Chapter 53: Japan is Proud of Their Self-Defense Force (3)

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[I’m just going to just negotiate like normal you know? It’s pointless because there won’t be any material we can use for the film in that negotiation.]

I whispered.

[Let’s stop with the lie your eyes is like that of a hawk and not of a pigeon. You won’t just pay them and be done with it.]

Heh. You guessed what my plan is? Is that the power of your observation skill director?

[You’re right. I won’t go there unarmed just because I’m going there to negotiate and even if I did go there just to do what they say they would just exploit me till I die. In worst case blood may flow but no matter what we won’t be able to use any of the scene and there’s a chance that it would end up in something that would violate the law. I might endanger you as well that might cause the movie to be canceled too and it would be a loss, right?]

I said straightforwardly and logically. I’m sure he’s not someone who can’t understand logic.

[I’m a person who can understand reason, but my instinct that I hone for 40 years as a director is telling me that I need to shoot it!]

Suddenly he started talking about instinct, and I’m starting to think that his motivation to finish this movie might drop if I forcefully turn him down. He seems to be the kind that wouldn’t budge once he decided on things

[It would be dangerous, you’ll face literal danger here]

[I said earlier that I’m willing to risk my life for the film, please don’t make deny my words]

[Fine. But we only need to take minimum number of people so keep it confidential]

[Of course, I’m also an undercover documentarist so I will positively will take this into consideration.]

He muttered quietly and returned to the set as if nothing happened.

[Let’s go and kill them quickly!]

Ai-chan then spoked excitedly and in a high-pitched voice as if she’s going to climax.

[No, there won’t be any killing. I was thinking of exterminating them, but things have changed. If the director shoot the battle scene and is done too flashy it’ll be bad. That’s why we’re only going to incapacitate them]

Director Shirayama may not mind but if the gore massacre is filmed and been found out by the heroines, this will drastically drop the heroines’ favorability towards me.

[Ha?! And I’m already in a killing mood! What are you going to do with this heat?]

[Calm down. I’m going to take you to a place way better than killing a small fry yakuza. I will now fulfill my promise to Ai. I’ll make you stronger as you wish.]

Needless to say, incapacitating them would be harder than just killing them. Because of that it’s better to strengthened her just in case.

[You better came up with something big if you want to take away my enjoyment!]

Ai-chan gripped my hand tightly and bared her fangs.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. That’s too tight. I’m sure this will leave a bruise later.

[I’m pretty confident, but it’s going to be hard.]

[Who are you talking to? I knew that I can do and I know that it would hurt but it will feel good at the end.]

Ai laughed and said.

Fine then, let’s get Ai-chan over to the super spartan Yuuki boot camp!

Chapter 53: Japan is Proud of Their Self-Defense Force (3)

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