Chapter 11: F-Rank Me Meet a Mysterious Woman

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May 11, Monday 4

When I went outside with Aria, the sun had already set and is already getting dark. She guided me through the evening twilight to the magic shop. I suddenly felt someone looking at me. I looked around to see someone who was standing on top of a chimney of a slightly higher chimney.

A petite person covered from head to toe with a black robe, I couldn’t see her face, but for some reason I felt that she was staring at me making me stop on my track.

[What’s wrong?]

Aria who was taking the lead asked.

[There’s someone over there…]

When I was about to point at the strange person, she disappeared in a blink of the eye.

[what do you mean <over there>?]

Aria looked at me after failing to see anything unusual making her face to show a curious look.

[I guess I’m imagining things]

I replied, but I don’t think I’m seeing things wrong. What was it? It was in all black, but do you think it was a grim reaper or something….?

Death god… death…

I shudder as I recalled the expression of terror the faces of Yamada’s party who were being massacred by the fire ant and were put to death.

[Are you okay? Your color is getting worse again.]

[Yes, I’m fine.]

I replied as if I’m convincing myself.

The magic shop stood quietly in a corner of a back alley which was about 15 minutes walk from the <Rampaging Giant Pavilion>. Aria opened a door with no sign board and without hesitation went inside and I followed suit. Insite was a mysterious aroma of something I can’t identify which were lined up in various shelves that seems to look like some sort of medical herb.

[Good evening Helen-san]

A short elderly woman wearing a gray witches’ hat and a robe of the same color emerged from the back of the store.  She quickly adjusted her glasses which had been slipping down her nose and then greeted Aria.

[Ara? It’s Aria, isn’t it? What are you doing here today?]

[I came to look at some magic book.]

[I thought Aria can’t use magic…?]

Helen who seems to be Aria’s long-time acquaintance, who six looking doubtful until she noticed me.

[Was it for the customer behind you? Do you want to see the magic book?]

[Yes, that’s right. I’m Takashi a newbie adventurer and I’ve been taught by Aria a lot]

I hesitated for a moment and then decided to be honest about some of my current status.

[I’m level 4, so icant use magic and I only have 3MP]

[I see this is your first time looking at a magic book?]


Helen then briefly explained what magic is. According to her, the basic magic is fire, water, earth and wind. In addition, there’s also light and dark magic along with special attribute as well. Attributes have superiority or inferiority just like rock-paper-scissors.

Wind is strong against fire, fire is strong against earth, earth is strong against water and water is strong against wind the higher tine intelligence status the more MP one uses would increase the power of the magic.

[So that’s a wind magic book]

Helen then pulled out a magic book from a stack of books that was in the corner of the shop.

[Here’s the basic magic book for wind magic]

[How much was it?]

[It cost a million but I’ll sell it to you for 800,000 for a discount since you’re Aria’s friend]


I suddenly remembered Aria telling me yesterday that it was expensive and it left me speechless. Aria also made a surprise voice when I loudly shown my surprise.

[E? Don’t tell me that you don’t want to just look at magic book but instead you want to buy one, Takashi?]


When I was mumbling, Helen who was listening to our conversation suddenly interrupt us.

[Hmmm? What are you talking about?]

[Actually, Takashi had a nightmare that he was attacked by a fire ant and he wanted to see a magic book that can defeat them…]

Aria explained to Helen about my current predicament the way she understood it. Helen then looked sorry.

[I’m sorry, but at your level and status, I don’t think that this magic book or any of the magic books here will be enough to defeat a fire ant. Fortunately Monster from dreams don’t cross over the real world. Well looking at them is free, you can go ahead and look at them till you’re satisfied.]

Perhaps they think of me as someone pitiful who is mixing up dream and reality?

Suddenly a young woman voice rang from behind me while I was trying to correct myself

[Interesting story, tell me more about it]

I turned around and wondered how long has she been behind me.


The appearance is exactly like the mysterious person that I had seen atop the chimney! I was at a loss for word when Helen-san who was somewhat alarmed, approached the mysterious black-robed lady.

[Are you a customer? I didn’t noticed you coming inside]

[I came through the entranced properly, you were so absorbed in his story that you just didn’t noticed me.]

Then she approached me and repeated the same request

[Tell me more about the story.]

[…Well in a world different from this world, fire ants…]

Aria interrupted us suddenly when I was trying to explain to the mysterious woman.

[Hey who are you? Takashi is just a little confused with the nightmare so leave him alone.]



[I was attacked by fire ants from the different world…]

[That’s why it’s the dream world…]


I fet that the mysterious woman smiled even though I shouldn’t be able to see her face.

[Do you want to defeat the fire ant?]

[Of course!]

[Then take this]

The mysterious woman took something from her bossom.

[This is?]

[A scroll. It contains powerful enough wind magic to defeat a fire ant]

Aria then raised her voice in protest.

[Hey we’re in Helen’s store if you want to do business here you should go somewhere else.

Aria said while glaring at the woman. I whispered to her to ask

[What’s a scroll?]

[A scroll contains a single-use magic]

[Can anyone use the magic from the scroll?]

[Yes, but it’s shady. She’s probably trying to sell that have weak power at a high price,]

Perhaps the mysterious woman heard our discussion, she decided to approached us

[Don’t worry, I don’t need your money, instead…]

The mysterious woman turned her gaze towards me

[Show me your status]



Why does this woman want to see my status? I’m only level 4 and my status aren’t that much. I was wondering about things when Aria raised her voice angrily.

[Hey, showing your status to a person you just met for the first time is pretty rude.]

Then she turned to Helen

[Helen-san should I make her go oiut?]

Helen smiled with Aria’s word

[I believe that costumer-san here is important]

[I’m not a customer, I’m not going to buy anything]

Then the mysterious woman quickly held out the scroll in her hand to me.

[Just this once, if this helps you tell me next time we meet.]

She then put the scroll in my hand and then she left the store abruptly.

[what’s that…?]

I stare at the scroll while standing beside an indignant Aria.

Chapter 11: F-Rank Me Meet a Mysterious Woman

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