only complaint, because there’s something fun happening over here.

Ah it’s almost time to go, so I got down to my position and look at the river. After a while, about 10 elven children came running to the river and a little later the adult elves came. These guys would come to this river in a fixed time every day, so I guess, they’re doing some swimming lesson here in the river.

When they arrived at the banks of the river, the adult leading them told something, then the children gleefully raised their hand and started taking their clothes off, then they enter the river in the order of who finish taking their clothes of first, but I’m not interested in them.

Here’s comes the real deal. She looks like she’s around20 years of age, a blond beauty wit long straight hair. Her large breast swayed through her white underwear as she undressed. I call her Ms. Number 6 and she comes here every day so I always wait for her.

Adult and kids alike are in the river wearing a white underwear that naturally turns transparent when it gets wet, especially when it stick to the skin.

There are times that the boys would prank the adults and lift the underwear from back way up high. Then the gorgeous bouncing boobs would then pop when caught from the underwear, satisfies even me a monster

[Oh, you bad boy, Do it again!] I cheered in my heart.

At this distance I could see well enough with my telescopic vision, even so I really want to get close to it. Also, because of me using my telescopic vison till I tears turn to blood my telescopic ability evolved. By pushing the limits of my ability trying to desperately take a look at her tits, I was able to succeed.

Isn’t the power of eroticism such an amazing thing?

Now then, Ms. Number 6 posses such calm demeanor maybe because she was always caught on the children’s pranks, or rather it’s obvious that they’re looking at her that way. And for an hour or so, as if I was watching some television, I feast my eyes on them while cheering from time to time.

After that, I would go hunt after finishing my breakfast while lightly exploring the surrounding. In fact, there was a goblin nest which naturally I eradicated, but I’m still not certain if there’s other as well so I spend time sniffing around and patrolling the area to check the ecology as well.

When the sun is about above us, we returned to our base and went to position to stand by. This time the timing was good and they just arrived

(No.1, No.2, No.2, No.3 and No.4 huh)

Five elves who looks like age 14 to 18 then undressed, enter the river and begins to play splashing each other with water. This spot is we’re currently in is for women only. There seems to be a place for men only as well. The good thing here is that you can watch the elves who comes here at a certain time of the day. Like the adult women elves who would come here before evening came and you would sometimes see Ms. Number 6 among them too.

I think I saw the essence of their <Nature Worshipping> when they get naked to blend with nature. That’s the reason I made a base here. I identified 5 bathing spots and three peeking spots. The time of use for each spot varies lightly so there are maximum of seven peeking opportunities per day, but unfortunately, it’s impossible for me visit all of them because some of them comes at a different.

Two of the bathing spots are for men and I wasted a lot of time because I didn’t notice them right away.

While peeping here I learned the current population of the village around here. I estimate that there would be around 200 and it remains to be seen how much more there would be in towns if included.

I will continue the observation on this base to gather information about the elves.

Oops it’s about time for the next spot. I would like to continue our observation here, but since the No.5 trio will be probably be here today, I’ll have to go there this time to confirm their usage of being every other day.

Even though I’m just a new recruit, I’m an Imperial soldier – in order to fulfill my duties, I am determined to observe every inch of these elves, who are the biggest threat to the country.

Chapter 23

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