Chapter 13: the F-Rank me is questioned by the Equilibrium Coordination Division (ECD)

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May 11, Monday 6

I’m able to reach the exit of the dungeon without encountering any monster. I haven’t encountered any monster after that encounter with the fire ant.

I went outside after reaching the exit of the dungeon and take a deep breathe/ the night breeze is quite refreshing.

I’m alive! I made it out of this dungeon alive!

I was about to explode with joy, but after a while, I remember something important, Yamada and the rest who hired me as luggage carrier were all killed inside.

What should I do?

The standard procedure for unseen even happening in the dungeon, like death should be reported to the Equilibrium Coordination Division.

I should call them…

When I reached my pocket to get my phone, the only thing I found is the key to my scooter and the magic stone of the fire ant but my phone isn’t there. Right! I remembered that I left today’s luggage and my phone on the bed back in the Pavilion at Isdifui.

Sadly, if I use <Otherworld Transfer> I’ll only transfer back in the middle of the forest and there’s no way I can return to Rumel without any weapon and armor at the middle of the night. I should just get the luggage tomorrow morning because I’m very exhausted today. Let’s just go home and sleep.

I started my scooter and drove along the forest road that runs from Kamegawa second dungeon to the city center, then I saw an headlight of a car that from the other side of the lane going quite fast. Then I noticed something strange. There’s no houses or any facilities at the destination of the car aside for the second dungeon. Could it be that they are someone who knew one of Yamada’s party and has gone to check them out for running too late?

Suddenly an uneasy feeling sprout on my chest so I decided to quickly go back home fearing that the car turn back. I arrived at my apartment and ate a cup noodle that I have left over and snuggled down in my futon. Today is a chaotic day just like yesterday. Tomorrow, I have to go back to another world with my equipment in the morning. I have to prepare a suitable excuse when I return back at the <Raging Giant’s Pavilion> for Matteo and Aria, collect my luggage and explain what happened and return back in this world. Then I’ll contact the ECD after.

I felt asleep as I was renumerating my plan for tomorrow in mind.

May 11, Monday 6


The next morning, I was woken up by a loud knocking on my door the clock shows that it’s just 6:30 in the morning, an hour earlier than the time I am used to waking up.

[Good morning, Mr. Nakamura!]

Again, another knock on the door.

Who could it be early in the morning?

I got up from the futon and opened the front door. There two men dressed in the black suits. One of them showed his ID that he pulled out from the inner pocket of his suit.

[Good morning, I’m Sanada, an officer of N City ECD]

The person introduced himself as Sanada who looks like he’s probably in his early thirties. He’s a thin man with glasses and sharp eyes.

[I’d like to confirm, are you Mr. Takashi Nakamura?]

[Uhm, yes]

The ECD this early in the morning? I broke a cold sweat when an idea why these guys is in my apartment.

[Yesterday, you were diving in the second Kamegawa dungeon, N City, right?]

I knew it, it has something to do with that dungeon…

When a party is about to dive a dungeon, they need to notify the authority. However, in many cases, luggage carrier were directly by the local authorities and we’re not that required to report in advance.

I hesitated for a moment but nodded by head in resignation in the end.


After he got my affirmation Mr. Sanada signaled the large man behind him with his eyes, then he turned his attention back to me and opened his mouth.

[We would like to invite you to accompany us back at the ECD office, we just want to ask you a few question about the events from yesterday.]

[But the university…]

[You don’t have to worry about the university, Mr. Nakamura. We’ll contact them for you]

Looks like arguing would just be a waste of time at this point, hence I decided to go with them.

I entered the N City office of the ECD through a different entrance than the one I normally use and was asked to passed through a small space partitioned by booths. It was a drab space with only a four-seater table and pipe chairs.

After waiting for a while, Mr Sana enteres along with a man with large build and looks about in his 50s. I got up and greeted them and the large man gave me his business card.

[Nice to meet you, Mr Tashi Nakamura, I’m Hideo Yotsumaki the director of this branch office.]

I then accepted his calling card and bowed after he spoke at me with a smile on his face.

[Please don’t be nervous, have a seat.]

I sat down and they sat own too. Then Mr. Yotsumaki then asked.

[Please tell me what happened yesterday at the second dungeon in Kamegawa N city]

[Yesterday, Yamada-kun asked me to be their luggage carrier…]

I explained what happened in the dungeon yesterday. However, I could not tell them about everything in the fire ants incident so I modified it for a bit.

[…When I saw Yamada and the others being killed one after the other by the fire ants, I got scared and run away.

I escaped from the dungeon alone. Hopped on my scooter and return back to my apartment. I left my luggage somewhere along with my phone because of the event is so shocking rendering me becoming late to  report the incident to the ECD….]

After listening to me while showing suspicion, Yotsumaki then said.

[So Mr. Nakamura ran away while everyone else is getting beaten up.]

[I’m sorry]

[I don’t blame you, if a fire ant appeared then it would be natural for you to run away.]


[But there’s something that doesn’t make sense to us Mr. Nakamura]

Yotsumaki-san exclaimed.

[Actually we passed by each other on our way back from the dungeon last night on the forest road]

When he told me this, I suddenly remembered the car that passed by me it seems to belong to the ECD.

[Their body were recovered in the dungeon with their time of death determined to be around 6 pm and we passed by mr. Nakamura by around 11 pm. Mr Nakamura were you alone in that dungeone running around for nearly five hours?]

[I was so… scared that I hid and got lost along the way]

[When we found their body their located one hour away from  the  exit. I’m sure you have dived that dungeon multiple times already.]

[i- ipanic at that time]

[I seem that may be the case]

Mr. Yotsumaki then talked to Mr Sanada who was taking the minutes of the conversation

[Sanada-kun did you find his luggage?]

[No sir]

[What about the fire ant?]

[We haven’t found it]

[And the other monster?]

[we only found four giants remaining there]

Mr. Yotsumaki then turned into me

[..that’s what I mean by strange]


[It’s strange because monster don’t take away luggages and fire ants don’t disappear on their own.

[I don’t understand]

[Is that so? It seems that you are being bullied a lot by Mr. Yamada.]


I was dumbfounded because of the sudden change in topic.

[For example, you deliberately let the fire ant kill your hated opponent then used a skill or something to kill the monster and took away the luggage as you won…]

[Huh? Are you saying that I did that? I’m an F-rank! And I don’t have any magic or skill]

I found myself screaming when I heard his theory.

[Sometines there are people that have skill to hide their statis.

Yotsumagi then cut me off.

[Nakamura-san, it would be best if we have to inspect your status again.]

Chapter 13: the F-Rank me is questioned by the Equilibrium Coordination Division (ECD)

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