Chapter 25

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How much time has passed since I started observing the elves? 25 days? I can’t be sure.

The sun is setting and it will soon be evening, and here I am on my base observing the elves who have come to bath as I always do. they are all talking happily and playing on the water. There are few things I learned from observing them.

First, the assumption that all elves are slender. Though many of them are on the slender waist there are some that are chubby and they breast the size of an Imperial woman. I was given the opportunity to observe 147 women and I can attest to the fact that there more model-build woman than in any other race.

On the topic of men, I don’t know.

Secondly, they use magic on a daily basis. For example, they use magic on a daily basis like using it to pick up their clothes or drying it or even light a fire. They’re also expert in magic base on the way it is integrated in their life. I’ve also learned other things as well but I still haven’t confirmed of it yet. I’m sure that in due time I would uncover those as well.

I’m very sure that I’ll be able to learn something by watching them frolicking in the nude. By the way Ms. No. 6 is still shaking as usual.

I hear them always talking but still, I can’t understand what they’re talking about. I’m not sure how much of I know of the language but I can’t pick up any of the word from the native Elvish language. Then again, the only elvish I know is <Kill!> or <To lowly race like you!> so I can’t help it. I should have at least tried to learn words that are use on a daily basis.

Now that my daily <Elf bathing theatre> is over, it’s time to prepare for the night.

When they are emerging out of the river, no. 6 stumbled bringing the others and they started squirming around to get back at her. Other than that there’s nothing noteworthy happened.

After seeing them off, I slowly stand up and gather the items I needed. There’s still a bit of time so I wonder a bit around the forest, then I head back to the base once the nightfall came. After I retrieve the things I needed, I head down to the river. When I arrived at the river I washed myself then catch fish and secure water.

This way of life become so natural that I refrain from doing it in the morning and afternoon so that I don’t encounter them.

Now that my business is done at the river, I put the fished I cleaned in a cooler box and carried my gear back to base to cook behind it. I cook everything at night like my breakfast for tomorrow evening and lunch because the smoke might give away my location. Even now my meals are tasteless and the only way to solve it is to attack humans. If I can take wagon loads of food, the food situation would be solved but it’s unlikely that we would be able to find one with loads of seasoning and ingredients so conveniently.

 Thinking of this, I bite into my grilled fish.  While I eat I realize that I’m now use eating two meals a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Also, I noticed that I can just disregard the bone and just eat it whole. After the meal I washed up and return back and sleep.

I laid down on feathers of bird disinfected using boiling water was spread thinly on the ground which is admittedly not a good bed. Even so, something like this is way better than nothing. While thinking I tried to sleep by closing my eyes but I can’t sleep.

It’s always been like this these days. I can sleep even if I don’t feel sleepy but I just don’t feel fine. Like a bone  stuck in my throat, it bothers me. Should I just make up my mind of forget about it?

(I guess I still need to go to the Imperial capital once…)

Something can’t be left forgotten. It’s harder than you think to live with a false sense of self.

The next morning, as I was preparing to leave the base after my breakfast, I saw Ms. No. 6 leading the children at the river again.

Yeah, I’m no good at fooling myself.

Somehow I manage to shake of the temptation of those elves and left the base safely along with my modified backpack.

(I had no idea there are pitfalls like this, this is why these elves are so tricky.)

I wonder if the superior appearance of the elves are meant to attract the eyes of others? I guess that’s the reason why elven women have no qualms in being naked in the river with no regards on who might see them.

I wonder if it’s possible that they were showing their naked body to me as some kind of suggestion or magic?

(Such scheme, no wonder the Empire had suffered so much)

Farce aside, it’s hard to do anything but just watch and it’s even worse is that your <partner> is gone and it feels like treats that you can’t eat are being dangled in front of you.

Maybe that’s what drove that man spider to go crazy. I felt sympathy for him, probably because of the possibility that I might end up like him too.

Ah, there’s no use on thinking about it, so I better stop about that now.

I continued southeast, until the sun is directly overhead when I found the ruins of a military base. I looked around and saw evidence of some of it parts being destroyed by human hands.

(it’s easy to see where the battlefield was used to be)

There’s no point in staying here.

I would probably see some traces of the Empire if I continue southeast with a little bit of deviation. I would also like to stop at a nearby town if possible, though I’m sure that it would be a goblin’s nest anyway and I won’t hesitate to eliminate them and honestly I’m willing to do it to clean up the grave of the dead Imperial citizen.

Along the way, I came a cross a large bear and a large boar but I gave them a good beating to show them the difference in power.

By sunset, I found a collapsed artifact, so I headed there. It’s probably the remain of the town called <Idles>. Compared top Rukdiel and Eir Quell, the damage to the town is far worse and there’s no place for the goblins to settle down.

I knew that this site had seen several battles, but when I saw this, I can see the horror of war through the scar that was left behind.


I let out a single breath and sat down on a pile of concrete rubble. The thought of elves doing this makes me feel horrible of my carefree peeping,

However, I’m humiliating them through my peeping, so that’s even.

I left Idles with one Imperial joke in between, feeling sad by the fact that I didn’t gain anything here.

(If I go east from here, I would find <Gisvaya> but going southeast would make it closer to the Imperial Capital.)

There’s a weapon factory in Gisvaya giving it a chance that we might be able to get something there, but we can’t rule out the possibility that it has been ransacked already since it’s always been there for a long time.

(Let’s check the route first. If I took the route directly to the Imperial capital, I have to pass through <Cheval> and <Isa> and if I recall correctly, there should be a large mall in Isa. In case I took the route trough Gisvaya, I need to pass through <Banai>, <Koza> and <Aranvein> which would be a big detour but we can check on the weapon factory.)

If only we know how far the Republic have invaded, I might not have to worry that much. After all information is important.

Since I have no need to worry about myself who have no trouble running along the roadless road even by just using the moonlight as my guide, why not just go to the Imperial capital first then just turn around after? I concluded.

It’s a luxurious problem that monster of high physical ability is having.

After running through the night, I finally see the steel tower that serve as the Symbol of Cheval. It hasn’t been much time passed since the day break that’s why it’s still dim but I can see it clearly without any problem. However the steal tower whci is once called the symbol of prosperity was no rusted and already tilted.

(The fact that the steel tower still stands after 200 years is a testament to the Imperial technologiucal power)

I’m a bit sad to see those steel tower I saw as a kid are now just relics of the past, but there’s no use lamenting over it now.

(After all I’m not even human now)

I said to myself mockingly.

(The nostalgia when you see a place that you once visited with your loved ones really hits differently)

I may look like this, but I think being sentimental is not a bad thing. Then I decided to stop in Cheval.

And lo and behold, they’re here as expected.

Even though I can’t see them, I can smell them. This place is intact enough that those goblins settled here.

(At least, I should do some cleaning to the city that I once have been)

I put down my luggage on a clearly marked sign and check the condition of my sledge hammer.

Finally it’s time to use it.

Let the goblin extermination begin.

Chapter 25

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