Chapter 45: A Great Director Destroys a House for a Good Scene (1)

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The starting day of the filming was blessed with a clear autumn day. The deserted shrine grounds were crowded with filming equipment staff and performers and spectators from all over the village who are waiting with their heads held high. Well of course since this is a rare event in this boring countryside.

On top of this Sayuri came so it just went great.

What? About elementary school? Well today is a public holiday with plenty of time to spare. There are also more than few villagers who had eaten with the money I given them. That’s why the teacher can’t come out to strong and antagonized them. This also serves as a PR for this village.

Money and Power really is the best!

[Hello! It’s such great honor for me to have Director Shirayama work on our amateur movie]

[No, no, amateur is too modest, I am happy to ne given chance to work on such a wonderful script]

Director Shirayama bowed. He is a slender middle-aged man, dressed in a mass market clothing and has gray hair mesh in his hair. In a way he looks like a certain unlicensed doctor.

[But honestly, you were confused didn’t you? To think that the investor would be an elementary student and the script writer is a friend of mine of the same age]

[Age has nothing to do when it comes to creative work, only the finish product]

Dir. Shrayama answered with a Buddha-like archaic smile pasted on his face.

He seems to be a nice guy after all. Who said that he has a strong personality?

[I’m glad to hear you say that]

[then may I egin my work immediately?]

[Yes, please do so]

[Now then, let’s go]

Dir. Shirayama squints his eye and waves his right hand to signal the staff

[one minute before the show! Please get ready!]

The staff called loudly. The fil opens with a scene of children playing at a shrine. The heroine played by Puhiko is bullied by other children because of her slow wittedness but was helped by the hero played by Kaoru.

[Puhiya~ I was so nervous!]

Said Puhiko


Kaoru on the other hand

[I can’t wait to go]

Nagisa said show while her shoulder is visibly shaking with excitement. Whether she doesn’t understand the situation is questionable. While the other professional actors were calm.

Oh in regards with Tsubasa, she’s not here anymore as she move back to her parents after summer vacation since she was just visiting her grandparents for summer. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the relationship got severed or anything, since unlike in the original story we maintain a connection to the extent that she would come visit us when she has an extended vacation but for this case, she herself declined it citing that she can’t act and can’t memorize lines very well. Well, if we invited her to the launch party, we should treat her to some expensive food to satisfy her.

[Five seconds before the show! Four! Three! Two! One!]

The movie shooting starts as soon as the sound of the clapperboard was heard

Children playing tag. Puhiko was frantically chases after the mob of child actors who are running around screaming. But she can’t catch them. The real Puhiko is slow at running that she didn’t have to act at all.

[oh my god. How long does she have to be the ogre?]

[If the ogre is too slow, it won’t be a game of tag, doesn’t it?]

[Oh to be frank you’re just in the way]

[Toro is fast but Toroko is very slow!]

[Toroko should just go home and go eat with the tuna lady!]

[[[Go home! Go home! Go home!]]]

Mob child actors agitates Puhiko.

[I’m not going home mon!]

The teary eyed Puhiko desperately chases after the child actors. Ah a game of tag makes my heart pounding. Playing tag in a bizarre horror story usually doesn’t end well.

Of course, this shrine where we’re shooting is in the precincts of Tama-chan’s power, so it’s safe but what would happen if the director wants to shoot somewhere else?

[puhi, puhi, puhi, oh!]

Puhiko loses her balance when her foot got caught on a curb in the precinct. And just as she was about to fall…

[Are you ok?]

A boy grab her in the arms. It was Kaoru in a kannagi suit.

You want a miko? I ain’t letting you have it because it might raise some weird flag, okay?

[Oh, thank you]

[Don’t mind it. I just didn’t want you to fall down and stain the ground with blood.]

[Oh, I have to go, I have to chase them.]


[It’s because I am the ogre]

[the ogre isn’t you anymore, right?]


[You touched me already!]

Kaoru’s handsome smile explodes! With this I’m sure those Shotacon Onee-sans would be happy.


With one powerful voice of the director the shooting was interrupted.

Chapter 45: A Great Director Destroys a House for a Good Scene (1)

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