Chapter 10: the F rank me is at a lost at another world

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May 11, Monday 3

In the guest room on the second floor of <Raging Giant’s Pavilion>, I was at lost at what to do. It seems that if I used <Otherworld Transfer> I would be transferred to the exact place where I used the skill no matter how much I wished to use it.

The only option that I have is to wait it out here till the Fire ant disappear on earth. But I wonder how long should I wait for it to move away from that spot? Can I even escape from the Kamegawa Dungeon by myself? No matter how many times I transfer it would still be bad if I encountered a monster the way out.

As I thought about my plans the image of Yamada and his crony and their death comes to my mind vividly. Then suddenly I heard someone talking and suddenly the room opened and saw a strange middle man and Matteo-san standing there.


The middle-aged man looked at Matteo with a puzzled look on his face.

[Eh? You already have a costumer here?]

[Excuse me for a moment sir.]

Matteo come to me while I was still shivering and quaking from the ordeal

[Takashi right]

I nodded to him

[What’s wrong it looks like you’ve seen the end of the world]

When I was having hard time to respond, Matteo san turned to the old man and bowed

[my apologies I forgot that the room is in used]

[What? You didn’t check first?]

[I’m sorry dear costumer]

He told the man as he bowed towards him

[Wait a minute, I’ll get Aria]

While the middle-aged man still mumbling a complain, Matteo rushed out. Loud thumping come from the hallway and Aria entered the room with a bang.

[Takashi! Why did you suddenly disappear? Do you know how worried I am…?]

Aria then noticed my pitiful appearance.

[what happened]

[I’m sorry…]

[You’re shaking. What happened?]

Aria asked while gently cradling my head in her arms. I tried to squeeze the word back out of my mouth.

[The fire ants ate everyone… alive and I had nowhere… to run…]

Fire Ant? Where? If we ask the Adventurer’s Guild, they might send high level people to help you.

Her bosom is soft and warm and I felt my heart becoming at ease.


[Are you calm now?]

[Yeah, Thanks]

[So where did you encounter the Fire ant?]

What should I do? Shall I be honest and told her that I come from another world? Aria already noticed the absurdity with my drop rates and experience gains and if I confess now, she may not be surprised.

Deciding to do so. I looked up to Aria with a serious expression on my face.

[Aria, what I said is not about this world.]

[Not about this world-?]

[Yeah you may think of this as a dream….]

[A dream?]

[Yes, like a dream]

Aria parroted without letting me finish


[Do you mean to say that a fire ant almost ate you in your dream? Is that why you’re shaking like a little kid?]

[E? I’m almost eaten alive though]

[I see, I see, you’re having these nightmares because you suddenly disappear on your own and returned on your own and maybe some switch inside of you flip.]


Apparently, Aria got it all wrong. What should I do? Should I correct her? While I was wondering what to do, Aria called me.

[Anyway, you can’t use the room now or you’ll trouble Matteo. I’m going to apologize to Matteo]

Aria then urged me to go downstairs to see Matteo. And Matteo asked me about my well being when I arrived downstairs.

[Have you calmed down, Takashi?]

[Yes, thank you, thank you]

I bowed to Matteo-san with all my might.

[Well, it’s okay. Aria was crying all day today because you left a note like that and suddenly disappeared. Takashi dump me!]

[Don’t say anything unnecessary!]

Aria then hit Matteo with her sheathed sword on the solar plexus squarely and he fainted on the floor. I hurriedly called out to Matteo.

[Are you okay?]

[Yeah, I’m fine, I’m used to it.]

Used to it…?

I think Matteo-san said something worrying about their relationship.

Matteo staggered on his feet when he was standing up.

[Aria, I don’t think that was a level of a poke…]

[Isn’t it Takashi’s fault for disappearing without saying anything?]

Aria said and glared at me. Matteo who seems to have recovered sent me a life boat.

[Anyway, why are you so frightened just now?]

Aria answered for my behalf.

[Listen here Matteo, he dream that he was almost killed by a Fire Ant]

[Fire ants are level 50 monster, right? It’s no wonder Takashi, a novice adventurer would piss if he encountered one.]

So I decided to ask him about it.

[Have you encountered one Matteo-san?]

[I have of course, I used to be an adventurer you see, so I was asked ti kill several of them on those days]

[How do you deal with them?]

Their shells are hard, so magic works better than weapons, especially wind magic. It can actually one shot them.]

Wind magic!

[Before I knew it, I was already leaning forward

[How do I learn magic?]

[Wh-what?! You’ve suddenly become very energetic. Getting a magic book is very expensive]

[Where can I get a magic book?]

[Well I think you can get a magic book at a magic shop]

[Magic shop… where is the nearest magic shop here?]

[Hey Takashi. What’s wrong?]

[Ah, sorry, I just get overexcited.]

[That’s great, but what’s really going on? Are still feeling afraid from your dream?]

Aria looked at my face with concern.

[…something seems to be going on. Aria why don’t you take her to Grandma Helena’s magic shop?]

[What…? Yeah, sure.]

[I’ll reserve the room on the second floor pr you Takashi, you can have a look at your leisure]

I couldn’t help but cry because of the kindness of Matteo and Aria

[Oh, don’t cry it’s embarrassing.]


I wiped my tears as Aria took me to the magic shop.

Chapter 10: the F rank me is at a lost at another world

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