Chapter 47: A Great Director Destroys a House for a Good Scene (3)

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[Eh? Me?]

[I’m not sure if you’d like that but would you be willing to perform?

It is in the form of a question, but there is a pressure that won’t allow no as an answer. That’s probably because the main character is me who possesses the resignation and perspective.

[Honestly, I don’t like the idea of the investor showing up for the film cause it seems to me like it’s arrogant]

I sometimes heard of director appearing in the movie but it is the first time I heard an investor showing up in the film not to mention to be cast as the main character. If I did that I would looked like the bad guy. I’m not the president of A■a Hotel you know?

[Isn’t that just your subjective opinion? In my opinion, we should do our best the make the best movie so that we won’t hurt our investor and it’s more economical to use our existing talent that to make a new audition. So please cooperate]

Director Shirayama told me. Is this guy the type of <Logic Harasser> who would corner you with sound argument? Next to power harasser this one is the one I wouldn’t want to be my boss.

[Yuuki, if you want you can try it, it’s fine by me. You have a good memory and remember all the script and your size isn’t much different with Kaoru]

Nori-chan, please don’t say unnecessary thing. I’m a guy who can read the mood but when it comes to creativity. I am stubborn

[Yeah, I do remember them, but I didn’t practice acting]

[Why not just give it a try?]

I was then pushed by the director to the shooting venue.

I put on the spare Kannagi and stood up in the venue.

[Puhihi, I’m so happy to play Yuu-kun’s girlfriend]

Puhiko is innocently happy.

(Shut up Natto girl, I don’t want to gain more likeability from you

(Damn, what should I do? Should I intentionally botch my acting so the director give up on me? However I risk dropping the likeability of the heroines)

Basically cutting corners on choices where you need to take it seriously would be a mistake. It’s fine to do your best and failed even if you’re a type of a non-serious character you can still get by fine like it was you showing your good side to earn a favorable impression.

(Hmmm. Let’s do this seriously, it’s not like my and Kaoru’s acting would be different)

I optimistically thought so and took my performance reasonably seriously.


[Hmm…. As expected, it really is different]

[Is that so? I’m not good enough after all. If you’re dissatisfied with it it’s best if we quickly hold an audition in this village or ask Sayuri’s agency…]

[No, it was good]

When I was about to walk out of the role, director Shirayama interrupted me.

[Well, then, what’s the problem?]

[The heroine. The heroine is too different that it doesn’t feel right]


Puhiko’s eye widens from surprise.

[Excuse me, but what do you mean? The heroine is created with Mishio-san in mind to start with so there shouldn’t be any discrepancy…]

Nori answered in a puzzled tone.

[In terms of the base personality, Mishio-san would be exactly the right person for the role, but what about in term of the story? The heroine is a type of girl in her high school that is willing to storm a Yakuza office solo. I mean we need the kind of madness which is needed, isn’t it? She isn’t just a pouty girl, she need to show some of that madness on her young age.]

Huh? Puhiko is a mass of madness. I can say that because I know how dangerous Puhiko can be in her bad end route. You want me to experience what it feels like to be confined and to be force to eat the aged meat of other heroines huh? You want me to kill you!

[But director, is there any girl here who looks like she might be insane?]

I asked him. Truthfully, every heroine of Kumosora is bat shit insane, but it seems like that’s not what he meant.

[That’s right, in my eyes, I don’t know the name but that young lady over there might be good…]

Then he points at Ai-chan.

Chapter 47: A Great Director Destroys a House for a Good Scene (3)

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