Chapter 9: The F-rank me is about to be killed by a Fire Ant

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May 11, Monday 2

[Now what should I do?]

I had the answer already though. They have accepted the magic stone that I had obtained ion the other world without any suspicion. I should just remember that I don’t need to go to the dungeon this week. I can just do simple delivery of magic stone that I have to the Equilibrium Coordination Division. Then on weekends I can go to Isdifui wit Aria, raise my level and get some magic stone and…


I sighed

[I guess I’ll just have to dive into the dungeon after all…]

It’s no secret that I am weak, but I must always remember that there are things that I can do. I had to make a realistic choice in this world for I have no intention of totally emigrating to another world.

I drove my scooter to the second dungeon of Kamegawa in N city, which is located at Kamegawa river. When I arrived at the dungeon, all of the members that are going with Yamada is already there.

Yamada as a D rank acts as the leader of the group followed by a female D rank and six men and women of E rank with a total of eight members. They dive once or twice a week so I’m familiar with their faces.

They all look down on me to the point that they would harras me over trivial things,

[Oi Nakabuta!]

Yamada hit me and everyone just sneered at me as I gathered their luggage into single bag and put it on my back.

[eh? This feels kind of light?]

The amount of item they brought didn’t changed but the weight I am currently feeling is very much different than what I am used to. It seems that they didn’t notice the changes in me.

Is it possibly because of the level up?

After a while of advancing the Class e who was walking in front sent a sign with his finger apparently, on of the giant ants – a huge ant had appeared.

It then spotted us and threatened us with its mandible.

Just like human, monsters are classified with levels as well where S rank is the highest followed by A, B, C, D, E in that order.

A huge ant is classified as E-rank the weakest class of monster. However, they are strong enough that it takes at least six E class monster to defeat one.

I quickly hid myself to avoid getting caught up in the battle. They are quite skilled for be able to kill it in a few minute and it’s corpse started to disappear as a particle of light leaving a single magic stone behind.

This time it’s an F-rank stone that dropped they didn’t care for it and continued to be on high alert. I silently picked it up and threw it on my backpack and followed them.

Over the course of three hours, Yamada and his party was able to hunt seventeen Huge ants and my back pack is filled with four E-rank magic stone and 13 F-rank magic stone as the spoil.

It’s already 6:00 pm. Yamada checked the fatigue level of everyone of his companion and said that they’ll retreat already.

[Let’s go back, everyone!]

Everyone agreed and as they headed to the exit, they headed back to the entrance only to be stopped by a roar.


From the shadow, a giant ant twice the size of a normal huge ant and having a body glowing red appeared.

[Hey, that’s a fire ant!]

[Why would a C-rank monster appear in an E-rank dungeon?]

While everyone is panicking, the fire ant approached quickly that denies it huge size. Then it attacked the E-ranked man who was the nearest


And with a disturbing sound the man’s head was squashed by the fire ant’s jaw,



[Hey calm, down! If you panic, you’ll be confused]

Yamada tried his best to send out instruction but his E-rank team mates where killed one by one. The other D-rank woman used a wind attribute attack magic that look like a blade of vacuum to attacked the fire ant but it only deals a small damage.

The enraged fire ant then turned to her and a tried to bite her but Yamada using his skill that improve his defense, stood in the ant’s way and after a momentary struggle, Yamada was turned into just a lump of flesh.


The D-class woman got bathed with Yamada’s blood and screamed as she crouched down. The ant then approaches her with its mandible clicking. It then bit her to death without care to the world.

All of them are wiped out except for me. The ant slowly approached me and with fear I hunched and got frozen. I was under the illusion that of its brutal smile plastered in it’s face which in reality was expressionless.

I knew I had to run, I knew it in my head but my body won’t listen to me. I have nothing with me no equipment aside from my jeans and backpack. I didn’t wear my equipment or protective gear because I’m not expected to fight and just a luggage carrier unlike in Isdifui where I can handle a small iron sword and leather armor…

Wait! Maybe I can escape from here?

The fire ant, who right in front of me opens it jaws wide.

In front of this danger, I have to keep calm and collected. After calming down I activated <Otherworld Transfer>


Do you want to go to Isdifui?




While the horror of the fire ant’s mandible looms over me I quickly pressed <Yes> and the next moment I found myself at the second floor of the <Raging Giant’s Pavilion>

The sun setting is shines through the window was dying the room red. I wonder if my life hade been saved?

[I wonder if I selected Yes when using <Otherworld transfer> could I transfer to the place I wanted to go?]

I was thinking again

[<Otherworld transfer>]



Do you want to go to Earth?




I chose <Yes> while thinking about the apartment I had on earth, and find myself back at the dungeon. I found the and already turning it’s back perhaps because the amount of time that passed is just a little.

[Oh no…]

Perhaps reacting to my involuntary muttering the ant turned it’s face toward me and quickly approached me as it’s mandible once again attempt to took a bite at me and me experiencing another déjà vu, I quickly returned to Isdifui using the <Otherworld Transfer>

Chapter 9: The F-rank me is about to be killed by a Fire Ant

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