Chapter 12: The F-rank me was entrusted with a mysterious scroll

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May 11, Monday 5

In the end, I left Helena’s shop without buying in the end. Aria keeps on complaining about the mysterious woman that we have just met probably because she hated her.

[What’s with her? I wonder what she want?]

[She doesn’t seem to be a bad person.]

When I said that, Aria put her face close to me and said

[That’s what a scoundrel would look like. If you are naïve you’ll be deceived easily Takashi]

[But she gave me a scroll right?]

[the scroll she gave you might just blow a little breeze though]

Aria’s mannerism is a bit weird that I can’t help but laugh.

[Finally you smiled]

[Thanks for worrying about me]

[I’m happy to see you smile, I’m sure you’ll be fine, but if you’re still having those nightmares I’m willing to stay with you tonight.]


[I mean I’ll ask Matteo to bring another bed in your room…]

Aria was fuming after having made the suggestion herself. By this time of the night we’re the only one walking down this back alley and aria who said that this place is relatively safe, was walking quickly.

[it’s a bit late so let’s go home and have dinner.]

Suddenly Aria’s expression suddenly froze and then slowly fell to the ground


I rushed to her. Aria was frozen motionless with the same expression on her face. Then I suddenly felt another person’s presence. I turned around to see the mysterious woman, the same petite woman in black standing right in front of me.

[She’s sleeping, she’ll wake up in 10 minutes]

[Sleeping?… you mean you’re the one who did this?]

I asked, looking Aria who was far from asleep.

[I want to talk to you for a minute]

[E? What do you want to talk about?]

She quickly approached me then took my hand and a moment after she muttered something we are teleported into a dark forest.


I let out a pathetic voice, unable to comprehend what is happening. We have teleported into the forest at the outskirt of the city of Rumel

[We moved to the outskirt of the city]

[Did we teleport?]


Did she say that we just teleport? I was confused but she continued

[I want to see your status.]

I remembered she said it back at Helen’s shop

[What are you going to do if I show you my styatus]

[Nothing. Just check it]

I remembered the story from Aria. There are people who have <Insight> skill that can take a look at other people’s skill. After a few moment of hesitation I decided to call up the status window.

[Here you go…]

[E? what’s this?]

I suddenly get crush by this feeling of anxiety. I wonder what did she find on my status. Did she see my skill <Otherworld Transfer>? Even now cold sweats are running down my back, then suddenly she gave me an curt reply.

[This is fine. We’re talking about this side]

[I-I see]

[If you’ll excuse me]


She then said a quick farewell and disappear after she muttered a few words with out care of my surprise leaving me flabbergasted.


I am now alone in this unknown forest in the middle of the night!

I am currently in the same outfit that I have when I dive the dungeon as a luggage carrier, meaning I only have my jeans and long-sleeved T-shirt and I’m  ill equipped for battle, I don’t even have my sword and armor with me. Incidentally I also have Yamada’s luggage and backpack filed with magic stone that I left in the Pavilion.

What should I do if monster appears.

I was in a panic, till I remember the scroll the mysterious woman gave to me . I remember that she claimed that it’s capable of killing of a fire ant, only once.

Aria said that it might be a scam, but it’s given by someone who can knock someone out and use teleportation with ease, also I won’t be able to resolve anything if I stayed in this world forever.

So I used <Otherworld Transfer>. This is the third time I returned to this cave that fire ant roams. I braced myself, but I could not see the fire ant. I wonder, if it moved somewhere else?

I looked around I saw the bodies of Yamada and his party scattered all over the place, the stech of blood and death is strong on this place that winced.

I struggled to proceed to return back to the entrance of the dungeon while clutching the scroll on my right hand ready for use.


How do I used this again? Should I just use open it and think of it to use?

As I was thinking of how to use the scroll an unpleasant roar dominates the air suddenly.


From the deep darkness the fire ant appeared and at that moment I opened the scroll, turned the side with the magic circle painted on it towards the monster and kept my eyes closed praying for the ant to die.


A storm of wind blew through.



You’ve defeated a fire ant.

You’ve gained 28,338,733,300 exp.

One C-rank stone was dropped

One C-rank skill book was dropped

Level has increased

Statis has increased




Level has increased

Statis has increased




Level has increased

Statis has increased




Level has increased

Statis has increased






The pop-up keeps popping out like a storm and then disappeared and my body feels like it’s filled with power like never before. Even in this world I was able to acquire experience and gain level when I defeat monsters!

Moreover, something other than a magic stone, a skill book? I was shocked to my core and I was quite excited to see my status.

And with an excited heart I call upped my status window.

Level 41

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+40)

Intelligence 1(+40)

Endurance 1(+40)

Magic Defense 0(+40)

Concentration 0(+40)

Evasion 0(+40)

HP 10(+400)

MP 0(+40)

Available magic: None

Skill: <Otherworld Transfer><Language Translation>



I am an F-rank but my status risen enough to the level of D-class. So, if I equip myself with right equipments, maybe even I can defeat monster of this world? After I snapped out from my shock that left me staring over my status window, I decided to check up on the other item that dropped by the fire ant. A post-card size paper. I picked up the magic stone and the post-card size the same size and texture as the paper that had given me the <Otherworld Transfer> skill.

It also had a magic circle drawn in its surface. So, I traced the circle with my fingers



Do you want to learn the skill [Falsification?]





Anyway, I pressed Yes


Falsification acquired successfully

Do you want to falsify the status?




Could this rewrite my status?

I touched the <falsify> word on my status window

Falsify: Change the display written on the status window, but doesn’t affect the original status.

I see…

So this is a skill that can hide ones ability in an accurate manner by displaying false information even if someone sees it.

Level 1

Name: Takashi Nakamura

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Strength 1(+0)

Intelligence 1(+0)

Endurance 1(+0)

Magic Defense 0(+0)

Concentration 0(+0)

Evasion 0(+0)

HP 10(+0)

MP 0(+0)

Available magic: None

Skill: None

For now let’s use this status display, so that if anyone decided to peek at my status window they won’t be alarmed and also it seems like skills can be hidden as well which is very convenient.

 I got up and then started running towards the dungeon exit.

Chapter 12: The F-rank me was entrusted with a mysterious scroll

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